Hump Day

I actually don’t have it in me to write a full post tonight. My brain is in tatters. This is all I’ve got:

  1. Today was the day from hell. There were flames licking at my arse and everything. Coming straight after the morning from hell with the Mothership yesterday, I think my head is possibly going to explode.
  2. I thought Katy Perry was amazing at the Superbowl. I have a whole new appreciation of her now after watching her documentary or is it a rockumentary.
  3. Before anyone questions me about the Superbowl, let me stop you, I don’t understand it, I just enjoyed the 12 minutes in the middle. If it makes you feel any better I don’t understand football or rugby either.
  4. I want to support all my friends who are Blogging for Mental Health. They rock!
  5. I can’t even make it to five points, so waffle waffle la la dum de dum etc.

I promise normal service will resume as soon as I recharge my batteries, change jobs, run away and win the lottery :)

25 thoughts on “WTF!

  1. Am always glad to hear from you if for no other reason that I can say, Hey, I’m here and I think you’re doing just fine! Hang in there!


  2. #5 -Penguins rock!

    And apparently sharks do too now :D

    Sorry you are having some hellish days. Let’s agree to look out for each other if one wins the lottery over the other, deal? <3


  3. Hey chickie – hang in there and get – or try to get – some quality rest and food in you. And remember, there are many of us who love you Juls :)


      • *sigh* I feel like a groundhog or some other hibernating creature that has been yanked from my cozy quarters …. and I’m not happy about it …..where the feck is the warm weather and spring and no more cold and snow and arghhhhhhhhhhh …. sorry …. have a bit of a day …..


      • If I could I would sit you down, make you a cup of tea and blow some smoke in your face and then chatise you for enjoying it. Most of all though I would give you a hug, cos sometimes that’s even better than a cup of tea ((hugs)).

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      • Oh you right bitch! Now *that* is mean – not the tea, of course, or the hug, but the smoke blowing – hypocrite you are – but I love ya, cause you are the best Juls :D

        (((hugs to you Juls))))


      • *snort* – yeah, I too had friends like that – sometimes it’s just the smell that makes an association for people. Personally, I’m a die-hard, inhale harder true nicotine addict.
        *heavy sigh – in a damn I could such a pack right up in this moment*


      • Oh hell – it’s easy enough – all I have is an E-cig in the house – and no way of getting out to go to the store to get me a real pack – I have no vehicle and yeah, the store is a couple of kilometers away – and hmmm…. where I am, there are just trees, hills, mountains and deer. So, no matter how desperate I am, I’m screwed. All I can do is just pretend, and since my cravings are particularly high lately, such like mad on the e-cig that has a cigarillo (small think “lady-like” cigars, in case you don’t know) flavor. As for willpower -LOL – at this point, I’d chew my way through an oak tree if it meant I could deeply drag on a fag.


      • *snort* – yeah, that’s true – and throw in the dizzies for good measure ;)

        LOL – actually, since I have taken up the e-cigs, I have smoke quite a number of rollies – and yeah, I was like “holy crap, this is awful and wow, they stink!” Roflmao – talk about really getting the double whammy thrown right back in one’s face ;)


    • lol aye apart from a few sniffs I’m almost there. Hayfever season will start soon though so it will be round two. Mind you I have to take tablets all year round lol
      I specifically wanted to watch the Katy Perry thing, just out of interest. I think she has an amazing voice, Lenny Kravitz was a bit of alright too lol


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