Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 5

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I almost forgot what week we were on there, I mean come on, it’s been over a month already….feels like only yesterday!

Last week finished on a high, Rob finally managed to put in his Superhero Entry which was pretty awesome, and also managed to tag in an entry to this weeks as well!  We even managed to get Jed on board, so adding him to all the other adorable eejits who played the week before it was all in all a great week for the theme Kids and Pets. I will add a list to all of last weeks entries at the bottom of this post, they are well worth a look!

This weeks theme is….drum roll……”Happiness” as suggested by the lovely Somber Scribbler. What makes you happy, or what does happiness look like to you? It could be something as simple as your favourite food, where this week is concerned you pretty much have a blank canvas. I’m kinda half expecting a picture drawn in nail polish….you know who you are!

We’re open to suggestions for theme ideas if you have any, so please feel free to let us know via any of the usual channels….although perhaps not carrier pigeon, we have found them to be flighty and unreliable in the past!

As always you have until Sunday to complete this challenge. For more information check out the Cartoon Craziness Challenge page from the links at the top of my blog. There, if you would like to check back periodically is where you will also find a list of the current entries for the week.

Happy drawing eejits, Mama and I cannot wait to see your endeavors :)

Last Weeks Awesome Entries

Complete pet craziness – Cartoon style! | JED’s Playhouse

Cartoon Craziness challenge – My Kids | trying to make things right

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – A girl and her pet | Green Embers

Several Sides of Smooshy | Somber Scribbler

CCC.4: Pets | Dean’z Doodlez

Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #118 — 7/31/14 | Evil Squirrel’s Nest

SCARY CAT: Cartoon Craziness Challenge | Container Chronicles

A Tale of Two Creatures | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Kids and Pets — Klag’s School Picture | Rob’s Surf Report

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Kids and Pets | The Indecisive Eejit

Mental Mama | Just under the wire

If you do not see your name listed and you submitted a Cartoon, please let me know and I will add you to the list. It would appear your ping pissed off!

19 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 5

  1. ‘happiness’ is so vague! Wow, it really leaves this one open to interpretation–it could be anything from a person to a favourite food! I love it :)


  2. Mama needs to get her damn drawing done just a wee bit sooner this week!

    And then I turned my head and looked over at the bookcase area and got smacked in the face with the subject of my drawing. YAY!


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