What’s Up-date


Apparently time also flies when you’re not having fun too!

This last two weeks in work have been unbelievably stressful. I really need a day off, but two courses and a new boss next week mean it’s not going to happen. I’m actually worn out, despite the fact that after purchasing new pillows I’m sleeping slightly better.

That said, there are good things about being so busy. I’m hardly smoking these days mainly because I never leave my desk. I can’t tell you if I feel any better for it, but I know that when I reach a certain time scale withdrawal rage kicks in. The second thing is time, it flies.

I’m putting in 9 hour days, but they pass in the blink of an eye, sadly the mountain of post it notes is threatening to consume me if I don’t manage to make my way through them. I used to be quite organised… before I started this job. I need to get back to that and start using my to do book again, I can’t be arsed with the 20 million paper scraps!

It’s looking highly likely that this will be another weekend of working, that stresses me out too because I have jobs to do for both myself and other people, but there are just not enough hours in the day. Thankfully I have Steve’s radio show to look forward to on Saturday night.

I finally started playing Tomb Raider and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve had it since Christmas but just haven’t had the time to play. The only downfall is it’s giving me motion sickness which means I can only play for 30 – 60 minutes in one go. That’s ok though, because I usually only have that amount of time spare between getting everything done and going to bed anyway.

Thanks to all my new followers, you’re all more than welcome. I have a new goal, I’d like to reach a thousand before 2020, I’m keeping a realistic time scale here, I don’t need any additional stress, or disappointment for that matter :)

Well that’s about it for today, my train journey is almost over meaning it’s time for job number two, management of the Ships.

Enjoy your day and till next time eejits :)

I am a Criminal Mastermind


Warning – I’m going to talk about gaming, so if that’s liable to put you to sleep, I advise you to carry on about your business!

Once upon a time on the Emerald Isle a geeky gamer met three lads from various parts of the UK. It’s funny how murder and mayhem can bring people together, but that’s exactly what happens in GTA, although there is the possibility that the Irish accent charmed them just a little.

These three lads wanted to embark on a challenging and dangerous adventure and realising that the geeky one was marginally less rubbish than the random strangers the game teamed them with, they invited her along for the ride.

What ensued was two months of murder and mayhem, random deaths, her arse being blown apart by randomly launched rockets and tears of frustration, that was the lads, honestly.

Let me briefly explain the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in GTA. There are a series of heists, five in total that need to be completed. Each has around five set up missions before the actual heist takes place. There are bank robberies, prison breakouts, lab raids, drugs and finally, a $1.25 million bank raid. So you know, just a little something to get your teeth into.

It is quite possibly the most difficult challenge within GTA. None of the four person team can die during any of the parts involved, if you do, then it’s back to the start.

Somehow, against all the odds, this little group of random strangers banded together over the course of two months and became a team. They say practice makes perfect and for them that was the case as on Sunday past they finally completed the challenge.

In the very last part of the final heist not a word was spoken, in fact I’m not sure anyone even took a breath, no one wanted to jinx the mission so close to the end.

Collective deep breaths and curses could be heard when the team passed into the final checkpoint. They were finally done!

It was a long haul, but it was fun! And the payday, well that was a cool 10 million dollars. Shame it isn’t really eh!


Happy Places!

Happy Places

A Prompt Reply mentioned me in her post in relation to Happy Places and issued forth a challenge of sorts by passing on this idea. I don’t normally accept challenges, but this one, well I liked the idea of it, so here goes.

A Prompt Reply herself,  and a host of others provide happy places for me with their own blogs and writings. I have met so many great people through this endeavor and even almost 2 years on, it continues to be a place of enjoyment. I wish I had been writing at the time of my accident, because I believe it would have been very good for my mental health, but hindsight as they say, is a wonderful thing.

House sitting for my Sister and brother in law used to be one of my happy places. The current situation at home means I wouldn’t be able to leave now for more than a few days, but then, I used to love cooking for myself, pottering about and having no one to look after but myself and the cat.

Spending time with my friends is a happy place. It provides much needed laughter and relief from the worries if only for a short time. It’s good to catch up, be goofy and talk shit….yes, my friends are eejits too!

