The End of an Era

MayDupp BannerIt’s done. In the blink of an eye, ok perhaps more like a stab of the finger, the Misadventures of May Dupp is no more. It’s actually surprisingly easy to delete a site, frighteningly easy actually, so much so, that I almost erased the Eejits by mistake, but please don’t tell her, oh balls, I just did, didn’t I.

I had a fun little run over there, but not having to pay rent here is going to be so much better, and besides, she’ll be the one who has to do all the housekeeping.

There will however have to be changes around here, and we’ll get to them if herself can put down Red Dead Redemption for five minutes. It’s laughable really, a grown woman getting all gung ho about cowboys and horses, you’d never catch me being so fickle (firemen aside that is).

It was a very quiet weekend, Onda is currently living the life of the jet set in New York for a few days. Apparently she’s been spending a bit of time hanging around the sidewalks, no no, not that kind of hanging around ffs, more like she got a little lost. Knuckles told her to take her muff with her, because the weather outside was indeed frightful in New York. He got a look and reassurance that she takes her muff everywhere with her. I think to be honest there was a little confusion as to what they each meant. For clarification, Knuckles meant:

muff – a tube made of fur or other warm material into which the hands are placed for warmth

Onda however, meant something entirely different that is not suitable for typing, and besides, the Eejit would slap me senseless if I did. She’s a dirty clart is that Onda, but she’s a while good laugh.

Well I had better scoot, I’m supposed to be writing a list of all the things that need done. Next to go apparently is the May Dupp Facebook page, so if you want to keep up to date, you’re more than welcome to like the Eejits one,  for which there is a link in the side bar.

I’m hoping to keep my Twitter, it’s still under negotiation. I bought her chocolate today so I am hoping that got me some brownie points, we shall have to see.

Anyways, it’s good to be home and chat soon!

8 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. As long as we’re still hearing from May then that’s fine, although you’ll be sad to see it go. I love her mad capers, so hope you’ll still keep them coming. I love my muff too – it keeps my hands warm on freezing days and nights!! In fact I think there should be an International Muff Day, say on 12th January, make it a holiday off work, a day where we can be at one with our muffs. I think it would catch on. The slogan could be ‘Luff your Muff’ and there could be a Miss Muff Parade and ice cream stands and….sorry I’m getting a bit carried away with myself – but you get the idea eh? :)


    • Ok young lady emuff is emuff, I think you’re getting a little over excited there lol That said I am curious as to how we will eat the ice cream when you’re getting your muff on lol


  2. Well…the muff would be lying on my lap while I ate my ice cream…yes it may get a few dribbles on but can always be wiped off…easy peasy :)


  3. *roaring with laughter at the comments* and declining to get involved for fear of slapping the MJ senseless – hey, I’ve got a dirty mind and tend to use it frequently – so sue me! Everyone needs a hobby and has to be good at something, right? Right.

    Well, it’s good that May is here, back with you – and I’m sure there will be many adventures to share and keep us all laughing until we have to cross our legs lest we tinkle in the knickers ;)


      • Hey, steady on, I resemble that remark! And MJ, always remember, if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat ;) If you’ve not Tena on you’re fooked luv!


      • ROFLMAO —- oh hell, I’d love to have May in my head – would relieve the tension and send my noodle into some good crazy spaces – besides, she could be excellent company for some of the lunatics that reside chez moi!


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