Ohhh October!

Me and my updates huh, don’t you just love them. Probably not, but hey, right now it’s all I have to give.

I have finally been able to cross a task off my list. After working all weekend one of my things to do is finally done and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. There’s still plenty on the list mind you, but that was the one I was worrying about the most.

Winter is coming, and not in a Game of Thrones kind of way. The past weekend saw the change to heavier quilts, noticeably shorter nights and those damp and dreary grey mornings which can sometimes signal frost. Thankfully though there is none just yet.

This year has flown in, and with everything that went on last year it feels like most of it was a blur for me. I think I’ve got a touch of the sads, maybe because it’s approaching Mum’s anniversary and I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately or maybe it’s just in general because there has been so much going on. Either way I need to give myself a good boot up the backside, there is plenty to be done.

Next on the agenda is house clearing. There is still loads of stuff that needs to go to the charity shop, cupboards that need emptied and sorted and two or three trips to the dump with what has already been earmarked for disposal. All of that is going to have to wait a couple of weeks though because work is going to be pretty full on due to my colleague going on holiday. It’s going to be weird not having her around, I’ve got used to someone being in the office with me.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around reading much this weather, the train WiFi has been a bit sketchy and the only time I usually get to read is on my journey to work in the morning because weekends have been tied up with work, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will start to ease freeing up some time.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that’s about it. No glitz and glamour in my life I’m afraid, but enough to keep me busy and out of mischief!

What’s new with you eejits?

It’s all gone to……….


I feel like I’m going slowly crazy. What an opening line that is huh, some would say I am already half way there.

You’re wondering why I feel this way aren’t you, well I mean you better be, because you’re going to find out whether you want to or not. I’m nice like that, I like to share.

Work has been crazy…..it’s like someone has been plying it with red bull, so each morning it smacks you in the face. Full on assault, every feckin day! I never seem to go home anymore thinking that’s great, I got so much done. These days it’s like WTF just happened, I am sooooooo glad this day is over.

All I seem to do is work. Work during the week and work at weekends, and to top it all off, I constantly need to work at trying to stay sane.

Even GTA has been driving me nuts ffs. I was in the other night, minding my own business doing missions and this guy decides to try and mow me down. Dude, we’re supposed to be a team, on the same side, good versus bad remember. Only his rogue little ass is trying to run all over mine and the other guys, who is actually still trying to complete the mission while all this is going on. So I grab a helicopter and I’m flying around trying to save the other non physco civilian in the room who has our captive in tow, devil dude is driving around like a maniac and I land the chopper and make mince meat of everyone. I don’t often face palm, but on this occasion I left bruises!!

I don’t have a dog, but if I did even it would have been disgusted.

I switched over to Trials Fusion after that. I used to think it was so sweet how it made little video clips for me, until I realised they were entitled ‘That’s just Wrong’ and they actually detailed my epic disasters. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Maybe I need a new pass time :)


Mid Week Musings

Normally I am not a fan of the sunshine, but today it feels nice.

I’ve been feeling rubbish this last few days, it resulted in me being sent home sick on Friday, in fact being driven home. The whole corridor hearing me huey was definitely not a highlight of my career and not something I’d like to repeat either. Those toilets are very fecking low.

Aside from the vomiting there was this overwhelming sense of tiredness. I got into bed on Friday and slept away the whole day. Clearly I needed it, but man I was pissed, I had so many things I wanted to do at the weekend. As a consequence nothing got done, but hey shit happens, literally.

Lamenting my lost weekend I returned to work yesterday. It was fine once I got over the initial anxiety of returning.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks Summer will be over and the kids will be returning to school. It’s been so busy in work I hardly saw the time pass and virtually no days off has meant there has been very little merriment as well. Look at me pretending I’m all exciting and stuff.

I like September and getting out and about while it’s still relatively nice but the roads are perhaps not as busy. I’ll have to try and talk the Fathership into some adventures.

For now though it’s about knuckling down and getting things finished. It’s going to mean the loss of a few more weekends but it needs to be done. I can’t wait until my new work colleague is able to cover for a couple of days so I can avail of some leave, she managed great when I was sick so we’re on the right track.

I’m still thinking about the blog and what I’m going to do with it. I’ve read a few posts this week from people who have, for one reason or another, decided to call time on their blogs. I wonder sometimes if it is a stage we all go through, where what we started no longer becomes fit for purpose. I love my blog, but I’m not the same person I was 4 years ago when I began.

Each day I worry that there are not enough ideas in my head to keep me going, but somehow I still manage to make posts, so I guess that’s something right!?

