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Being an eejit I decided to read up on the ‘How to Blog’ sections of WordPress after I had already signed up and posted a couple of times. I’ve said it before and I will say it a million more times, I am not the brightest pixie in the forest!

My approach to learning is rather lazy. I’ll find as much reading material as I can about my chosen subject matter, and then proceed to skim the pages until I locate the information I require. If it’s something that matters to me it will stick in my brain, meaning the papers get discarded and I ultimately become bored because I achieved my original goal.

Had I read all the information with regards to blogging before hand, the chances are I would never have started, and even though I already had a few followers, I still felt I was doomed for failure. I was just not ordered and disciplined enough to follow all the guidelines.

Everyone advised me that in order to succeed I had to pick a subject and stick to it ensuring I had a consistent theme running throughout. That was a huge problem for me. You see I am good at little bits and pieces of many things but I am not a master of any. I knew myself that if I chose this path then I would stumble at the first hurdle.

It takes a while initially to find your feet, and it takes even longer to become truly comfortable in your surroundings. Do I feel comfortable yet? The honest answer to that would have to be, probably not. I still worry each time I publish a post. I practically had a mini meltdown the first time I posted on Okay, What If?, just ask Jed.

I had this idea at the start that I was going to be fine and post anything I wanted as I was essentially posting to strangers, but over time I got to know the strangers and they became friends and then like a second family and I realised that I cared what they thought.

I write about anything and everything that comes to mind. Sometimes I don’t write anything at all, especially on the days when the Mothership is experiencing turbulence. On those days anxiety cripples me and I find it hard to function, never mind string together a legible sentence.

I’ve been lucky, everyone who has clicked the follow button either likes my haphazard style of writing, or has been too polite to mention anything. One sure thing is, none of them have ever told me I need to pick a subject and stick to it. I’m still amazed I have any followers at all. 10 months on and I still experience a little rush of delight from every like, comment and follow.

So the point of this post is, never mind what the guidelines advise you to do. Just do what you want to do. I have a very strong belief now, after being lucky enough to find all the people that I have, that those who are meant to be around, and with you will find you, we’re all here for a reason.

I don’t want to be rich or famous, I just want to make people smile :)

34 thoughts on “Be Yourself!

  1. Great things can come from mini meltdowns. It’s great to be a part of your world and I enjoy every post no matter the subject. It would be impossible for me to pick a single subject and stick to it. How much fun would that be? Answer: not enough fun for me!


  2. Over two years in, and I still get a kick every time I get a comment.
    And yep, it’s all about the community. there are several bloggers I now talk to in other ways, starting from us commenting on each others blogs.
    And so far, I’m happy to call myself *insert clever eejit follower name here*!


  3. I am also unable to pic a topic! I post a lot about plants in the spring, but also the cats, the dog, and beer, and whatever painful crap my body’s been up to, and Ireland, and books, and what ever strikes me as funny … And so on! Actually most of my favourite bloggers do the same thing – it’s fun to read!


      • Is that stationery? I used to be a paper addict, but now everything’s electronic I can hardly be arsed to actually ‘write.’ My handwriting is rubbish anyway! But I have two friends who do physical post all the time! I introduced them on FB and now they send each other stuff :)


      • Probably lol my spelling and grammar sucks sometimes lol It is weird how quickly you get out of the way of writing when you have to type all the time. I find it much quicker to type now than write.


  4. I like your blog and its content just the way it is —- it’s perfect as it stands imho.

    Besides, if you can’t trust me – She Who Must Be Obeyed Rule of The Universe Queen of All Things Divine – then well ….. “OFF WITH YER HEAD” ….

    *chuckles madly*


  5. I think the most important thing is to write about what interests you. That may change over time and morph into a general theme… Or not.

    I know my writing topics have bounced around myself and I’ve met some great folks in the community. Also my writing was always a weak point for me and but blogging and such it has improved a lot in just the past few years.

    Personally I don’t follow if I don’t like the content so if you are gathering followers you are doing something “right” even if you don’t follow the “rules”.


    • You raise some very good points there, and the last paragraph is very true, I hadn’t thought of it like that. My writing skills are not the best either, especially my spelling and grammar, so hopefully over time they will improve.
      I am keen to read the entries for your LOTR Haiku challenge. I’m not great at them, hence why I wouldn’t enter, but The Lord of the Rings is my second favourite film of all time :)


  6. I couldnt stick to a topic if I tried. I did try, tried to make my blog all about gaming, but then I started getting better and realised there’s so much more to life than the world I hide myself in. I prefer to read blogs that are a little bit of everything, and I’ve learnt that I love blogging when I’m blogging about what I want to blog about! :D


      • Yeah same, I think I’d start to hate gaming if I started only playing games for blogging purposes. I’d probably feel compelled to play games I know I don’t like just for posts sake. I’d rather talk random stuff and not suffer campers on Call of Duty. Haha


      • lol I was playing Co-op with Shady on the free game Lara Croft: Guardians of Light, was actually quite good fun playing with someone else. I’m hoping though we can get past the bit I’m stuck at in single player lol


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