Deja Moo

Colourful Cows - S Writings

‘Oh Daisy here they come again. I can’t be doing with this today, I have a hell of a hangover after last night, look at me, I’m practically green.’

‘Well I did tell you that all that chomping on fermented grass was not going to do you any good, but you never listen. Mind you, these are a rare looking bunch.’

All I can say is I hope no one gets too close to my rear end, because I am not sure I can hold in the after effects of said fermented grass much longer.

Ach when I think back now to all we were promised, it’ll be fun they said, you’ll be a veritable cash cow they said, if only you just take the bull by the horns. 

You were none to pleased at the start, I almost keeled over laughing when he said ‘Don’t have a cow’, oh the look on your face.

Ah well, tis show time, just an udder day in paradise. 


Written for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Inspiring Writers – Thank goodness for the + – 25 words, I came in at 168 and even that was tough going. Click on the link if you would like to try this challenge for yourself.

51 thoughts on “Deja Moo

  1. Roflmao ….. this is delightfully brilliant Eejit! I love how you’ve taken certain “tired lines” and infected them with a dashing dose of humour and absolute insanity in telling this little story! I think Michael’s been quite the influence on you ;)


  2. These coos get everywhere! Must admit I’ve grown quite fond of their multi-coloured hues. There’s one on my way to work which is regularly repainted.


  3. Well done, Juls! And here you keep telling us it all goes in one ear and out the udder…….you really kept this mooooving along, girl! Don’t you ever take any bull from anybody… milked this for all it was worth!


  4. Hi Juls on any udder day who knows what bull I might have expected from you but today you came up with a cow of a story and one I shall remember always… glad the bull was taken by the horns and not some tender part of his anatomy…..


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