Well my stop is next, unbeknownst to you, you were on my journey to work with me, that said you’ll not be reading this until my journey home, which is when I will have time to badly proof read and publish it.

I hope your day was a good one Eejits :)

Grabbing a coffee

This is me, tired little me, drinking coffee from the cup that my kind colleague got me for my birthday last week, whilst travelling on the train to face another exciting day at work. 

In real life I am wearing the same kind of loopy, at the end of my tether expression. It’s been a long week, in fact it’s been a long two months but hopefully there is hope on the horizon. 

I’ve been working extra hours and weekends to try and keep up with work since my colleague left in April. If you didn’t notice that I wasn’t around as much don’t worry, just lament the fact that you didn’t enjoy the peace and quiet while you had the chance. 

There’s been few days off apart from the two when we went to Donegal and one that replaced a lost weekend day and it’s starting to tell on both me and my house which hasn’t been getting the love and attention it deserves. 

This weekend is going to be another hectic one sadly, so in fact there most likely won’t be a weekend at all as I have to attend things planned each day that will most likely extend into the night. I’m going to struggle, firstly because I am going to have to people, but secondly because I’m going to get no down time and no time to unwind. 

I would just love one weekend of peace and quiet, just me, where I don’t have to do anything for anyone else and that includes cooking and cleaning! 

Monday my new colleague arrives, so that in itself is going to bring another set of challenges, like training and learning and sorting. She’s a lovely girl and I instantly liked her so that’s a positive, but I need to shield  her from being bombarded until she gets to grips with things. I don’t want her running for the hills on the first day. 

I’m nervous because it’s been so long since I trained anyone for anything. I’m not very good at taking charge, I’m more of a sheep than a shepherd, so it will be a learning curve for us both. 

No one likes change, but it still comes whether we like it or not. I’m trying to think ahead and console meself that there may be stability in my future, and days off. Days off would be lovely.

I just need to make it through the next few weeks. 

How have things been in your world?

SSDD but that’s life!

Yet again it’s hard to believe it’s been almost three weeks since I sat down to write. As usual, it’s not because I didn’t want to,  I think about writing all the time, it just never happens.

Last week I had this crazy idea that I was going to carry my lap top to work with me, take a half day  and spend the afternoon somewhere in the city with a cup of coffee while leeching free WiFi off the person who provided it, blogging away to my hearts content about all that was going on around me. It never happened, there are usually conflicting interests these days, something always needs done that is slightly more important than anything else.

I’ve been struggling lately, home life has been.. I dunno actually, how do I describe it, well lets just say things are not getting any better. There is just no escape from it, hence the reason behind my wish for an impromptu afternoon. Every day I lose a little bit more of my free time, I’ll only have just sat down  before the Mothership comes a knocking, which makes me want to knock my head repeatedly against a wall. The worst bit is that lately she has been more vocal, so when she’s shouting at me that I do nothing for her while sucking up my free time, well you get the drift right, there is only so much counting to ten a sane person can do. It’s exhausting.

Work has been hectic, relentless sometimes, but yesterday was the first time I’ve worked a weekend in a while and even then I only worked for half a day. I don’t want to be in the position where I have too much time again.

I need to stop getting so stressed out about simple things, I feel like such a second rate citizen sometimes, like I am lagging behind, even though everyone tells me that is not the case. Lack of sleep honestly has a lot to answer for, it makes everything seem worse than it actually is. Last night I was so tired I got into bed at 8.30pm and set my alarm for 30 mins just so I could have a nap to tide me over till the Mothership came up for the bedtime routine. At one point in the midst of all the shouting when she finally did come up, I was begging her just to go to bed because I was so tired. By the time I eventually got everything sorted I was wide awake again, go figure. Yet without fail I’ll be woken at 7am the next morning with her screaming because shock feckin horror the Fathership is trying to wash her hands.

There have however been little glimmers of the good stuff in the middle of the mire. I’ve got Spotify premium, well I have it for 3 months anyway owing to the fact that it was on offer at 99p! I know fine well that I am going to be gutted when the trial runs out, but I’m not sure I can justify spending £9.99 a month. So if you have any chilled out music you think I might like then please let me know, I am always looking for additions to my Songs for Writing playlist.

I also had to get a new mobile phone which meant going back onto a contract. Mine was working not too bad, the only problem was it had completely run out of internal memory, even with all the non essential apps removed. So far so good the new one is much better, and ladies believe me, that extra half inch makes all the difference…..screen size ya dirty buggers! I do however miss my little notification light, there is no more blinking when someone from the outside world tries to contact me, instead I have to touch the phone but hey ho, I’ll get used to it.

