Heaves a sigh of relief……

christmas cards

Guess what, all the Motherships cards have been written, yep, every last single cotton picken one of them, that’s about 4 hours of my life I am never going to get back. The Mothership is not happy that I did them when she was not there, but I started them on Tuesday and only got two done, so while she was out visiting a friend on Wednesday night I got stuck in and wrote them all. Even the Fathership agreed that there was going to be a mini  meltdown no matter which method I chose, so advised me to opt for the less stressful one. I’m glad they are done, but there is no doubt I will have missed someone, the cards after all are not mine so how can I be expected to know everyone.

Things for Ho fecking Ho season are slowly taking shape, I think most things have now been bought, but I still need to write my own cards and get everything wrapped. Getting out to buy bits and bobs is proving problematic, so I have made good use of Ebay, and also purchased some things from the Not on the Highstreet site. If money was no object, I could spend sooo much money on that site, but it is, so I went in and out in stealth mode only picking up what I needed.

You might have noticed as well that I am again a little behind in my reading, this time however it is not entirely my fault. My tablet, a 2002 Nexus 7 decided to download the latest update for Android, code name: Lollipop and it has rendered my tablet pretty much unusable. Googling it, I can see that I am not the only person having problems, so here’s hoping there will be a fix soon! So until then, there is no more reading until the weekend. If however you’re a techincal wizard and know a fix, feel free to let me know!

It’s short and sweet tonight I’m afraid, it’s bedtime, and I need all the beauty sleep  can get before my night out with my two of besties tomorrow.

Till next time eejits :)

8 thoughts on “Heaves a sigh of relief……

  1. I’m still not done with my cards either, but I’ve been stuck in group project HELL. I just had to download two different apps on my laptop to unfuck the latest issue. :(

    Have fun tomorrow night!


  2. I like that the fathership supports the idea of “least stress.” My favorite moment, my “chuckle,” was when you talked about going to the website in “stealth mode.” Oh yeah! :-)


  3. I too am a bit behind on the reading, but am glad to find your post on here! It may interest you to know that I was thinking to myself this morning about trying to help my mother with some computer issues earlier in the day and in my head I referred to her as “The Mothership.” I think you’re starting to seep into my brain!


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