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It’s the most wonderful…..yeah whatever! Jingle blah fecking blah Bells! It’s almost Christmas, not, I have to say, my most wonderful time of the year. It costs a fecking fortune, my brussel sprout farts are no longer unique and I get a little stressed out by the whole affair! I am however thankful that the turkey comes already stuffed, having to shove my hand up it’s arse might very well have been the last straw!

I’m looking forward to a few days off more than anything. I already have a list of things I hope to accomplish, the Ships are going to my Sisters on Boxing day so that should give me a little more time. I am looking forward to my one day of not having to worry about anyone else but me…hopefully!

I do like Christmas TV though and all the old films, cold turkey and potato salad sandwiches on Boxing day and eating Ferrer Roche until I think I am going to be sick… there are some perks!

Another perk, is the fact that the lovely Mental Mama, thought this might be a good time for a C³ and she’s right, if anyone can fill me full of Christmas Spirit, it’s you lot! So here’s the challenge, we would like you to doodle / draw / finger paint what your idea of Christmas is? So to me it could be a black Santa hat with ‘Bah Humbug’ emblazoned on the front, or for you, a drawing of your best Christmas Baubles…..oo er mrs!

You have from now until Christmas Eve to come up with your best creation, and believe me I know how busy everyone is at this time of the year, but I’m not asking for something Picasso worthy, I’d be more happy with something that made me smile!

More information can be found HERE and this is also where you will find the current entries, assuming we get some!

All you need to do it create a post with your drawing / artwork and then link back to this page, which creates a pingback for myself and Mama!

Simples – Get doodling… know you want to!

Oh yeah, and Happy Fecking Christmas!

30 thoughts on “Christmas Cartoon Craziness Challenge!

  1. I think we who come to this blog site accomplish/fail at this search for holiday (or any other genre of) entertainment by scrolling through/searching the postings with the particular key words. You are asking people to spare you the search?

    I have tried things like this in the past. I practically had to go to people and ask them to contribute something. That was sad (to me). So, I’d rather look around and see what people post in the spirit of things and share my own in my space when I am ready. I did send someone an ugly sweater design, though.

    I like the profile “toons,” though, er…Eejit and Mental (why mental?) Mama.

    Questions: 2) Why must Christmas/the winter holiday season cost a fortune every year? I’m asking YOU why YOU feel the need to break the bank every year. 2) Why do you let it stress you out? 3) What is the “oo er mrs” in reference to “baubles”? [Or, is that a naughty anatomy reference like the one you made about this Josh person?]


    • Wow! That’s a comment and a half and three quarters!

      I’m not sure I follow the first part, you have to remember I am an eejit, and therefore not the brightest pixie in the forest. ‘Asking the people to spare me the search’…for what exactly? I’m not searching for anything lol
      The Cartoon Challenge is something we used to do, but it’s been a while, we though we would run one coming up to Christmas for a bit of fun, if no one enters then no harm done. I will and people will most certainly laugh at my attempt and that’s the name of the game.

      Thank you re the ‘toons’ as for why my good friend Mama is mental…well only she can answer that one :)

      Question 1 – When you assume I break the bank every year, you also assume there is something in there to break, sadly there isn’t, so trying to fulfill everything that needs fulfilled stretches things a little thinner than they already are. Presents cannot be bought with the moths that fly out of my open purse…sadly! I’m wondering though if I design a couple of ugly jumpers will I make some extra for next year? :)
      Question 2 – Stress and I have a long open relationship. It’s all to do with working full time and then caring for someone with dementia too. I have to explain everyday about Christmas, while trying to organise Christmas and work and cook and clean and write and stay sane…I’m not doing so good with the last one.
      Question 3 – Yes the Oo er Mrs was a naughty anatomy reference…perhaps more cheeky that naughty. An old Norn Irish saying that sometimes has to be heard to be understood.

      Hopefully I have answered all the questions to your satisfaction…are you a hard task master? :)


      • Good answers on most counts. ‘Sounds like a life load that would drive me “mental,” too. Sigh.

        The search I mentioned was just that. Searching for holiday art/cartoons you want(ed) others to bring here/to you. Most–including myself–would just type in a key word somewhere and scroll.

        I guess I’d have to hear the last one in conversation, then.

        I like your manners:)

        Task master in what regard?


      • I think I need to clear up some confusion here, although to be fair I am not sure who is confused as in is it me or you lol
        Mental Mama and I are two different people, you knew that right?! Together we run the Cartoon Craziness Challenge. Basically we set a theme and people have to draw something for it. They don’t have to go searcing for anything or bring it here, it was something we started to show our silly doodles, others liked it so we opened it up the wider blogsphere. That reminds me I am late and better get mine done :)

        Hmmm, my manners, wait till you catch me on a bad day, I might not have any ;)

        Task master as in you made me work having to think of replies to your comment…it was meant in jest however, I enjoyed the interaction :)


      • Well, I wasn’t sure, considering you do say you have created these artificial life roles for your own amusement, including the blonde talking about her woman parts. I figured Mama was either a friend your age or maybe your own mom or aunt.

        I get the challenge. And, as I said, I tried getting people to participate in similar things and was disappointed when I had to practically beg a few people to do so instead of seeing my “advertising” work for me. It made me feel like a lousy salesman.

        I meaaant…sigh…you held the challenge to bring what you said you wanted–holiday art or something like that–to your own designated space. ‘Like saying, “Bring me pizza, peasants!” Instead, I would poke around this place and find the same art you wanted to see in that space in the spaces other people keep. I said they just wouldn’t feel the need to put it in your space when they already have their own. It’s like two restaurants with the same gallery. But, the one the artist already runs or occupies is just fine.

        Well, then, I am glad you’ve had better luck.

        Oh I see. Well, consider my task mastering fair exercise for the brain. Likewise. Though, now I feel just a tad more like an eejit than when I started. :P


      • I dunno about that. I’ve dealt with people with mental difficulties and all sorts of health issues. It makes my skin crawl though my heart aches for them. I have to stay away lest I contract what they have like a sponge or tape recorder. I am serious. I pick up other people’s habits or problems, I think. I had one teacher’s nervous throat clearing habit for over a year. Another teacher gave me her lisp.

        If I turn into an eejit, there goes my winning hand:P

        Or, will I end up in eejit munchkin land, sucking on a lollipop?


      • Lol the myth that the Irish are little people is just that. Eejits, yes more than likely, I’m proud to be one :) I hail from the North so I guess I’m maybe two munchkins tall, but with the red hair and rosy cheeks, not the brightest pixie in the forest and mighty fond of a Drumstick lollipop, although my teeth aren’t lol


      • Yer an Irish eejit?

        Maybe yer one of the alcoholic sprites from certain myths that keep water in their heads and sink ships. :P

        Drumstick lollipops? Now, yer confusing my American ice cream treats with candy.

        So, yer saying your teeth are in bad shape?


      • However, I have had the pleasure of a few Curly Wurlys which I really enjoy (from London). Well, that still sounds like you’ve got dental concerns versus a concern about your figure. Which might mean too many sweets and not enough brushing of the teeth? Or, it’s genetic maybe.


      • Oh, those. We have those under different names/brands. I am not crazy about them, generally. It all boils down to flavor and what they’re made of. I think ours–in that shape–are usually like Tootsie Rolls, sort of a root beer chocolate flavor hard taffy. I prefer the Tootsie Pop type with the soft candy center. But, I know those have not been kind to my teeth as a kid, either. So, I steer away from suckers/pops and stick with candy I can chew. Hard candies I do suck when have a sore throat because I hate cough drops.


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