Another happy place is spending time with my other friend and her family. She always manages to make me see sense when my anxiety is in overdrive and provides much needed love and hugs on bad days. A smile from her youngest child never fails to cheer me up. Likewise with her other two.

Another place would be the beach, but I like it when it’s windy and the waves crash against the shore, none of this tits out tanning malarky!

Believe it or not work for me is generally a happy place. I’m not scared to admit I like working, I like being useful and feeling like I can achieve things. I’m never going to be a mover and a shaker, I’m just happy being a me and getting the job done. I hope people regard me as a hard worker and someone who is dependable.

Finally, let us not forget music and gaming, both of which take me to a happy places when the real one is anything but. It’s nice to be able to listen to music and feel transported to somewhere else. Likewise, gaming with friends is another release from stressful days

Granted most of these things are not actual places, but when you work and are a carer, there is little time for anything else and you have to make the most of what you are left with.

Thank you to all of you who read this blog and to whom I follow for allowing me to have a peek inside your happy place and for giving me much needed support over the last two years!

Part of taking up this challenge is to pass it on and see if it continues. I am not going to mention anyone specific, there are too many people who’s responses I would wish to see. Instead I am going to ask, that if you are so inclined, you write your own post about your happy places, because I would be very interested to hear what they are. You are or course, more than welcome to link back to this post if you wish.

So, that begs the question, what is your happy place?

It’s a new year!

New Year

For someone who is not a Christmas lover, this one passed off pretty good. I got a couple of little surprises for which I am really grateful and  which will hopefully help me along as I advance into 2015.

I didn’t write yesterday, I did consider it, but in the end I decided I was going to let the fact that it was the start of a new year just pass by quietly. While I am grateful for all the wishes that I will have a happy one, I have no doubt that this year will be more or less like last year, perhaps even worse. That’s not me staring into a cup that is half empty, that’s me being realistic. The start of  new year is not going to magically take away the Motherships dementia and all it’s related issues, so I’m pitting myself at the bottom of the happiness scale and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

It’s not all bad though, there are a few issues I hope to address in the New Year, let’s not call them resolutions because I totally suck at those, lets just call them steps, as in I’ll do them one step at a time.

Here are some of them:

  • Make more time for myself. If I need to stay somewhere else for a night just to get my head showered then I am going to do it. Caring for someone with mental health issues takes a toal on your own.
  • No unessential spending. Ok there will most likely be one exception to this. Usually when I get money at Christmas, I use it for the day to day things like groceries etc, this year I decided I would like to use it to actually buy something for myself, and that will most likely be an Xbox One. It is my escape after all :) All day Boxing Day I sat on my hands to stop myself buying one that was in a boxing day sale, because while I have some money I am still a long way off having it all. Other than that, there is an immediate curb on spending and more of an effort to get the finances straight.
  • No more junk food / crap. I swear to feck there are nights when I feel like a wheelie bin. My mouth is constantly open and crap is being shovelled in on a regular basis. I need to drop some weight, which will help another of my problems, the dreaded knee, which daily lets me know if it’s existence.
  • Write more regularly, both here and on The Misadventures of May Dupp. It’s not until I sit down to write a post that I realise how much I missed both it and the interaction from you guys.
  • Listen to more music. This year there were two contenders for favourite song, which were Say Something by A Great Big World and Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J, both of which you can list to on my Music Bubble page. Best album without a shadow of a doubt was This is All Yous by Alt-J.
  • De clutter – This is the year of getting rid of all the clutter. I started today and was ruthless, if I don’t use it anymore it goes! All the old boxes got broken down for recycling, even the one for my Xbox 360, which I have had for 6 years…..wtf!! If I make enough space then the PS2 is going to be set up, I have decided I need a little Bubble Bobble in my life.

So I think for now that’s enough to be going on with. If I can manage even a few of those then I’ll be happy. If I’m really lucky, I might even have finished the de cluttering before the start of the next New Year.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, (but if you did, pretend you didn’t), that I didn’t get my Cartoon Craziness Challenge drawing done, had I, it would have been a little picture of me with a Ferrero Rocher for a head and a brussel sprout for a body.

