An Expensive Tiny Update!


Writing last night only served to remind me how much I missed both it and the interaction with you eejits. I miss the old days of having free time, it’s one of the many things I intend to address in the New Year. I resolve to try and get myself into a steady writing pattern both here and on Her Ladyship, Mays blog. All things are good in theory however, but real life is never so simple, so all I can do is try.

I’ve also been trying to future proof 2015, to ensure it remains entertaining, sadly this means having to part with cash, which in the same month as Christmas is never a good thing. 12 months line rental to ensure I have broadband for another year, chi-ching that’ll be £170 thanks very much, the Broadband itself, well that’s another £14 a month on top of that. Another 12 months of Xbox Live, cos after all a girl’s gotta game, chi-ching £30. Tv box goes on the blink and needs replaced chi-ching £50. Thank goodness for interest free credit. At the same time though I am pretty much set up for the year ahead, hopefully anyways, I’ll be able to blog, game and watch TV….I might not however be able to eat or feed the Ships, small price to pay right, there is always bread and butter.

(People don’t panic, I promise to always feed the Ships)

Talkin Tv!

Image by Hulton Getty

I don’t watch a lot of TV, a mixture of not having a lot of spare time so choosing to do others things with it, and also there being not too many appealing programs. Every week I scan the TV book in the hope of something exciting, but I am usually left disappointed.

My guilty pleasure would be ‘Hollyoaks’, the only soap opera I watch. It’s dinner time viewing, as in something to do when I eat, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. The truth is I hate missing it and will flee to the catch up channel on the few occasions that it happens.

Then you have the hard hitters that keep me hooked week after week, like Grey’s Anatomy. I was a late starter to the joy that is this program, but many late nights spent on Lovefilm ensured I got caught up, so much so that I am currenly watching the latest season as it airs on Sky.

Lately though I have found a secret pleasure in programs containing ‘The Great British’ in the title. Like ‘The Great British Bakeoff’ and more recently ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’. I have no interest or knowledge of sewing, bar running away from people who wish to sew my lips shut, but strangely I am finding this program both entertaining and enlightening. I love how over the course of the program we see ordinary people grow and flourish in their chosen craft, while learning about them as a person at the same time.

Also top of the list has been a 6 week run of a programme called ‘Hair’, same kind of idea, amateur hairdressers are pitted against each other in order to find an overall champion. Believe me there were some weird and wacky styles on display, but also some rather amazing ones.

On hindsight, perhaps I do like the old google box after all!

What shows make you oooh and ahhhh? and what would be your guilty pleasure?