Something you want to know?


While writing a post a while ago, who knows which one, I made a comment about being able to get to know people just by what they write on their blog. By picking up all the little snippits of information we are able to build a picture, whether it be the right one or the wrong one. At that time I realised that I don’t share an awful lot of information about myself, well certainly not that I am aware of. There are certain aspects of my life that I will always keep secret, like the village in which I live for example, I already have one someone who follows me around the house, I certainly don’t need anyone else, besides my farts stink, you’d have to be extremely brave.

That’s just one example, but obviously there are things that none of us would want to share in a public forum, I’m not exciting enough to have secrets, lies or hidden video tapes…mores the pity. That said, there may be things you are curious about and always wanted to ask but didn’t like to. There may also be nothing and I am more of an open book than I think I am.

I mulled over this idea for a while and mentioned it to a couple of other people, and while having a commenting conversation last night with Michael from Morpethroad he reminded me of it again when he told me he had learned something new about me. So with that in mind, I’m going to give you the opportunity to ask me any question you like, within reason of course, and bearing in mind some of my family members read this.

Was there something you were curious about? Something random you want to know? Well then now is a good opportunity to ask. I’m not sure whether to answer in the comments or make a post of the replies, I guess it depends how many people are nosey….erm  of course I meant curious. It’ll probably be the comments.

Over to you…..if you can be arsed.


Ralph – If you are reading this, I am stepping away from my duties as an international women of mystery for one day. Still no photo though, unless you follow me on Facebook :)

Success – I’ve scheduled this post, so if you’re reading this I did it correctly! Woohoo the Eejit learns new tricks!

Michael – Until the time of writing this post I believed your blog was called Morph the Road, what an eejit eh, apparently my eyes and brain do not work in harmony. Doh!!

34 thoughts on “Something you want to know?

  1. Wow. Now this is a great idea. Are we limited to just one question, because I have about a million. Okay, let’s start with age. How old are you? Do you actually have the same characteristics as your blog Gravatar (i.e. ginger hair, short, etc.) What sort of work is it that you travel to on the Tube? Have you ever had professional drawing instruction? What sort of dwelling do you live in…a house, an apartment, a farmhouse? Do you live in city or rural area? Favourite food? There. I’ll stop now. Let you get your bearings again. And btw…..congrats on figuring out the whole scheduling thing!


    • Bloomin eck lol You sure wanted to know a lot of things. Why did you never just ask you eejit lol
      1. I am 44 years old. I act like I’m about 12 most of the time. I certainly don’t feel my age.
      2. I have been told I do look like my avatar yes. I have short gingerish hair, blue eyes, specs and make funny faces lol
      3. I’m an Admin Officer / alleged personal assistant. Translated that means I am a paper pusher and a dogsbody, that’s where I travel to each day on the train.
      4. No I have never had professional drawing instruction, unless you count at school, I got a Grade 1 CSE in Art.
      5. I live in a house which to answer your next question is in a village. If you walk 10 minutes one way you will reach the sea and if you drive 10 minutes the other you will be in the countryside.
      6. Favourite food…hmmm that’s difficult. I think a chicken dinner. Roast chicken, spuds, potato croquettes, stuffing, brussel sprouts, carrot & parsnip and gravy :)

      No limits so if there is anything else you want to know just ask lol
      Thank you re the scheduling, I’m pretty chuffed :)

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  2. Well here goes. Jul’s, are you a international woman of mystery? Do you have aspirations for political office; are you interested in 10 Downing Street? And, now that you’re the new owner of a brand new computer, what might we expect your next purchase to be? :D


    • Today I am not an international woman of mystery, I have taken leave to be able to avail of question time lol
      I have no political aspirations, they are all fecking eejits who couldn’t run a tap ffs. So if it’s ok with you I’ll stay living in my wee house and the snobs can stay in Downing Street lol
      Hmmm if I can start saving again my next purchase might have to be a newer IPod, I don’t think I can live any longer without making my Spotify mobile lol


  3. LOL — @ Morph the Road …. now that is a very interesting “misread” – and would be a most excellent Blog Title – or even, perhaps – manifesto. XD

    As for questions?

