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I don’t watch a lot of TV, a mixture of not having a lot of spare time so choosing to do others things with it, and also there being not too many appealing programs. Every week I scan the TV book in the hope of something exciting, but I am usually left disappointed.

My guilty pleasure would be ‘Hollyoaks’, the only soap opera I watch. It’s dinner time viewing, as in something to do when I eat, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. The truth is I hate missing it and will flee to the catch up channel on the few occasions that it happens.

Then you have the hard hitters that keep me hooked week after week, like Grey’s Anatomy. I was a late starter to the joy that is this program, but many late nights spent on Lovefilm ensured I got caught up, so much so that I am currenly watching the latest season as it airs on Sky.

Lately though I have found a secret pleasure in programs containing ‘The Great British’ in the title. Like ‘The Great British Bakeoff’ and more recently ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’. I have no interest or knowledge of sewing, bar running away from people who wish to sew my lips shut, but strangely I am finding this program both entertaining and enlightening. I love how over the course of the program we see ordinary people grow and flourish in their chosen craft, while learning about them as a person at the same time.

Also top of the list has been a 6 week run of a programme called ‘Hair’, same kind of idea, amateur hairdressers are pitted against each other in order to find an overall champion. Believe me there were some weird and wacky styles on display, but also some rather amazing ones.

On hindsight, perhaps I do like the old google box after all!

What shows make you oooh and ahhhh? and what would be your guilty pleasure?

23 thoughts on “Talkin Tv!

  1. TV book? Where are you? The past? Lol. Hollyoaks used to be the only thing I’d watch but I’ve fallen out of the routine. Nowadays I just watch things on the on demand players when I want to. But did you know you can get all your housework done during all the ad breaks on a Hollyoaks omnibus?


    • The TV Book belongs to the olds, I have an app on my phone, but still sometimes I like seeing it laid out in front of me when I am killing time making dinner lol
      I know, I love wathing series on Netflix cos it cuts out all the advert shit and makes them so much shorter lol


  2. Bit dangerous asking me and a certain A.N.Other what our guilty pleasures may be …

    But seeing as you ask, and in no particular order:

    Sherlock Holmes
    Catherine Cookson dramas (that’s shocked ya)
    Breaking Bad
    Band of Brothers
    Ashes 2 Ashes
    Life on Mars
    Emerdale (don’t laugh, but the crumpet is awesome)

    and last but not least, captain caveman

    toodles :-)


  3. The only show I try to catch as it airs is Dr Who. Mostly, I’ll wait till a show ends, then binge watch the whole run.

    (No sewing stuff though.)


  4. Great British Sewing Bee? That sounds amazing (really, it does!)!

    I like competition-like shows like Top Chef, Shear Genius (sounds like the Hair one you mention), Work of Art, Dinner Party Wars, etc. Where people compete, but they have to produce something that is judged; it’s not like Big Brother where it’s all popularity contests.

    I also like anything with Gordon Ramsay :-) <3


    • lol You guys have Chopped I like it, but it’s hit and miss as to whether it’s on the Food Network here.

      The sewing one is great because I like seeing what they can create out of simple pieces of clothing.


  5. Hollyoaks. Really? I’m not sure we can hang out anymore Juls… Mind you, I used to religiously watch One Tree Hill and Smallville (before it became really, really shit) so I can’t talk.


    • Really!? Seriously!? Come on, I can forgive you for shitting your shorts due to KFC but you can’t forgive me Hollyoaks…..this is a very one sided friendship Mr Smithson!! :)
      NB: For those of you who have not read Mr Smithson’s take with regards to KFC, please update yourselves……if you dare!! It’s HERE but it is not (as he advises) for the faint hearted!


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