Into the post we go……..

Hates musicals

Ok, let me rattle through some updates for you as to what has been going on, and what will be going on in the life of the Eejit most indecisive.

I’ve got 30 minutes, so expect rambling, bad spelling and poor grammar (which is not unusual for me).

We went to the cinema on Thursday night as previously mentioned. The film in question was ‘Into the Woods’. I’d seen trailers and thought, yeah, this looks quite interesting. Whilst traveling to the destination Shady texts me and asks me what we’re going to see, so I dutifully told him. He looks it up and replies, looks ok, but I’m not really into musicals, at which point I shout rather loudly, ‘WTF!!!! It’s a musical‘. I am not a huge fan of musicals, so how could I have missed such a vital piece of information. Why had they not included any warbling in the trailer I watched, in fact why the feck had they made it a musical in the first place. I was a little horrified. Very delicious food made me forget for a little while, until the film started and right from the off there was music, which lasted for the entire film. While it was not the worst film I have ever watched, it’s not one that I would want to sit through again. That said, we did have great craic afterwards on the journey home making up our own lyrics to the tune that seems to vary little through the whole film. All in all it was a great night.

I’ve made the decision to close the May Dupp site on the 31st January, in all honesty it will probably be gone before that if I get some spare time this week.It will then be time to tweak a few bits and bobs both here and on my Facebook page to amalgamate both blogs. I’m not 100% sure what I am going to do with Ms Dupp’s Twitter. I may retain it for the time being.

I’ve a few posts I need to catch up on writing and as usual some reading as well. So far my New Year plan of blogging more regularly is not really taking shape, there has been very little spare time. But it’s early days, one month is not yet over, so all hope is not lost.

Right that’s about it, my cold is finally starting to disappear (I hope), which means my sense of smell is returning, which means I really need a shower. Thankfully, it, my sense of smell, waited until after the effects of the Sunday dinners brussel sprouts had passed.

Till next time eejits :)

(Right now I’m thinking only my Sister and brother in law will sing the title of this post, but if you ever watch the film, you’ll understand.)

30 thoughts on “Into the post we go……..

  1. I’m always a bit wary of musicals too. I gave into the hype of Frozen and bought the DVD to watch at Christmas. I insisted that the Kid watch too for Family Time, even though he pleaded and cried for me to let him go. And actually, halfway through the film I did let him go back to his room. I was soooo bored. However I continue to annoy the Kid by making up songs to the vague tune of snowman building and letting go :-)


  2. I think you’re posting more now than you were for a while there….you’re doing just fine. I look forward to the new posts as soon as you can get to them and you know, musicals aren’t all bad…..certainly nothing can be as bad as the LEGO movie soundtrack (still in my head even all this time later) and from what I’m hearing, the Frozen soundtrack is a killer. So perhaps you got off easy in the end……..


    • True, there are a fair few versions of Let it go doing the rounds. Perhaps I’m not doing to bad at the old posting. I need to be careful, I might run out of valuable things to say and just write twaddle…oh….wait a minute…that’s pretty much what I do now right lol


    • Me to…was beginning to think the dark side was pulling me in. There a little less snot and coughing so it’s all good. As I said either up there or down below, it’s certainly no Little Shop of Horrors. I actually own the soundtrack to that lol


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