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Apparently time also flies when you’re not having fun too!

This last two weeks in work have been unbelievably stressful. I really need a day off, but two courses and a new boss next week mean it’s not going to happen. I’m actually worn out, despite the fact that after purchasing new pillows I’m sleeping slightly better.

That said, there are good things about being so busy. I’m hardly smoking these days mainly because I never leave my desk. I can’t tell you if I feel any better for it, but I know that when I reach a certain time scale withdrawal rage kicks in. The second thing is time, it flies.

I’m putting in 9 hour days, but they pass in the blink of an eye, sadly the mountain of post it notes is threatening to consume me if I don’t manage to make my way through them. I used to be quite organised… before I started this job. I need to get back to that and start using my to do book again, I can’t be arsed with the 20 million paper scraps!

It’s looking highly likely that this will be another weekend of working, that stresses me out too because I have jobs to do for both myself and other people, but there are just not enough hours in the day. Thankfully I have Steve’s radio show to look forward to on Saturday night.

I finally started playing Tomb Raider and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve had it since Christmas but just haven’t had the time to play. The only downfall is it’s giving me motion sickness which means I can only play for 30 – 60 minutes in one go. That’s ok though, because I usually only have that amount of time spare between getting everything done and going to bed anyway.

Thanks to all my new followers, you’re all more than welcome. I have a new goal, I’d like to reach a thousand before 2020, I’m keeping a realistic time scale here, I don’t need any additional stress, or disappointment for that matter :)

Well that’s about it for today, my train journey is almost over meaning it’s time for job number two, management of the Ships.

Enjoy your day and till next time eejits :)

31 thoughts on “What’s Up-date

  1. I’m having a full on week too. Mostly I’m flying by the seat of my pants, you know, emailing a report at midnight or a couple of hours before the meeting. Ooops. That’s the elastic pinged in my pants!


  2. Steve is playing Tomb Raider. He too gets motion sickness but says that wearing the wristbands that are meant to prevent sea sickness help the symptoms a bit. Still think it will be a long old slog for Lara!


    • Sadly the wristbands didn’t work for me :( I never had a problem with games when I was younger, but as consoles evolved I found I couldn’t play first person shooter games, 3rd person ones were always ok until lately.
      I think it’s going to be a long oul slog for me and Lara too, but the graphics are amazing so I’m still in awe lol How’s the eye?


      • Steve once threw up after playing Minecraft! I love watching our son play, it’s almost like watching a film. When Steve plays – not so much! I am fine thanks, hope your day is less stressful tomorrow.


  3. Well here’s sending you lots of hugs and good thoughts ….. so that you can make it through the next few days …. and enjoy the weekend …. and and and …. that you get more and better sleep ….. and have a chance to just breathe and rest a bit this weekend.

    (Don’t know if I’ll make the radio show – the Troll will be here late late tonight (Thursday) and leaves Saturday during the day sometime – but if I’m not around, I’ll be cyber armchair dancing with you!)


  4. I think you are in the wrong job. Work? Goodness Juls give it a break. Play more TR…take it into work, see if anyone notices…Then again I could be mistaken and you are very responsible and loyal worker, an asset to your employers and the lynch-pin behind all company success.
    Stress is never good, no matter what your job, I hated it and now I don’t have to endure the stresses that became a part of my job….and as you say you come home from work and the ships await you with all their unique idiosyncrasies……in the end its all about taking care of you as fortunately for us there is only one of you and we love the one that is you…..if that makes sense…..so (((HUGS))) from down under the world, just imagine me standing on my head when delivering them, but they should work just the same, if you are into reverse hugs…..I have this vision of hugging your legs which may be totally inappropriate….lol….try and enjoy your weekend….


  5. Unsure of the time lapse between our locations but it’s Saturday morning here so I’m believing that you made it to the weekend. I don’t understand PSX or XBox speak but I get the idea whatever it entails brings you a reprieve from the stressors at work and home which makes it a good thing. Pleased you’re taking care of yourself as much as possible given the pull for your attention in many areas. Sending you love and happiness wrapped in Unicorn farts – which bring blessing and inspire creativity :). Linda


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