Sunshine and Showers


WordPress tells me it’s been 8 days since I posted, really, is that all, because to me it feels like weeks ago.

This last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster. I really have no idea if I’m blown up or stuffed at the minute.

It’s all change at work, even after a year and a half in the job I still wouldn’t say I’m used to it. Everyday brings challenges which when added to the ones I face at home leave me almost at tipping point on a daily basis. With the current changes there are two of us managing 5 people while trying to balance our normal workload. I’m also still trying to fend off people who ask me questions about my previous position. Yeah, the whole saying no thing didn’t work out to well, I can think it, I just can’t voice it. I also need people to realise that I am not a walking encyclopaedia, unfortunately I do not have the answer to every question, but I seem to be the first port of call. I have no doubt things will once again level out, I’m just not sure I will make it through the bedding in period.

There are however some shards of light in the darkness. Did I tell you that I LOVE my new computer, I mean actually LOVE it! I might even send it a Valentines Day card. It’s quick, quiet and will let me open more than three pages without playing the blue screen of death card (touches wood). I almost fell off the chair when I opened Spotify and clicked on play. Who knew that’s what my speakers could sound like, certainly not me and I’ve had the little feckers for ages. Now I just need to finish organising my room and figure out a new desk and I will actually have a workable office space. My desk while perfectly fine will not let me kick my legs out, which when you have bad knees can lead to extra pain which I don’t need. It’s all getting there, I’m making progress and that’s the main thing.

Secondly, Steve’s radio show. You might find this heard to believe (probably not actually), but I don’t have much of a social life, there are a lot of factors to that, not just the whole caring thing, but it doesn’t help. Saturday nights can be a tad boring sometimes if no one is around to play Xbox and I have nothing to blog about. Well Steve and his radio show changed all that. I actually smile on a Saturday when I remember it’s on and try and make the dinner earlier so I can be cleared up before it starts. Each week more people have been listening in, making requests and promoting their blogs. It’s an excellent way to bring people together. Great choice of music and great company make for a fun night, armchair dancing with my pal MJ is the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t tuned in, why have you not, shame on you, you’ve no idea what you’re missing!

The last few weeks the show has been held on a Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm GMT, at Talk About Pop Music. This week however Steve and Suzie are joining forces to host the mother of all Valentines blog parties on both Twitter and the Radio. As Suzie herself says:

We are hosting the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Blog Party on Sunday 14th February from 9.00am GMT till I fall asleep in the evening or The Bloke pry’s my iPad from my hands, with the radio request show from 2.00pm – 6.00pm.

Keep an eye on both their blogs for more information, it’s going to be epic!!

Till next time eejits, I need sleep!

22 thoughts on “Sunshine and Showers

  1. Ughhh …. to the absolute chaos of work and additional stress that clearly is not welcomed, appreciated or needed …. cause like yeah, sure, just because you did the job before and have some answers doesn’t mean that you currently don’t have enough to be getting on with – and oh sure, why not throw in the forging new territory and breaking new ground with more responsibilities and tasks????

    Shite! Seriously. Perhaps a new approach? Stop. Look at people queerly then flop head first onto your work desk and start sobbing uncontrollably while laughing hysterically???

    *sigh* I dunno Sister Eejit … I wish I had some viable answer to the madness that is work.

    But on a positive note: hey hey hey! the new computer is a great thing! Yayayayayay! So that at least can offer some sanity in an otherwise insane situation – and so we’ll just have to rock this aspect. And yes, I hope you manage to get the desk and space thing worked out – cause AL and discomfort etc. is so not a good thing …. so when necessary – get up and move. I find myself in similar circumstances, which on the one hand, as frustrating as it is – forces me to actually move my fat arse about … so ummm … yeah, maybe one day this will work out … and the of course, we can always rally around the music show … which is, of course, the one promise of forcing armchair grooving to put the hop back in the hip —- the music is that good – along with the people running the show and all those who are playing along! But you, smart Eejit already know that – and me – humbly stated here – at least had the presence of mind to say “hmmm …. really good thang going on …. let’s check it out!” :D

    Sorry I missed last week – but at least there is the whole event happening this Sunday – which should be one wild ride!

    And since it’s already Friday – let the countdown begin.

    And finally – I send ya great hugs and lots of sister Eejit love – cause it’s always better to be similar pods in cahoots than swimming alone ;)



      • no really???? he rang you???? oh holy crap and I missed this????! Awww damn!

        *wanders off to kick some cans*

        uh, clearly – no Sunday was not a good day for me on so many levels – and for the most part – although I was in a most desperate need for a major nap to alleviate a possible melt down – I did something else instead – watched NASCAR – and then had a nap …. so I missed the show :( … but truth be told – it would not have a been a good thing for me – despite how wonderful those times are ….. but I was thinking of you before it started and then throughout …. and wondered … so here it is ….

        I miss the call of the century!


      • Lol it’s not that exciting. Get Skype and we can call too :) He might have a pod cast. It was a nice afternoon, my morning didn’t start to great so the show definitely helped. Think it’s going to be back on Saturday this week :)

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      • yeah yeah … Skype already is on my computer …. but I’m not ready to let anyone see my ugly mug ….

        yeah … I just read your latest post … sending more urgent hugs (((((Juls))))) …. and speaking as such … shouldn’t you be trying for sleep at this hour????


  2. Juls, I’m thrilled that your new computer is the bee’s knees, and that’s because it can prove to be an escape from the stress of a tough day. Plus, nothing ever say’s weekend better than having something that you really look forward to doing. ‘o)


  3. LOL at the thought of you sending your computer a V-day card. That’s hilarious. I do believe it’s put a little perk back in your brain. So happy to hear it and even more impressed that there’s a new desk to follow! You aren’t getting spoiled are you? Re: being first port of call at work….well, of course you are, I’m sure you look like you’ve got it all figured out and can navigate even the most perilous of situations!


    • There is something to be said for turning on a computer and it starting within 12 seconds. Previously I’d have turned it on before I went for a shower and let it do it’s thing lol It’s going to take ages to get everything back onto it though, but thank goodness for Spotify, it’s bridging the gap :)

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