Ohhh October!

Me and my updates huh, don’t you just love them. Probably not, but hey, right now it’s all I have to give.

I have finally been able to cross a task off my list. After working all weekend one of my things to do is finally done and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. There’s still plenty on the list mind you, but that was the one I was worrying about the most.

Winter is coming, and not in a Game of Thrones kind of way. The past weekend saw the change to heavier quilts, noticeably shorter nights and those damp and dreary grey mornings which can sometimes signal frost. Thankfully though there is none just yet.

This year has flown in, and with everything that went on last year it feels like most of it was a blur for me. I think I’ve got a touch of the sads, maybe because it’s approaching Mum’s anniversary and I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately or maybe it’s just in general because there has been so much going on. Either way I need to give myself a good boot up the backside, there is plenty to be done.

Next on the agenda is house clearing. There is still loads of stuff that needs to go to the charity shop, cupboards that need emptied and sorted and two or three trips to the dump with what has already been earmarked for disposal. All of that is going to have to wait a couple of weeks though because work is going to be pretty full on due to my colleague going on holiday. It’s going to be weird not having her around, I’ve got used to someone being in the office with me.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around reading much this weather, the train WiFi has been a bit sketchy and the only time I usually get to read is on my journey to work in the morning because weekends have been tied up with work, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will start to ease freeing up some time.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that’s about it. No glitz and glamour in my life I’m afraid, but enough to keep me busy and out of mischief!

What’s new with you eejits?

21 thoughts on “Ohhh October!

  1. I think I’m struggling with these dark mornings/nights. I’ve been so tired this week! I definitely need to look at decluttering the house; I’m sure there’s lots of rubbish that I can give away to charity!

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  2. I think I’m a strange Eejit because I love the cooler October days leading to Winter. The shorter days don’t bother me because that’s when all my scented candles come out. Nothing better than the glow of burning candles in the evening.

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    • That’s true about the candles, I have a few wee smelly ones that make everything seem more homely.
      I like the dark nights when I’m inside all snug, it’s just the walking back and forward to work in it and the frost that I am not a fan of. Maybe I’m a fussy eejit lol


  3. What’s new eejits? That opens a Pandora’s box. Trimming trees with hand saws, cutting up branches, doing a little spackling over wall damage, and touch-up painting inside, waiting for a cat to wake up and do something I can photograph. Thinking about what box I will pull out of the freezer and microwave for my lunch. That’s what I call home-cooking!

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      • Golden battered fish fillets 2 each (unspecified species or origin) with seasoned rice pilaf & broccoli in a seasoned creamy cheese sauce. 430 calories. It was “OK” but I am supposed to avoid salt, and there was enough in it to preserve my body for 20,000 years, so for that reason alone I won’t get that particular item again. $3 US. The single life ain’t exactly what it is made out to be on TV.


  4. Welcome back lovely!
    Sometimes life just gets too busy. It’s totally fine if you can’t keep up with the hundreds of blogs. It’s good to hear you’re well though. 🙂 Enjoy the pretty autumn colours if the sun comes out.

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  5. It’s hard to wake up on damp mornings. Wish those were automatically stay in bed days. Even here in CA it’s gettin’ chilly in the evenings. Strange to be wishing for 2 fans just last month, and now shutting my windows from the night cold already. Have a great weekend, Eejit.


  6. Us Eejits need to stick together – what’s new? Cafe. Loft. Bamboo Socks. SoufflĂ© recipe. It involves blue cheese.


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