Merry Feckin Christmas!

Santa Sprouts

‘I’m sitting here with a glass of mulled wine, there are cinnamon candles burning in the background, the turkey is in the oven and a host of little elves in the kitchen are busy chopping and preparing all the vegetables for tomorrow’s feast, and that my friends is what you call a poo in a pot, as in it’s a crock of shit!

It’s been a very turbulent 3 weeks in the house of the Eejit and to say that I will be glad to see the back of this holiday season is an understatement. There have been tears, tantrums and major bust ups, but still, somehow we managed to make it out the other side in order to celebrate the season of goodwill.

My intention was not to leave you all high and dry for the last couple of weeks, but seriously, I was at the stage where I couldn’t take much more. Dementia and Christmas, do NOT go hand in hand. The final straw was being told that I do nothing, which is a bit fecking rich, considering I do EVERYTHING! I am worn out from it all, and I cannot wait for my one day of freedom.

Thankfully everything is calmer today and I have most things sorted. All the housework’s been done, vegetables are peeled and chopped and the Motherships clothes for her visit to my Sister’s are currently inspecting the inside of the washing machine.

My intentions for over the holidays and the New Year would be to get myself back into a regular blogging habit and to catch up on my reading, I’m currently about two weeks behind, but I make no promises, because my brain is currently mush.

This morning, out of interest, I decided to look back on my blog and see what crap amazing things I had written last year. Imagine my surprise when I read a post I had written on the 27th December in which I expressed my gratitude to the 200 people who had followed me. Who would have thought that less than a year later, I would have amassed just under 30, 000 views and have over 700 followers, I still find it quite unbelievable.

Thank you to you all for sticking with me through 2014, and I hope we shall all remain friends into 2015 and beyond. You friendship and support has been invaluable.

Happy Christmas my Eejits, I hope it is an amazing one.


26 thoughts on “Merry Feckin Christmas!

  1. Oh my dear Eejit, how true your words ring here in the Hillbilly household. Let’s just mentally band together and perhaps we will make it through this after all. Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Hillbilly family. Much love and hugs comin’ your way!


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