My week summed up!


Full of problems that were just to difficult for my poor little brain to solve.

Uncontrollable emotions – by Friday I lost my shit and had a mini meltdown.

Celebrating the fact that it was the weekend only to wake up on Saturday at 5.30am and feel like shit that just slid off a shovel.

Kicking ass in work on Friday night for the 2 hours it took to wait for the next train to arrive after I missed the first one. Cleaner inbox = slight smile on face, until I go back on Monday and it’s just as bad as ever.

Superior people who tell you to let them finish while not letting you get your point across at all!

Assholes – see above.

Keeping myself from slamming down the phone and walking out, which believe me was what I really wanted to do. Previous 2 points refer.

Exciting – The thought of going back to work on Monday and yes, that is sarcasm!

Look carefully – can you crack the code :)



44 thoughts on “My week summed up!

  1. Yep, there’s always some a-hole around the corner waiting for us to slip in the s**t they left behind. Sorry your week was awful but you still made me smile with your honesty and meme. Linda :)


    • Thanks – sometimes I feel like a brush, coming silently behind sweeping up the mess.
      I don’t mind that at all, I am not a glory hunter in any shape form or fashion, but if I am given a task to do then they need to learn to trust me with it! If I’m stuck I’ll ask :)

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  2. Dear Jules, FFS my dear what’s this place you work in?? Superior people?? I ask you in what way?
    Short people having identity issues, I am well aware of we call short man syndrome… see Juls so called ‘superior ‘ people usually have deficiencies in other areas, if you get my drift….ask yourself would you take any of them home for dinner? If your answer is no, you have solved the problem. If your answer is yes, you have some issues to work through…but I am here to help, my ear is always atuned to the less fortunate obliged to work for their daily bread…..just throw a problem at me and I’ll tell you where to put it…..enjoy your weekend…..((HUGS)) cause you sound like you need one…


    • lol Tis just a regular office, but in the grand scheme of things I am the lowest rank, but expected to do the work of one about me. That happens everywhere.
      I’m not very good in confrontational situations, so when someone raises their voice I tend to back off, regardless of whether I am right or wrong. If I am wrong I will admit it.
      I did get an apology on Friday, but the maker of it was right, I do take things to much to heart, that’s my problem.
      My conundrum is that I still have a point I need to make tomorrow, but I am scared to voice it, because I don’t know what reaction I will receive.
      I need to get over myself and stop over thinking things.

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  3. Ohhh dear! Feeling any better now??? I hope so – nothing let letting loose and ranting wildly to blow off steam.

    Sending you cyber hugs (((((((((Juls)))))))))

    Love the code XD


      • I’m sorry to hear that your weekend has been stained crappy because of the week’s ending …. but maybe you’ll manage to clear your head before you have to go back to hell ….. try some GTA or something equally pleasurably violent in a fantasy way – but not for too long – then do something really good and enjoyable for you, fer cryin’ out loud.

        I do believe that very late last night (my time) I was already Spotifying on your site and was listening to that song on one of your playlists; I’ll be checking that out again a little bit later :)

        Sending you more hugs ((((Juls))))


      • me too :) it is an incredible wealth of really great accessibility …. unlike anything else, really …. totally cool :)


  4. FFS what a shitey week! The venting probably didn’t help this time because you still have today (Monday) to deal with. Tank yourself up on coffee to say what you need to. If that doesn’t work, bow humbly make the Evil Person a coffee…..and spit in it ;-) (Did I go too far?????)


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