Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Happiness

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There are lots of things that make me happy, but the sad reality is that never in a million years would I be able to draw them. I don’t think that Udders and Monkey would appreciate being stick people, but lets face it, adding meat to dem bones would be a disaster, I am not good at drawing people.

If you hadn’t guessed, Happiness is the theme for this week. There are a lot of things I would be happy about, but I try not to think about them, because they are never going to happen. Things like getting my free time back, being able to go out without having to put a 25 step plan in place and only having to do my own washing and ironing.

So I racked my brains for a little while longer, and narrowed it down to just 4, of the many that make me happy:

CC Challenge 5 - Peach and Quiet
Juls was unable to put her copy of “How to lose a girl in 10 ways” down.

Peace and quiet, I would love just one weekend of peace and quiet. No cooking, no cleaning, no having to field arguments, dodge temper tantrums and no feeling guilty about doing the things I NEED to do on my weekend.

CC Challenge 5 - Legolas
Give us a kiss blondie!

For anyone who is not a Lord of the Rings fan you will have no clue who this is. To be fair, even if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, the chances are you would still wouldn’t have had a clue if I hadn’t written his name on it. Seeing Legolas on screen always makes me happy. I used to dream about him at night, and that made me really……oh never mind!

CC Challenge 5 - My Camera
In case you were wondering, it’s a camera!

Photography is another one, I love getting out and about with my camera. I am certainly no David Bailey, but I am snap happy. It’s not as easy as it used to be though, the addition of Alien Leg into the mix makes for getting those out of reach shots a little more difficult.

CC Challenge 5 - The Blog
Juls works on her latest post!

By far the thing that makes me the happiest right now is this blog. I love all the amazing people I have met, and feel very blessed to have become a part of the community. New things to read, means something to smile about every day.

Now it’s your turn, show us in a doodle what Happiness means to you! These people did:

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20 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Happiness

  1. Love your drawings! Legolas is awesome. I’m so annoyed I didn’t get a chance to participate this week (esp since the topic was my suggestion!) The holiday was needed though. I’ll catch up this week!


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