There were however two entries and you can take a look at them here:

Mama’s Christmas Cartoon | Mental in the Midwest

Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #139 — 12/25/14 | Evil Squirrel’s Nest

Thank you to you both :)

Can I just take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you who read this blog. You have been with me through all the rough times of 2014 and laughed either with or at me through the happier ones. You’ve lifted me up when I’ve been down and you have entertained and challenged me, I like that.

So all that is left for me to say, is that I hope that 2015 is everything that you hope it will be and more. I look forward to spending it with you all!

An Expensive Tiny Update!


Writing last night only served to remind me how much I missed both it and the interaction with you eejits. I miss the old days of having free time, it’s one of the many things I intend to address in the New Year. I resolve to try and get myself into a steady writing pattern both here and on Her Ladyship, Mays blog. All things are good in theory however, but real life is never so simple, so all I can do is try.

I’ve also been trying to future proof 2015, to ensure it remains entertaining, sadly this means having to part with cash, which in the same month as Christmas is never a good thing. 12 months line rental to ensure I have broadband for another year, chi-ching that’ll be £170 thanks very much, the Broadband itself, well that’s another £14 a month on top of that. Another 12 months of Xbox Live, cos after all a girl’s gotta game, chi-ching £30. Tv box goes on the blink and needs replaced chi-ching £50. Thank goodness for interest free credit. At the same time though I am pretty much set up for the year ahead, hopefully anyways, I’ll be able to blog, game and watch TV….I might not however be able to eat or feed the Ships, small price to pay right, there is always bread and butter.

(People don’t panic, I promise to always feed the Ships)

And Breathe…..


I’m going to put the past week down to experience. I’m glad it’s over, although the repercussions are still carrying on. I’m tired, and I’m going to have to start getting early nights or one of these days I am going to fall asleep and not wake up, it’s not that long till three score years and ten, assuming I even make it that far.

I’ve not been here much this week, there has just been no time, my laptop lay in work redundant for most of last week. Lunchtime, what’s that, couldn’t tell you, cos I spent most of the week working through mine. I did however make a bit of an effort and catch up on my reading, so it you saw one like after another on your posts then it was your turn.

I still feel overwhelmed a lot in the job, however there are moments of clarity and it’s these brief glimpses that give me hope that at some stage there will be a turning point and I will no longer be afraid to call myself a Personal Assistant. Time is a big thing, there are tasks to do but before you have completed the first one another three have been added to the list. I have notes about notes and to do lists about things …to do..duh! I’m realising that my brain is not the efficient filofax it used to be, my capacity for knowledge retention is being seriously tested.  Thank goodness for pens and paper or all would be lost.


On another note, I was having a chat with someone today and he asked me what I do in my spare time. I laughed and said what’s spare time and then regaled him with tales of the Xbox and also that I was a blogger. Thankfully he knew what that was, and even more thankfully he chose not to ask what the blog was called, because at that point I broke into a cold sweat and started to panic. I not ashamed of my blog, not in any shape form or fashion, but I still feel that people will read it and go ‘what a pile of shite’. That being said, there’s not been very much writing of late that would allow anyone to form any kind of opinion. At which point do you feel like you can tell people you’re a blogger and believe you are deserving of the title.


Lastly, despite the fact that some eejit thought that this week was the last Cartoon Craziness Challenege forever, it’s not, but I do however need to extend the deadline by a couple of days, because, I haven’t got mine done yet and that’s just disgraceful!! An update will follow.

This is the current challenge: CCC – Week 8

If you have any suggestions for themes, please let either myself or Mama know, they are always welcome.

Till next time, ya bunch of randomers that I adore :)

Song of the week and well worth a listen!

Grand Theft of my Senses!

All this fuss over a bus shelter…WTF!!

I started playing GTA V, mainly because three of my bestest Xbox chums asked me too. I didn’t think I’d like it, but figured I would give it a shot anyway, there was nothing to lose. I tend to try games before I purchase them in order to check to see if I will or will not suffer motion sickness, but no one was relinquishing their copy so I dived straight in and purchased a cheap one from Ebay.Read More »

Where I’ve been..

