Nothing is ever easy…

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“Nothing is ever as easy as it looks” said Polly with a wry smile, “how do we know which is the right book?”

“What about the little doll could it hold the key, it looks like it is mechanical?” said Teddy.

Polly lifted the little statue and studied it quizzically. “There’s no key”.

“So turn her backwards, twist her or something, it’s just a doll.”

“Teddy, SHE is not just a doll, how would you like it if I said you were JUST a teddy bear and I twisted you, around the neck!”

“Fair point” mumbled Teddy realising he was beaten.

Suddenly and without warning the little statue began to turn and strange music filled the air. “What’s happening?” exclaimed a startled Polly, “How is it moving?”

“It’s magic” said the little doll. “If you want to find the key, you need to learn your ABCs”. Such was Polly’s fright that she dropped the little doll, who shattered into a million pieces on the floor.

” Well that was weird” said Teddy, “but at least now we know which book we’re looking for” he said pointing to the shelf.

Little Girl Lost


Written for Rogershipp’s Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practioner

It’s been a while since I did a Polly Carmichael story, most of you probably won’t even know who she is, just be warned, I’m not the best at fiction, but I still like to try :)

35 thoughts on “Nothing is ever easy…

  1. good little tale there …. even if Polly hasn’t crossed your path in a while! Still true to her voice and all … as soon as I saw the name Polly … I *knew* it was her … so well done Eejit :)


  2. I think you are very good at fiction! Your story was engaging and descriptive, I pictured the characters in my head and I even thought, Oh No, when the doll hit the floor and smashed into a million pieces. So there are more Polly stories to come then? I look forward to it!


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