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I was thinking today.

It hurt.

So I stopped!

Only kidding, here’s what I came up with, in a list, cos people like lists and to be honest I am too tired to string it all together. If it’s not legible, think eejit speak and you’ll be grand!

  • I’m still not loving the job, in fact after today I wanted to hide under the desk and cry. I’ve been made permanent in the position though, so there is no backing out now, even though that was never an option in the first place. My boss and the other bosses are dead on, it’s me that’s the problem. In my next life I swear I want to be neither a PA or a Party Planner because I suck at both!
  • Someone was asking me about my blog today and when I said how many followers I had, they asked me if I thought I was successful. My answer was no, I’ve not been successful, because most of the time my writing sucks, but what I have been is very fortunate in the people I have met, because it’s them who make this whole blogging malarky worthwhile.
  • I know I have a load of comments to catch up on and that’s what I should really be doing right now, but I had things to tell you so had to write. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. I’ll be with you all shortly!
  • Mama and I are still loving the Cartoon Craziness Challenge and all the support you have given us. Your drawings have been amazing and unbelievably entertaining, whether you think it or not.
  • I’m still liking Blog Lovin as a reader. It’s much better than the WordPress one (sorry guys but yours misses posts) and I rarely miss posts, even if I don’t get to like them all. The WiFi on the train has been a little sketchy of late making connections a tad temperamental.
  • Last, but certainly not least. I’ve put up a couple of posts about myself and homelife etc, and people have commented that they like getting to know me a little better. It’s not that I intentionally hide who I am, it’s just not something that comes up in general commenting. So in an attempt to help you all get to know me a little better, I am going to let you ask me one question. Now I’m not saying I’ll 100% answer every question, because it does rather depend on what you ask, but I’ll try and come up with something. Thank you to Dean from It’s A Wee Bit Wordy for letting me pinch his idea, he has his own Q and A posts on a Tuesday if you’d like to question him as well!

Well that’s all for now….I think.

Till next time eejits :)

46 thoughts on “Updowndate!

  1. I beg to differ with you. I think you are wildly successful. You write with honesty and integrity, and that’s what keeps bringing people back. :-)

    Sorry the job is what it is. But I hope it can become less of a stress once you’ve adjusted to all the new stupidity involved.

    I’m going to go check out Dean’s Q & A feature. People have really responded to my posts about Taiwan. I sort of encourage questions, but maybe I need to do something that’s a little more intentional and inviting. Thanks for pointing me in the direction.


  2. Hiya sweetie! I know the overwhelmed feeling right now, too. I need to post about my day so far (I’m not even done with lunch and I have a whole post to write!) but I’d rather read about everyone else right now.

    I don’t have a question right now, but I think that’s a great idea. :)


    • Damn! Why not ffs, that sounds like a great job lol
      Hmmm If I could have been anyone I wanted to be, without the worry and anxiety and all that crap I would like to have been a pilot, perhaps in the Forces. I also had a thing about wanting to be a lorry driver too, shitter same as I can’t even drive lol
      What about you?


  3. For one thing, there is nothing wrong with your writing. It’s “amazing and unbelievably entertaining whether you realize it or not.”

    Secondly, I might just pinch you in the idea as well — I smell a neat idea coming on! Or maybe that’s just gas . . . I’ll have to let you know.

    Third, if I were to have one wish in the “Juls knowledge department” granted, it would be to see your face. Coincidentally, my birthday is coming up; but for what it’s worth I do and shall respect your view on that matter.


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