Image from Newgrounds.com

See I’d so love to tell you that I took a trip to the moon and back, or went on holiday to somewhere utterly fabulous and amazing. The truth is I was getting on with the daily grind of life and rediscovering my love for the Xbox and party chats!

During my recovery from the ruptured patellar tendon, I was on the Xbox every night chatting with friends and playing games, well lets face it, there are not a lot of other places you can go when you cannot walk.  When I went back to work, it slid a little, and then when I started blogging it pretty much got kicked to the curb all together.Read More »

Is something happening tomorrow?


Ok before I start let me just say I am rocking this whole one eye on the screen, one eye on the TV thing. This laptop is the dogs wotsits! Ok now that’s out of the way, I shall begin….

Is there something happening tomorrow? Is it a special day? There are lots of little New Year posts appearing in my reader, yet the big day is not till tomorrow. Anyone would think you guys are going to be heading out or something.

Up until my injury I always worked. New Years Eve has to be one of the loneliest nights of the calendar to work in a profession where the only contact you have with the outside world is by telephone. Strangely I didn’t mind, I had after all a job to do. Everything would go crazy until about 11.30pm and then things would calm a little as midnight approached. All the drivers would go home to spend time with their families and come the stroke of midnight I would go outside and stand at the front door of the office and listen for the boats sounding their horns as the clock struck 12. Back inside and after a quick call with the folks at approximately 12.15 the phones would start to ring off the hook and it would stay that way sometimes until 5 or 6 am.

On New Years Even it’s inevitable that taxies run late. That mate you promised a lift home, well I hadn’t actually allocated any time for him, so you make me late for the person after you, and so it goes on. When being shouted, moaned and whinged at, I had to sometimes and not always politely remind people that this was also my New Years yet I had given it up to make sure they got home safe.

It’s not that I am opposed to going out by the way, no I am not opposed to it at all, I just don’t like it, so umm no, not opposed.  Ok if truth be told it’s a direct result from trying and failing so many times to date men of the Scottish variety. Old Lang Syne still manages to reduce me to tears at any good New Year shindig I attend, so best to avoid them. (Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only, I can assure my Scottish exes my heart healed just fine.)

Last year without a doubt was the best New Year ever. Owing to the fact that I was still recovering from my injury and there was no chance I was going to be getting down and dirty on the dance floor, or in work for that matter, I spent it with friends on  the Xbox. We had such a laugh, mostly due to the fact that our friend Jelly likes a wee toot of Whiskey and decided to have one or two that night. Many times I laughed till I cried.

It will be hard to top that, although if everyone is around perhaps we can try to recreate the magic. Whatever happens I’ll not be too far travelled on New Years Eve and will no doubt stop by to wish you all a happy and safe one, whatever it is you choose to do.

P.S – It took me so long to TV Watch / Write the post that it’s now New Years Eve, so for the sake of continuity just pretend it isn’t! Thanks :)

I’m Portable!

Laptop Overload - Smiffer

So peeps, this is the first post from the netbook, and also the first one using Windows Live Writer, wish me luck!

It seems my new toy is more versatile than I thought, as from the comfort of my armchair I was able to control my Xbox using the built in Smart glass app and set an episode of Haven to play in the background as I write. I was also able to reply to a message from Shady and view achievements for my recently played games. I am, I have to admit, rather impressed!

My only bugbear at the minute is the size of the text on the screen, but I am sure with a little tweaking I will be able to adjust that too. It’s a matter of figuring out which platform works best for my offline blogging needs. In fact cancel the whole screen size niggle, I just realised with a swipe of finger and thumb, I can adjust it myself! Doh!!

It’s going to take a while to get used to the whole laptop thing, I’ve only ever been used to PC’s and I have to say I am extremely useless when using the track pad, which is another reason why the touch screen is a blessing!

I’ve not been portable enough yet to venture to work with it, although when I decide I am ready I have a rucksack all set! With the weather getting colder and ground underfoot getting a little slippy, I am scared of falling and squashing Pinguette with my big fat ass!

Ah well, time to get off self same fat ass and go do the housework! Later eejits Smile