    Well I’m sure, if I wasn’t put on the spot, I might come up with a few doozies – but then, I’d stop myself and not ask in a public place – because hey, would I want my dirty knickers laundered in public?!? ;)

    Seriously …. I’d like to think that if I had some questions about something more personal, I’d simply email you and keep it more private – if you were so inclined to share. As for the idea that often we can pick up bits and pieces from reading blogs – yes … and no …. it depends on the content, the general “theme” and whether – ultimately – someone is more straightforward and honest – or not – and that is where the crutch lies? Yes? Because here – we can unleash our truths or our desires and fantasies … or anything we wish we could be – in terms of persona – and if you’re really “good” at it – no one would necessarily be the wiser ….. I personally just “operate” from “trust my instincts” ….

    hmmm ….. okay ….. a question? if you had to choose between custard or whipped cream as a ….. er …. personal topping …. which would it be ….. and er ….. in this particular scenario ….. who would be the “beefcake” “star” …. er …. sharing your sweet goodness? XD

    LOL – you wanted “wicked” – right … remember ….nudge nudge …. wink wink ;)

    (Nope …. just joshing you)

    On a serious note: do you remember the song that stole and broke your heart – for the very first time – after that bloke in whatever grade “did you in” (nothing sexual by that reference)?


    • Crafty, how you were able to weave in the wicked lol
      Lets deal with the first one, whipped cream for sure, custard is way to sweet lol I’m guessing when you say ‘star’ that you mean someone famous? That’s what I am going with anyway, I think Sean Bean’s a bit of a lad lol I’m not into men who take longer than me to get ready. I take about 10 minutes lol
      I don’t think I had my heart broken in school, I was probably too much of a geek, men scared me, in fact sometimes they still do lol If I had to remember one song for love / heartbreak type stuff it would be ‘I’ll never fall in love again’ by Deacon Blue. I loved this guy, adored him, he used to call me the girl with the DM boots. Thing always happened and we never got to kiss, not that I can remember anyway, it was a long time ago, but that was our song.
      At night on the Belfast radio station Cool FM there was a slot called ‘Cool goes quiet’ and I sent in a request for him telling him I adored him, had that song played and signed it off from the girl in the DM boots. I listened every night and eventually they played it. Guess what, the feckin eejit never heard it lol

      What about you, to both of those? lol

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      • LOL … well well well …. thanks for answering …. and can I plead the 5th? even if I’m not American??? ;)

        Actually – LOL – I will share – just need some time to think back – because you know – it was so long ago – I mean, sheesh, I had boyfriends in Kindergarden (no kidding) …. so it might take me a while to figure out what was “more serious” ….

        whipped cream and a “dude” …. *nodding head in agreement* …

        too much of a geek? Nah …. can’t and won’t believe it – it’s more that the others just couldn’t understand the right fabulousness of you before their very eyes – dumb ones eh!
        LOL – men can be scary – in manners and fashions – for lots of different ways – and presumably I’m going to consider that you mean in a “I can understand them FFS ‘cos the are from Mars” kind of thing than the nasty “stalker creep” version …and so yeah, “scary in the Mars way” – *snorting* – no kidding eh? Sometimes I have to ask myself how some of them manage to get out of bed in the morning without hurting themselves!

