Christmas Cartoon Craziness Challenge!

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It’s the most wonderful…..yeah whatever! Jingle blah fecking blah Bells! It’s almost Christmas, not, I have to say, my most wonderful time of the year. It costs a fecking fortune, my brussel sprout farts are no longer unique and I get a little stressed out by the whole affair! I am however thankful that the turkey comes already stuffed, having to shove my hand up it’s arse might very well have been the last straw!

I’m looking forward to a few days off more than anything. I already have a list of things I hope to accomplish, the Ships are going to my Sisters on Boxing day so that should give me a little more time. I am looking forward to my one day of not having to worry about anyone else but me…hopefully!

I do like Christmas TV though and all the old films, cold turkey and potato salad sandwiches on Boxing day and eating Ferrer Roche until I think I am going to be sick… there are some perks!

Another perk, is the fact that the lovely Mental Mama, thought this might be a good time for a C³ and she’s right, if anyone can fill me full of Christmas Spirit, it’s you lot! So here’s the challenge, we would like you to doodle / draw / finger paint what your idea of Christmas is? So to me it could be a black Santa hat with ‘Bah Humbug’ emblazoned on the front, or for you, a drawing of your best Christmas Baubles…..oo er mrs!

You have from now until Christmas Eve to come up with your best creation, and believe me I know how busy everyone is at this time of the year, but I’m not asking for something Picasso worthy, I’d be more happy with something that made me smile!

More information can be found HERE and this is also where you will find the current entries, assuming we get some!

All you need to do it create a post with your drawing / artwork and then link back to this page, which creates a pingback for myself and Mama!

Simples – Get doodling… know you want to!

Oh yeah, and Happy Fecking Christmas!

C³ – Fictional Characters

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I did it, I did it, I got my Week 9 Cartoon Craziness Challenge drawing done. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to draw, as in, there were a lot of things I gave long consideration to and then realised they were too hard to draw, said feck dat and gave up. After a few more days of chewing on the end of a pencil and listening to my brain cells debating, I got out my sketch book, grabbed a pen and sat down to let my hands take over. I drew Willy Wonka. It’s ok to say WTF, cos I did, several times!

Willy Wonka

He’s not my favourite fictional character but for some reason it was decided that he would be the character that I drew for this challenge. In my head I always imagined him to be more kindly and a little less creepy that the versions portrayed by Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp, but I am ashamed to say I have never read the book, well not that I can remember anyway, so they could have been totally accurate.

The other fictional character I did try to draw was the one and only May Dupp, but she turned out to be all mouth, which to be fair it pretty accurate, but makes for a pretty rubbish drawing. There was no way I was ever going to be able to top the amazing work already done by Bitstrips, so I let that one go.

I’ve been giving serious consideration as to what to do about this challenge and asked Mama what she thought too. Everyone seems to be so busy right now, myself included and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel pressured into having to doodle, but if there are only going to be entries from myself and Mama then there is no point in running it as a challenge. I’ll have a sleep on it and see what I think. Sometimes these things just run their course, that’s what Mama said and perhaps she is right, it has been fun.

Till next time :)

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 8

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I am sooooooooo behind, I’m afraid you are going to have to put up with this being the last two weeks and next week all rolled into one!

Let me section it off to make it easier for you me.

Last Week – Mythical Creatures

I started to draw a couple of mythical creatures and then I couldn’t stop, so I have about two pages worth to share with you. Without further ado, here they are:

CC Challenge 7039

I drew a sort of weird type Mermaid thing, I mean they are meant to be pretty, sirens of the sea and mines more like an laugh of the lake. So then I redrew the Punk Penguin, he’s marginally better than the first time and if I could have been bothered he would have been coloured all black leather and tarten.

CC Challenge 7040

Nest I started to draw a cat, which I gave a tail, wings, a kangaroo pouch and duck like feet, meet the ‘DinoCatyPlatyPus’, it’s all right, I have no idea what it is either! After that things got a little but stupid, the rest of the family includes a ‘Wall-a-Bee’, ‘The Harry Potter Fish’ and a ‘Door Mouse’. Mo more mythical creatures for me I think!

