Week 6 of Seven weeks of Weird!


Only two more weeks to go of Mental Mama’s weird quiz…..thank goo….I mean awwww, these questions are so easy, said no one ever! Woman, what were you thinking :)

This weeks question asks: Weirdest way you’ve earned money.

This is going to be a short post, because I don’t think I have ever earned money in a weird way. I’ve was a waitress, a shop assistant and a petrol pump attendant before I discovered the dizzying heights of the role of an Administrative Assistant. Promotion would see me promoted to an Administrative Officer and then my recent sideways move to a Personal Assistant, albeit still at the same grade.

Nothing weird there right?

I also worked as a phone operator for a taxi firm, where although I had a few clientèle who were weird, the job was relatively normal.

So all I can do is tell you about the weird job offer I once got. I have mentioned it before on this blog, although I am not sure how many of you were with me way back then.  So because I am lazy, I have copied and will now paste it for your pleasure.

By far however the strangest request I have ever had, and believe me there have been many, was a gentleman one night asking me had I ever though about branching out on my phone operator career. What do you mean I asked all ears, thinking he was opening a new firm and trying to poach me. When he told me I had the perfect voice to be a phone sex line operator, there was a stunned silence from my end of the phone. Sensing I was not too keen on his idea, he proceeded to tell me it paid £10 an hour, which in those days was really good money. At that point I might have given a small ‘Hmm’, and seizing what he perceived to be an opening he continued by telling me I would be able to work from home….wait….WHAT!!?? I had a quick mind flash of how this would pan out:

“Oh yes baby, it’s getting really hot and steamy now.”  – He doesn’t need to know I am doing the ironing.

“Mmmm honey that’s right, my lust is boiling over, oh actually wait, I’ll brb it’s the feckin spuds.”

I started to laugh at that point and told him I didn’t think that I was suited for the job, but thanked him for considering me.

Till next week eejits…..

20 thoughts on “Week 6 of Seven weeks of Weird!

  1. HA! I worked in an office where one of the executives kept saying he could get me a job at a topless bar. He was also narcoleptic, so I wasn’t worried about sexual harassment from him. What was he gonna do, chase me around the desk? “C’mere, baby, I wanna… Zzzzzzzzz…”

    True story.


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