I am three!

It’s true, I am three, well not me, my blog, but you knew that anyway right!?

On each of my previous birthdays, namely my first and second I commented on how amazed I was that I had made it this far and yet here I am still, that is remarkable indeed, because in the grand scheme of things I usually give up on things that I consider to be a fad, and back in the early days I foolishly thought that was what this was. How wrong was I.

In the course of three years I have amassed 1004 followers, most of whom I hope are real, written 465 posts which have been viewed 34, 428 times and there have been over 18, 000 visitors who have commented over 8000 times. Not bad for a lass from the back of beyond with pretty much nothing between her ears. Clearly you people don’t get out enough.

Just this week during a conversation someone asked me what my blog was about, I gave that some thought, in fact I gave it quite a lot of thought and still could not come up with an answer. I don’t believe there is one thing that defines my little place here, but I hope if there is, it’s laughter. Even in the midst of all the crap that goes on around me I try to laugh, because honestly if I didn’t I’d cry.

Even though I don’t have the same amount of time now that I did when I first started the blog, it remains something I want to try and keep making time for. I feel truly blessed because I have gained so many things, new friends, who I believe will be friends for a life, a larger and more diverse music collection, people who understand just how difficult life can be sometimes and forgive you when you’re not around. There’s also Steve’s radio show which has fast become the highlight of my Saturday night. It’s all the small things that help me make it through.

Sometimes I think about giving up, because words fail me. I want to write, but on certain days there is just nothing to say. On those days I read and I remember that if I were not here I would no longer be part of this community that I have grown to love and consider myself very fortunate to be a part of.

When I was two I finished my post on the following line, and as it is still apt today I want to use it again. Simply put it was a comment on the the fact that I am still here is nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you, my lovely eejits, I would be lost without you all!

86 thoughts on “I am three!

  1. Congratulations Juls. 3 years, eh ? It’s a shame that you couldn’t answer the question as I would like to know what your blog is all about as well and I have no idea why I’m following :D Happy Easter my friend :D <3


  2. Happy Blog B-day, Juls! My own little blog just turned 2 so I’m right behind you. Amassing that many followers should tell you though…….it doesn’t matter what your blog’s about…it only matters that it’s there and so many enjoy it!


  3. Well s one eejit to another, Happy Easter and congrats on the coming of age…..what an achievement….been lovely knowing you Juls, my only Irish blogger friend, that I know of…..and you are right humour is what keeps us from going insane or is it that our insanity allows us to try and be funny, one or the other…..hope to see more of you….opps, well you know what I mean, drop by some time there’s always a cup of tea on….(((HUGS))) for being so old……xxx for being so young of heart…..


    • Been lovely knowing me, that sounds ominous, do you leave people on their third birthdays? lol I hope I am able to still put humour into my blog, even on the bad days, for me that’s what it is all about, making people smile :)
      I’ll take the old sod and the hug, but be warned, it’s only on load to you lol Revenge (for calling me old) will be sweet! lol

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  4. Happy Birthday. Another fine excuse to eat cake :-) I’ll be two soon, and didn’t think I’d make it that far. Doubt if I could answer the question of what mine is about either. It started as a means to ‘sort myself out’ (whatever that means!!!) which is why the title. These days the content is about whatever pops into my head – otherwise there would be even less content if I was sticking to a theme!


  5. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! If you’re ever in the mood to write but don’t know what to write about there’s always the Daily Prompt by WordPress that might inspire you, or I sit and look out the window for a while until inspiration hits! It is a wonderful community here and that I too love being a part of!! :-)


      • You are right, we are very lucky! I agree I don’t think non bloggers would understand. I felt overwhelmed at first with the Daily Prompts so much so that I stopped them by now if I am looking for something to write about I’ll go there for ideas, plus as I said I will sit and look out the window and truly I get inspired…try it! :-)


  6. Well well well …. Happy Blogging Birthday my always entertaining, delightfully wonky (wouldn’t have it any other way ;) ) friend …. you have pushed through, sucked it up during the “why am I doing this?!?” times …. expanded your horizons with meeting new people, stretching your writing talents and gifts … and generally, have blessed us with the most amazing gift: YOU. As you are – which is more than just awesome ….. and so, in continuing blessed celebrations …. may you continue, in whatever blathering, blabbing fashion, that always, always keeps us tuning in :D

    your sister eejit …. the wild child of many muses, guises and shenanigans XD

    may we continue to let loose and just roll with it ;)


      • *snorting* ….. well, you do realize everything …. every.thing. is open to interpretation XD

        glad you’ll have me along for the ride ;)


  7. Um, I don’t have a gift or flowers, goodness not even a card, honestly I should have come more prepared, but, I didn’t actually know it was your birthday, sorry. So, um Happy Birthday anyways, and may I stay a while?


  8. Congrats! Word Press tells me I’ve reached five years. Can’t believe it- I’d have guessed maybe two? Time DOES go fast when you’re having fun, and I’m guessing you’re having a lot of fun here. Nice to meet you thanks to Edwina.


  9. I love that you’re here. Your honesty and humour shines a light for others to be transparent about the gloomy corners of our worlds. That’s what life is about light and less light, and sometimes darkness and above all laughter. Happy blog birthday, and did the invites for the party go out yet because I wanna come. Linda 🤓


    • Aww thanks, you know comments like yours and the others I have received are what make it all worthwhile. I just want to make people smile, and me too on the bad days.
      You’d most certainly be at any party I was hosting, never fear :)

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