Grabbing a coffee

This is me, tired little me, drinking coffee from the cup that my kind colleague got me for my birthday last week, whilst travelling on the train to face another exciting day at work. 

In real life I am wearing the same kind of loopy, at the end of my tether expression. It’s been a long week, in fact it’s been a long two months but hopefully there is hope on the horizon. 

I’ve been working extra hours and weekends to try and keep up with work since my colleague left in April. If you didn’t notice that I wasn’t around as much don’t worry, just lament the fact that you didn’t enjoy the peace and quiet while you had the chance. 

There’s been few days off apart from the two when we went to Donegal and one that replaced a lost weekend day and it’s starting to tell on both me and my house which hasn’t been getting the love and attention it deserves. 

This weekend is going to be another hectic one sadly, so in fact there most likely won’t be a weekend at all as I have to attend things planned each day that will most likely extend into the night. I’m going to struggle, firstly because I am going to have to people, but secondly because I’m going to get no down time and no time to unwind. 

I would just love one weekend of peace and quiet, just me, where I don’t have to do anything for anyone else and that includes cooking and cleaning! 

Monday my new colleague arrives, so that in itself is going to bring another set of challenges, like training and learning and sorting. She’s a lovely girl and I instantly liked her so that’s a positive, but I need to shield  her from being bombarded until she gets to grips with things. I don’t want her running for the hills on the first day. 

I’m nervous because it’s been so long since I trained anyone for anything. I’m not very good at taking charge, I’m more of a sheep than a shepherd, so it will be a learning curve for us both. 

No one likes change, but it still comes whether we like it or not. I’m trying to think ahead and console meself that there may be stability in my future, and days off. Days off would be lovely.

I just need to make it through the next few weeks. 

How have things been in your world?

29 thoughts on “Grabbing a coffee

  1. Well I am a tad disappointed you didn’t shout from the rooftops it was your BD…so many happy returns for the BD that was….I think I recall you saying it was your 31st BD once again?
    Its hard when you have a weekend planned and can see nothing but activity and no down time for you to lounge around and do what your heart desires. Time for you would probably be beneficial to you now…maybe you should ear mark a future weekend for a Juls time out. Take care and approach your training with the knowledge you have acquired over the years. What sort of work do you do?

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    • I’m a personal secretary of sorts I suppose, I don’t get paid as one but do the work. I like to call it admin, a veritable jack of all trades. Between the two of us we’ll manage 3 bosses but some of the meetings my counterpart did so they are all new to me too lol
      I try to forget birthdays these days, they stack up too quickly, but thank you :)

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      • That’s a busy job you have. I would have loved a personal secretary. I never liked the admin side of teaching so I had a lot of impersonal secretaries when I think of our office staff. Trouble with birthdays is you can’t stop them, they have a habit of turning up each year.


  2. A few years back I was in a similar place as you were now. No downtime, responsibility everywhere and my mental state slowly fizzling into pre-insanity. One Friday afternoon, I decided to get in the car and just drive. I turned off my phone, left my computers at work and just drove. I ended up driving all night and ending up on the east coast to watch the sunrise from Ocean City, New Jersey. It was the best 14 hours I’ve ever spent processing through several weeks worth of things. I discovered upon coming back home that the world didn’t end. No one really worried as it was “normal” for me to be stuck at work and my mobile didn’t work in the data center. Learned a hard lesson that not taking the time for myself infected all the people around me through bad attitudes and a sour disposition. I hope you get the time you need.

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    • I don’t think sometimes people realise the knock on effects of getting down time for people like me with anxiety and stuff, and like you I get that hemmed in feeling and it’s not nice. Hopefully from next week on things will be on the up and pace can slow just a little :)

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  3. Breathe breathe breathe – take a moment to ground yourself – sure, it’s not the same as having time off, or a day or evening to oneself – but soon enough, I’m sure, things will settle down, and you’ll be able to fish yourself some “quiet time” …..

    And I’m pretty sure you will be more than able to help the newbie get into the swing of things, without being too crazy about it all.

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      • it will be fine – just let things flow – you have the weekend, so stop projecting the worse and letting your imagination run wild, in a not so good way – and you may just be totally surprised come Monday – besides, if Monday proves to be too much, there are always the penguins ….


  4. Okay, but… is the cup really that big? Because now I want a giant novelty to-go coffee cup. I wouldn’t fill it with coffee, because I’m pretty sure that’s how you give yourself a heart attack. Or a stroke? I googled both and the answer seems to be “Yes, and also headaches and a bladder infection and some other stuff” so now I’m confused. And glad I drink tea. Which I am not going to google because I deserve to have nice things, dammit! Google ruins everything.
    Ahem. Sooooo… where did we land on the size of that there cup?

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  5. Happy belated birthday! Wishing you another year full of blessings. And you’re an admin too? I’ve been training and supervising and evaluating admin staff forever it seems. For the first time ever, I’ll be the one being trained as I give up my life of semi-retirement in the coming weeks… #thelifeofthenotsorichandnotsofamous


  6. My world has been very similar to yours so I can truly appreciate where you are coming from! Yay for the new girl!! I know what you mean about bombarding her too…I hope that she works out. Envision yourself teaching her and see that it is working out splendidly even better than you could have imagined and that’s what you’ll get. Boy I hope you can get some rest soon too…all “you” time doing nothing!!! I’ll be sending out vibes for you requesting that it comes sooner rather than later. Hang in there. xo


    • She’s really great, but it’s a bit up in the air trying to train and keep up with the work. We’ll get there though, she picks things up quick :)
      I need my world to slow down just a little so I can get back to my writing etc.
      Hope you’re keeping well x

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      • Yes that’s definitely a balancing act, try not to get caught in the “it’s just easier and faster if I do it myself”, those growing pains of someone else learning are necessary in order for you to finally get a handle on doing only what you have to do. I’m am well, thanks for asking. xo


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