These other eejits also drew their own versions of the last theme, check them out:

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Week 8

So this week, it’s a little bit of a change from the norm, it’s called ‘Build a Burger‘, basically you have two buns (steady now chaps) and you can put whatever you like between th….in the middle. Your ultimate burger. It can be food, a person, whatever you choose.

You have one week for this challenge which will end on the 7th September, all we ask is that you create a ping back to let us know your post exists. More information can be found on the Cartoon Craziness Challenge Page ^ up there.

Happy Doodling :)


Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 7

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It seems I am not the only one in a funk this weather, it’s spreading like wildfire and turning into Meh! Beware people, only a few days left and then we are going to tell the funk to get to feck. The time has come!

Last week in the Cartoon Craziness Challenge we asked you to draw us Memories of a Childhood Vacation. We had some brilliant entries and to ensure you don’t miss out on a single one, I will add links at the bottom of this post.

On a side note my blog buddy Rob shortened the name of the challenge to what he likes to call it C with a baby 3 after it, I might have to pin him down and ask him how he does it (yes Rob this is a hint!) and then pin Mama down and show her how he does it (the baby 3 that is) and see what she thinks.

Anyway for this weeks challenge the theme is another suggestion from Somber Scribbler. I like the idea of this one and my imagination is already running wild, after a short discussion with MM we’ve decided to give you two weeks for this one to allow you to unleash your awesomeness, so instead of being under the funk, it’s time to get your funk on and design yourself a Mythical Creature. Be it fairies, fire breathing dragons, two headed dogs or your boss, the choice is yours to interpret this anyway you choose.

You have until Sunday the 31st August to complete this Challenge, all that I ask is that somewhere within your post you create a pingback to this one so I can see your entry. Happy doodling dudes!

Last Weeks Entries

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CCC – Memories of a Childhood Vacation

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

I’m still not feeling like writing an awful lot, this case of Juls got the funk is lasting a little longer than normal. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly. I figured it would be bad if I missed my own challenge though, so here goes.

This week Deborah gave Mama and I the theme of Memories of a Childhood Vacation. When we were younger my sister and I were lucky enough to go on many vacations, some I remember bits of, some not so much. I classed vacation as the two summer months off school and skipped out with delight on the last day knowing there was no more learning for at least seven weeks.

I have many memories of summer vacations riding around in the back of trailers perilously stacked with bales of hay, hanging off the back of a tractor which a baler munching along behind me, playing tennis on the open air courts or walking 5 minutes down the road and spending the day on the beach.

Some of the best memories I have are when my Dad used to give us old tubes from tractor tyres. Sometimes it would be the small ones, sometimes the huge ones from the back. I am sure we looked a funny sight rolling them all the way down to the seafront.

CC6 - 1The small ones were perfect for single sailing, the big ones held about four of us. Minimum effort was required as you could just lie back and drift at your leisure watching the world go by.

CC6 - 2

However if you got to carried away with your daydreaming, there was always a chance that you would float towards the rocks. I was told stories of there being rats and monsters there, hanging around the rubble that used to be an old Castle. One day on drifting too far I put my legs down to kick myself back to shore, and felt something wrap around them. I believe I started squealing like a banshee thinking I was going to be dragged below the surface to a watery grave, before actually having the sense to look down and realise it was seaweed, not the ten thousand tentacled octopus of my imagination.

CC6 - 3

When I made it to shore I rolled that tyre home as fast as my now knackered little legs would carry me. I gave myself such a fright, first with the seaweed and then thinking about the possibility of drifting out to sea, that I believe that was my last adventure on the tyre! But it was fun all the same, especially looking back on it now, from the safety of my chair :)

There is still today if you would like to join in with this challenege. To see who already has, check out the Cartoon Craziness Page!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Happiness

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There are lots of things that make me happy, but the sad reality is that never in a million years would I be able to draw them. I don’t think that Udders and Monkey would appreciate being stick people, but lets face it, adding meat to dem bones would be a disaster, I am not good at drawing people.

