An Expensive Tiny Update!


Writing last night only served to remind me how much I missed both it and the interaction with you eejits. I miss the old days of having free time, it’s one of the many things I intend to address in the New Year. I resolve to try and get myself into a steady writing pattern both here and on Her Ladyship, Mays blog. All things are good in theory however, but real life is never so simple, so all I can do is try.

I’ve also been trying to future proof 2015, to ensure it remains entertaining, sadly this means having to part with cash, which in the same month as Christmas is never a good thing. 12 months line rental to ensure I have broadband for another year, chi-ching that’ll be £170 thanks very much, the Broadband itself, well that’s another £14 a month on top of that. Another 12 months of Xbox Live, cos after all a girl’s gotta game, chi-ching £30. Tv box goes on the blink and needs replaced chi-ching £50. Thank goodness for interest free credit. At the same time though I am pretty much set up for the year ahead, hopefully anyways, I’ll be able to blog, game and watch TV….I might not however be able to eat or feed the Ships, small price to pay right, there is always bread and butter.

(People don’t panic, I promise to always feed the Ships)

18 thoughts on “An Expensive Tiny Update!

  1. The more Eejit the better!

    Wish I could say I was set for 2015 but it’s a month to month thing here. Sometimes a late month thing, or late in the month or just late. Anyway looking forward to the new year.


  2. I think I’m going to have to make the same resolution…to make more time for writing. Is all I can do right now to keep up with the cha-chings and the reading on here! :)


  3. I can sympathise why you are missing blogging. I honestly don’t know what I did before I started blogging as now all my free time is devoted to it. It’s all I think about morning, noon and night. I may be the opposite from you and may need to take a break from blogging lol


    • Time is my big thing, or lack of it, that’s the killer. When things are not great here as well, I’m not in the frame of mind to write and it’s hard to be upbeat. You take a break? never….who’s going to keep us musically entertained :)

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  4. It’s good to know that you are technologically set up for 2015 lol And guess what? Unless you already know this, I am typing this on my new computer that my awesome brother got for me! Woohoo!! Merry Week Before Christmas!!!


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