Happy Places!

Happy Places

A Prompt Reply mentioned me in her post in relation to Happy Places and issued forth a challenge of sorts by passing on this idea. I don’t normally accept challenges, but this one, well I liked the idea of it, so here goes.

A Prompt Reply herself,  and a host of others provide happy places for me with their own blogs and writings. I have met so many great people through this endeavor and even almost 2 years on, it continues to be a place of enjoyment. I wish I had been writing at the time of my accident, because I believe it would have been very good for my mental health, but hindsight as they say, is a wonderful thing.

House sitting for my Sister and brother in law used to be one of my happy places. The current situation at home means I wouldn’t be able to leave now for more than a few days, but then, I used to love cooking for myself, pottering about and having no one to look after but myself and the cat.

Spending time with my friends is a happy place. It provides much needed laughter and relief from the worries if only for a short time. It’s good to catch up, be goofy and talk shit….yes, my friends are eejits too!

Another happy place is spending time with my other friend and her family. She always manages to make me see sense when my anxiety is in overdrive and provides much needed love and hugs on bad days. A smile from her youngest child never fails to cheer me up. Likewise with her other two.

Another place would be the beach, but I like it when it’s windy and the waves crash against the shore, none of this tits out tanning malarky!

Believe it or not work for me is generally a happy place. I’m not scared to admit I like working, I like being useful and feeling like I can achieve things. I’m never going to be a mover and a shaker, I’m just happy being a me and getting the job done. I hope people regard me as a hard worker and someone who is dependable.

Finally, let us not forget music and gaming, both of which take me to a happy places when the real one is anything but. It’s nice to be able to listen to music and feel transported to somewhere else. Likewise, gaming with friends is another release from stressful days

Granted most of these things are not actual places, but when you work and are a carer, there is little time for anything else and you have to make the most of what you are left with.

Thank you to all of you who read this blog and to whom I follow for allowing me to have a peek inside your happy place and for giving me much needed support over the last two years!

Part of taking up this challenge is to pass it on and see if it continues. I am not going to mention anyone specific, there are too many people who’s responses I would wish to see. Instead I am going to ask, that if you are so inclined, you write your own post about your happy places, because I would be very interested to hear what they are. You are or course, more than welcome to link back to this post if you wish.

So, that begs the question, what is your happy place?

24 thoughts on “Happy Places!

  1. Huh, I didn’t know people in your country even tried to tan ;)

    I agree with bloggy spaces and the beach being happy places for me too :D

    (pssst, I need your address, please and thank you!)


      • Oh, I am the same way. Sun avoidance is kind of a game for me!

        It’s a Valentine thing… And I certainly didn’t mean to post it here! LOL


  2. Excellent! I knew the gaming would be on there, but I’m so pleased to hear you have so many other blessed happy places and good people around you. I know that whole “being-a-carer” scenario isn’t an easy one…..I am glad you have support through some of that and I am super impressed you took up the challenge! Thanks for sharing all this!


    • Thank you for brining it to my attention. It’s good to think outside the box every now and again, and it’s not until you start to do something like that, that you realise there are actually more happy places than you initially thought :)


  3. “Work for me is generally a happy place.” A wise move in case the boss is looking over your shoulder! ‘Gotcha! What do you think you’re doing eejit?’ ‘But boss look, I’ve complimented you!’. ‘Ah sucks, eejit, take the rest of the week off’. Result. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your posts – there’s always a huge amount of warmth & empathy coming off them like todays. Cheers.


  4. I would be totally lost without work. It’s not always happy, but it gives me a reason to bathe and leave the house and I do have some great friends here. My little office is like a home away from home for me.

    I like the idea of this challenge, so perhaps I shall take it on myself. :D


  5. This is a grand idea :-) Tell you what, I will write about my happy places in my next post if you accept the challenge of accepting the Sisterhood of the World award I have nominated you for. Details are in my latest post – haven’t yet worked out the technical detail of how to insert a link to my post in a comment, sigh.


    • Ahhh clever tactic you Miss to try and disguise the award type thing as a challenge. I appreciate and am humbled that you nominated me, however I don’t accept those type of awards and have not done for some time. So if I did it, all the other people I didn’t do it for might lynch me lol That said, because it’s you, I will answer your questions without forwarding it on etc if that is agreeable?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well countered! A happy compromise :-) I don’t usually do the pass it on thing either. Amrita caught me out in an unusual moment of combined motivation and inspiration – those two don’t coincide for me vary often!!!


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