All the random things

I was never really a collector of anything. There are no dead bodies in my back garden, or stamps in my cupboard, well not that I am aware of anyway. I do however have a few nifty badges and broaches that I gathered up over the years, my favourite being a little pair of sunglasses.

If I invited you into my living room / little office, the things that would draw your attention, would most likely be my penguins. I liked penguins, but I wouldn’t have said I loved them. It all started because one year my Sister bought me a penguin for Christmas, but liked it so much she decided to keep it for herself. every year after that, as a joke,  she and I bought each other something with a penguin on it, whether it be small or large. I guess word got around and then other people started to buy me penguins and now I have a lovely little collection and the like has grown to love.

IMG_20140124_152739-1 (400x243)
My new penguin umbrella purchased yesterday!

It came to my attention yesterday however, that I also seem to have a mini fetish for mugs. The purchase that sparked this realisation, a Heinz Tomato Ketchup mug that was reduced in the sales to £2 and has ‘Hot Dawg’ in bold letters on the side. I have a little thing for Starbucks mugs too, so every time my sister goes away she brings me one from the location of her visit. The one I use the most at the minute though is my Geeky G4mer one that Lee had made for me, which has my old banner and tag line printed on it.

ketchup mug
Hot Dawg indeed!

The standing joke in the office though it my unabashed love for all things stationary! Every time someone hands me something new I experience a little joygasm, I just can’t help myself. Pens, pencils, sketchbooks, notebooks, in fact anything at all and I’m as happy as a bee.

In my head I am organised and efficient, and promise that every new notebook I buy will have a purpose. The reality though is very different and the poor things usually get regulated to a shelf or a drawer within 3 weeks of purchase. I’ll go cold turkey for a while, not allowing myself to enter any premises where anything vaguely stationary like is sold. Eventually I give in.

Thinking about it, running a stationary store would have to be my dream job. I’d have the weirdest but coolest collection of things ever and people would travel from all over the world to buy what I was selling.

Ah….if only!

Stationary addicition



40 thoughts on “All the random things

  1. I own so many stationary items! I fall in love with notebooks with promises to fill them with AWESOME stuff, usually start doing it, then find better notebooks and do the same over.
    Penguin umbrella is awesome, I absolutely adore penguins! :D


    • BHS, it’s on the mainland right?

      You’re so like me with all the notebooks and stuff, I keep them for a while and then end up giving them away to friends kids. I have made a rule, in my head so it won’t stick lol, that I am not allowed to buy any more…at all!! Nice to see you back :) x


      • Cheers lovely, nice to be back! Thanks by the way. For being awesome and stuff.
        Yeah we have BHS, its about the only thing left in our city!
        I’ve been giving my notebooks to my little one, you know, I used to love journalling, but I love how my brain gets more clarity from typing, must be something to do with using both hands. :) Hugs x


      • I agree. I have notebooks filled with poems and stuff, but I hate the thought that someone could open a drawer and read them. I understand that I am putting my life on the world wide web, but someone would actually have to know me to be able to make sense of it! lol


      • It’s way easier to be yourself when you’re not worried about the people you know, it helps me a lot, hence all my blogs I’ve had – kind of like notebooks whoops lol (never leaving this one though, but this one is like a notebook people I know read it)… Then when you blog and find people who still like you whatever you write, like you mentioned in the post before this one, it’s so much more awesome.


      • It is. People are more understanding than we think sometimes.
        I’d have been lost without all of you lot you know. You all just came at the right time and kept me going. It’s amazing to think that complete strangers can become like an extended family.


  2. If you had a store filled with your favorite joygasm inducing things, would you really be able to sell any of it to strangers?

    Even if it was penguin stationary???


    • Oh darn, that’s actually a really good point. I’ve be giving them the third degree to make sure they were fit to take my stuff home and would promise to love and take care of it. I used to think, when I was younger of course, that if I didn’t look after my cuddly toys they would wake up in the middle of the night and murder me lol


  3. Penguins are very cool! The umbrella is great :).
    I used to collect almost everything I had two pieces of (I’ve got two stones? let’s collect stones! I’ve got two pens? let’s collect pens!). By now I don’t really do that anymore, but somehow I ended up with a quite broad collection of scarfs. Now that I find a bit weird, as I didn’t tend to use them that often. By now I’ve changed my mind and I’m glad I’ve got so many of them now :).


  4. Hahah! Yep, you and my best friend are birds of a feather. She’s mad for anything writing related – has ancient fountain pens and a source for repairing them (seems ye can find anything in the USA, bastards). I got my first Moleskin from her! But now I have an iPad. I barely even know how to form a proper word on paper anymore, I just have my own weird shorthand!


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