If you hadn’t guessed, Happiness is the theme for this week. There are a lot of things I would be happy about, but I try not to think about them, because they are never going to happen. Things like getting my free time back, being able to go out without having to put a 25 step plan in place and only having to do my own washing and ironing.

So I racked my brains for a little while longer, and narrowed it down to just 4, of the many that make me happy:

CC Challenge 5 - Peach and Quiet
Juls was unable to put her copy of “How to lose a girl in 10 ways” down.

Peace and quiet, I would love just one weekend of peace and quiet. No cooking, no cleaning, no having to field arguments, dodge temper tantrums and no feeling guilty about doing the things I NEED to do on my weekend.

CC Challenge 5 - Legolas
Give us a kiss blondie!

For anyone who is not a Lord of the Rings fan you will have no clue who this is. To be fair, even if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, the chances are you would still wouldn’t have had a clue if I hadn’t written his name on it. Seeing Legolas on screen always makes me happy. I used to dream about him at night, and that made me really……oh never mind!

CC Challenge 5 - My Camera
In case you were wondering, it’s a camera!

Photography is another one, I love getting out and about with my camera. I am certainly no David Bailey, but I am snap happy. It’s not as easy as it used to be though, the addition of Alien Leg into the mix makes for getting those out of reach shots a little more difficult.

CC Challenge 5 - The Blog
Juls works on her latest post!

By far the thing that makes me the happiest right now is this blog. I love all the amazing people I have met, and feel very blessed to have become a part of the community. New things to read, means something to smile about every day.

Now it’s your turn, show us in a doodle what Happiness means to you! These people did:

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Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 4

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

You awesome people managed to submit a total of 10 entries last week, and there is even hope that Rob will still get one in bringing the total to 11!! We have some new joiners, welcome aboard, the more the merrier :)

Please remember during the week when the challenge is running to check out the CCC page from my links at the top, this is where you will find all the amazing entries. This week was really fun, seeing everyones interpretation of Superhero!

Ok, so the theme for this week is Kids and Pets, as suggested by Diana over at Trying to Make Things Right. Mama was all over this, she loved it, you’d think she had a special cat or something, whereas me, well I have nothing no kids or pets so I was like WTF, waggling my index finger and everything. Then I thought hang on a minute, I have imagination so I can draw what I would like my pet to be, or what I thought my kid would look like if I had one.

As always this challenge is open to interpretation, as in your interpretation. The main Mama and I are not here to judge, just to participate and laugh with you :)

This is NOT a drawing competition, it’s all about having fun and it’s for people of all levels of drawing. On the first week Tim drew me a stick cat. He wasn’t that pleased, I personally thought it was awesome, because he took the time to join in and the kitty was cute. Mama and I don’t want anyone to feel they are not good enough, because we think you are.

As always, create a post that showcases your masterpiece to the whole world and remember to add a link back to this weeks challenge post which then creates a ping back. Throughout the week I will update the Cartoon Craziness Challenge Page with all the entries for that week so far.

Good luck and thank you for supporting this madness!!

Last Weeks Amazing Entries 

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If you do not see your name on the list, please let me know, your entry may not have created a pingback!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait!

I didn’t really think this through did I. I never gave any consideration to the fact that drawing a subject might not actually be as easy as it first appears. Damn you Mental Mama, you made this a hard one!

So here is my entry for this weeks Cartoon Craziness Challenge, the theme of which is Self Portrait!

There are two of me, the one in T shirt and jeans is pre job change, and the one which is a tiny bit more lady like is after job change. Neither of them paint me in a particularly fantastic light, so if I can do it, then there is no excuse for the rest of you!!



It’s been such great fun since we started this, I know I have enjoyed it immensely and others have told me likewise. We’d love for everyone to join in regardless of ability, because we work on the basis of ‘the more the merrier’! You can find this weeks challenge and all the relevant information by clicking HERE!

I think a few people are having issues with Ping Backs just now, so if you find one does not work, then just send the info via a comment.

Grab your crayons and get creating!