It’s good  to be back, I’ve missed you guys :)


*SSDD – same shit, different day :)

My week summed up!


Full of problems that were just to difficult for my poor little brain to solve.

Uncontrollable emotions – by Friday I lost my shit and had a mini meltdown.

Celebrating the fact that it was the weekend only to wake up on Saturday at 5.30am and feel like shit that just slid off a shovel.

Kicking ass in work on Friday night for the 2 hours it took to wait for the next train to arrive after I missed the first one. Cleaner inbox = slight smile on face, until I go back on Monday and it’s just as bad as ever.

Superior people who tell you to let them finish while not letting you get your point across at all!

Assholes – see above.

Keeping myself from slamming down the phone and walking out, which believe me was what I really wanted to do. Previous 2 points refer.

Exciting – The thought of going back to work on Monday and yes, that is sarcasm!

Look carefully – can you crack the code :)



What’s Up-date


Apparently time also flies when you’re not having fun too!

This last two weeks in work have been unbelievably stressful. I really need a day off, but two courses and a new boss next week mean it’s not going to happen. I’m actually worn out, despite the fact that after purchasing new pillows I’m sleeping slightly better.

That said, there are good things about being so busy. I’m hardly smoking these days mainly because I never leave my desk. I can’t tell you if I feel any better for it, but I know that when I reach a certain time scale withdrawal rage kicks in. The second thing is time, it flies.

I’m putting in 9 hour days, but they pass in the blink of an eye, sadly the mountain of post it notes is threatening to consume me if I don’t manage to make my way through them. I used to be quite organised… before I started this job. I need to get back to that and start using my to do book again, I can’t be arsed with the 20 million paper scraps!

It’s looking highly likely that this will be another weekend of working, that stresses me out too because I have jobs to do for both myself and other people, but there are just not enough hours in the day. Thankfully I have Steve’s radio show to look forward to on Saturday night.

I finally started playing Tomb Raider and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve had it since Christmas but just haven’t had the time to play. The only downfall is it’s giving me motion sickness which means I can only play for 30 – 60 minutes in one go. That’s ok though, because I usually only have that amount of time spare between getting everything done and going to bed anyway.

Thanks to all my new followers, you’re all more than welcome. I have a new goal, I’d like to reach a thousand before 2020, I’m keeping a realistic time scale here, I don’t need any additional stress, or disappointment for that matter :)

Well that’s about it for today, my train journey is almost over meaning it’s time for job number two, management of the Ships.

Enjoy your day and till next time eejits :)

Sunshine and Showers


WordPress tells me it’s been 8 days since I posted, really, is that all, because to me it feels like weeks ago.

This last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster. I really have no idea if I’m blown up or stuffed at the minute.

It’s all change at work, even after a year and a half in the job I still wouldn’t say I’m used to it. Everyday brings challenges which when added to the ones I face at home leave me almost at tipping point on a daily basis. With the current changes there are two of us managing 5 people while trying to balance our normal workload. I’m also still trying to fend off people who ask me questions about my previous position. Yeah, the whole saying no thing didn’t work out to well, I can think it, I just can’t voice it. I also need people to realise that I am not a walking encyclopaedia, unfortunately I do not have the answer to every question, but I seem to be the first port of call. I have no doubt things will once again level out, I’m just not sure I will make it through the bedding in period.

There are however some shards of light in the darkness. Did I tell you that I LOVE my new computer, I mean actually LOVE it! I might even send it a Valentines Day card. It’s quick, quiet and will let me open more than three pages without playing the blue screen of death card (touches wood). I almost fell off the chair when I opened Spotify and clicked on play. Who knew that’s what my speakers could sound like, certainly not me and I’ve had the little feckers for ages. Now I just need to finish organising my room and figure out a new desk and I will actually have a workable office space. My desk while perfectly fine will not let me kick my legs out, which when you have bad knees can lead to extra pain which I don’t need. It’s all getting there, I’m making progress and that’s the main thing.

Secondly, Steve’s radio show. You might find this heard to believe (probably not actually), but I don’t have much of a social life, there are a lot of factors to that, not just the whole caring thing, but it doesn’t help. Saturday nights can be a tad boring sometimes if no one is around to play Xbox and I have nothing to blog about. Well Steve and his radio show changed all that. I actually smile on a Saturday when I remember it’s on and try and make the dinner earlier so I can be cleared up before it starts. Each week more people have been listening in, making requests and promoting their blogs. It’s an excellent way to bring people together. Great choice of music and great company make for a fun night, armchair dancing with my pal MJ is the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t tuned in, why have you not, shame on you, you’ve no idea what you’re missing!