        And for any males who might happen to read this comment – I mean no offense to the ones who are good guys – it’s just well – sometimes ….. ;)

        DM boots …. now I bet there is a story here ….. XD

        right …. I’ll have to think on this – but I will answer back – give me a few days – then you can always “poke” me if I’m too slow …. ;)

        as for wicked … well – *sly smile* – what did ya expect? I may be an eejit (god bless me) but I have my ways XD


      • *snort* …. it would be fairly simple enough …. because people just naturally open up to me – even if I don’t ask – but generally – I’m not one really to make a lot of small talk in social situations … even if I’m feeling particularly gabby, chatty or flitty – I gather my cues from other sources ;)


    • Sadly no, I would love a dog, but with Mum having the dementia it’s not practical, she wouldn’t know when it needed out and stuff.
      That said, not to offend you, I do like cats as well, but would prefer to own a dog, my ideal would be a Collie or a German Sheppard.
      We had a dog when I was younger, for 18 years. I also had a rabbit who was an escapist. There is a strong possibility my dog ate my rabbit, but that’s another story lol

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  4. I do like the Sherlock Holmes aspect of reading blogs and drawing assumptions from the clues. Funnily enough, I already had a good idea of some of the answers to A.PROMPTreply’s questions. I knew you were in your in your forties, that you live by the sea, and that brussel sprouts would be part of of your favourite dinner. And to really freak you out, I think I know which stretch of Norn Iron you live in………. ;-)

    Will be back later when I’ve thought of a fiendish question :-)


      • Nah, you’re still safe….for now ;-) A long time back you mentioned getting the train to work, and I think you mentioned that a fair bit was coastal. Well, a mere glance at the map shows there’s only one railway track that does that!! I had a bit of an unsettling moment myself with Google Maps…hang around long enough and I might post about it.


  5. Love the idea! And of course now I can’t think of a single thing to ask that would be interesting… Hmm, favorite song? Favorite musical artist? Favorite creative thing to make/do?


    • Good grief, you can’t think of anything to ask yet somehow you manage to hit me with the hardest question lol
      Favourite song – That’s a really hard one and I’m not sure I could narrow it down to one. My favourite song of right now is a toss up between Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J and I Found by Amber Run.
      Favourite musical artist – it used to be the Eels. I still like them, but I think right now it’s Alt-J
      Favourite creative thing to make / do – I’m not sure I am all that creative to be honest. I suppose I like my doodling, does that count? I’m pretty good at making faces and creating smells :/ lol

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  6. Hi Juls
    Finally get a chance to respond.
    Morph the Road? Really? I wonder what you thought I morphed into?

    Lots of great questions.
    Tea or coffee?
    Right or left handed?
    Ever been to Australia?
    Soft or hard pillow?

    That will be enough to start with. I have to warn you blog friends have told me I tend to ask too many questions. Have a great day.


    • Lol I know I know, I have no idea where Morph the Road came from, I’m actally beginning to worry about myself :/

      Coffee – I never really did like tea as I always thought it tasteless. I drank it a couple of times with a spoonful of coffee in lol
      I’m right handed, unsure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing lol
      Single – never married. That’s what amuses me most, I’m a housewife but I’ve never been married…ffs! lol
      Never been to Australia, cost is a factor, my friend and my two godsons are over there and she’s asked me to go before, but now with the way things are at home it’s not likely, besides I’m not good in heat lol
      Hard pillow I think, I can never tell the different, I have two and they need to keep me propped up so I’m guessing that’s hard lol

      I’m worn out now, my single self needs to pick up her coffee cup in her right hand and Google far off places such as Australia before I lay my head on my hard pillow and go to sleep :)

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      • Well sleep well my friend.

        How come a gorgeous woman such as you never married?
        I was sure Ireland was full of knights in shiny armour…..

        I get the restrictions of home life with ageing parents, I cared for my dad in his last few years, it’s a full time job more so when you are working as well. One day you’ll get an opportunity to visit our far off shores and I am so wanting to come to Ireland, land of my forebears…one day he says sighing…..

        Thanks for your answers, maybe you should make it an annual event?…hmm just thinking I could do that too, ask Michael any question you want day….could be a plan…
        Take care Juls…


      • Ach there are no knights in shinging armour here, just eejits with tin pots on their heads lol It was just not meant to be!

        I think on the question front I got off lightly, it could have been so much worse, from everyone lol

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      • Ah well you are right some things are not meant to be.

        You are most welcome to reciprocate with a question any time.
        I can lie, cheat, pretend as well as anyone…lol


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