The last few weeks the show has been held on a Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm GMT, at Talk About Pop Music. This week however Steve and Suzie are joining forces to host the mother of all Valentines blog parties on both Twitter and the Radio. As Suzie herself says:

We are hosting the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Blog Party on Sunday 14th February from 9.00am GMT till I fall asleep in the evening or The Bloke pry’s my iPad from my hands, with the radio request show from 2.00pm – 6.00pm.

Keep an eye on both their blogs for more information, it’s going to be epic!!

Till next time eejits, I need sleep!

Best Laid Plans


I would like to think that I am relatively organised person. I’m not perfect by any means, especially in the morning. Due to this fact I have to have everything for the morning sorted and in place the night before. Clothes laid out, lunch made, bag packed and shower before bed. On the Ships shopping day this also means having to ensure that the Motherships outfit is also laid out. Those mornings I head for the late train, it saves for two trips into town and as long as I am in work for ten on that day it’s all good.

Last night everything was planned and all the essentials were laid out. This morning however my best laid plans fell to a complete arse. The Mothership likes to go quite slowly, the more you remind her you’re in a hurry, the slower she likes to go. I have to make sure I’m dressed before getting her dressed. Then it’s the brushing of the hair, the putting on of the coat and a squirt of perfume. Finally we are ready to depart. Then there was frost on the windows of the car. It’s like WTF!! Long story short, I missed the train, disaster. What I thought was the train pulling into the station, was it actually leaving as I stood with a bemused look on my face wondering what was going on, certainly not me to my destination anyway.

I walked back over to town and found the ships getting out the car, figured I better text my boss and considered my dilemma. The Fathership wanted me to take the day off, I think the shopping trip is a little less stressful when I’m there, but he wasn’t admitting that. I’ve three days to use up before the end of the month, so I texted and asked.

So here I sit, it’s a day off, but it’s not been a day off. I did 14 laps of the supermarket, 10 of the frozen food shop, and braved the bakery with an armful of both toilet and kitchen rolls. I then came home and cooked the three of us a fry, cleaned up, prepared dinner and put in a load of washing. I think I need a power nap.

On the plus side, one of my favourite shows that I had to watch clips of on You Tube has finally made it to UK tv. After a campaign which I believe was entitled something along the lines of Get Elly on the Telly, ITV2 has now started airing Ellen on weekdays. There is however a downside, ITV player is not on the Xbox and nor does it seem to be available on my Freesat just at the minute, which means that as I work during the day I am still going to be unable to watch the show. Today however as I was here anyway I could watch. I’m so glad someone with sense brought the show here, it’s a good un.

I’m now going to consider doing some ironing while finally getting around to watching the film Ex-Machina which I’ve wanted to see for a while, after all, disaster days have to have some perks right.

Wish me luck that I get some peace :)

Coffee Anyone?


If we were having coffee I’d probably just hand you a list of updates because these days I am finding that it’s the only way I can effectively remember things. Lists of groceries, lists of things to do, lists of bills to pay to name just a few,

I’d gratefully sip the cappuccino I bought, I need a good hit of coffee today as I’m feeling a little shaky, probably due to the bad dreams and lack of sleep. Didn’t see those coming and I have no idea why they are, but any dream with an ex in it is usually bad.

I’d tell you I’ve been off for a few days and it’s been nice, but that I am filled with dread at the thought of having to go back to work tomorrow, I’ve kind of enjoyed living the last few days at a slower pace. Still the same anxiety, but perhaps not such a strong grip.

Conversation will most likely turn to WordPress and blogs and I’ll explain that I am a little miffed at all the changes being made to a platform that functions just fine without them. I’ll curse people who feel a need to fix things which are not broken and change things that are just fine as they are. I’d say I’ve missed a few posts lately between Bloglovin and The Reader because sometimes they just like to be a right royal pains in my posterior!

With glee I would tell you that I am quite possibly…actually almost certainly addicted to Nashville. People had been telling me it was good but I just never got around to checking it out for myself. When I did it was a little like a series watching hoe down in a barn, once I had started I just could not stop. That said, I have only made it to the end of Series Two so please do not fill in any of the blanks for me just yet.

There I’d have to leave you because I have just noticed the next thing on my list is to leave out clean clothes for work. I’d thank Part-Time Monster for giving us a reason to meet up in the first place and encourage you to share some stories of your own.

Till next time Eejits :)