Best Laid Plans


I would like to think that I am relatively organised person. I’m not perfect by any means, especially in the morning. Due to this fact I have to have everything for the morning sorted and in place the night before. Clothes laid out, lunch made, bag packed and shower before bed. On the Ships shopping day this also means having to ensure that the Motherships outfit is also laid out. Those mornings I head for the late train, it saves for two trips into town and as long as I am in work for ten on that day it’s all good.

Last night everything was planned and all the essentials were laid out. This morning however my best laid plans fell to a complete arse. The Mothership likes to go quite slowly, the more you remind her you’re in a hurry, the slower she likes to go. I have to make sure I’m dressed before getting her dressed. Then it’s the brushing of the hair, the putting on of the coat and a squirt of perfume. Finally we are ready to depart. Then there was frost on the windows of the car. It’s like WTF!! Long story short, I missed the train, disaster. What I thought was the train pulling into the station, was it actually leaving as I stood with a bemused look on my face wondering what was going on, certainly not me to my destination anyway.

I walked back over to town and found the ships getting out the car, figured I better text my boss and considered my dilemma. The Fathership wanted me to take the day off, I think the shopping trip is a little less stressful when I’m there, but he wasn’t admitting that. I’ve three days to use up before the end of the month, so I texted and asked.

So here I sit, it’s a day off, but it’s not been a day off. I did 14 laps of the supermarket, 10 of the frozen food shop, and braved the bakery with an armful of both toilet and kitchen rolls. I then came home and cooked the three of us a fry, cleaned up, prepared dinner and put in a load of washing. I think I need a power nap.

On the plus side, one of my favourite shows that I had to watch clips of on You Tube has finally made it to UK tv. After a campaign which I believe was entitled something along the lines of Get Elly on the Telly, ITV2 has now started airing Ellen on weekdays. There is however a downside, ITV player is not on the Xbox and nor does it seem to be available on my Freesat just at the minute, which means that as I work during the day I am still going to be unable to watch the show. Today however as I was here anyway I could watch. I’m so glad someone with sense brought the show here, it’s a good un.

I’m now going to consider doing some ironing while finally getting around to watching the film Ex-Machina which I’ve wanted to see for a while, after all, disaster days have to have some perks right.

Wish me luck that I get some peace :)

31 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Oh, it is so annoying when you think you have got everything well organized and it all goes tits up! I am sorry your day has turned out pretty rubbish! I hope you get to enjoy your film :-)


  2. Hope you got to watch your fillum ;-) On the positive side, the fathership must have appreciated you being around. Sounds like mothership has the same speed settings as the Kid – dead slow and stop :-)


    • It does make it easier for the male ship, he’s able to nip round and get his bits and pieces a lot quicker.
      She gets on like a kid re her speed settings, Ma, it’s lashing you need to hurry up, brings about an almost standstill, it makes me Grrrr!

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  3. Ooooff!

    Sorry that the “disaster turned day off” really wasn’t more restful or truly one filled with extra long sleep-ins, fluffy slippers and cozy p.j.s. Hopefully [fingers crossed] this type of episode doesn’t continue to cause undue stress and strain in the future. And I do hope you at least enjoyed the movie – while being able to catch a personal time out!


    • I did enjoy the move thanks, I wasn’t disappointed.
      I’ve decided there is not such thing as a day off anymore, there’s always something to do, or something that needs done, it’s a right royal pain in the arse to be honest lol But ah well, such is life I guess, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry!

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      • *nodding head* …. the only time we seem to get any semblance of peace [and believe me, you have far more on your plate than I – hugs friend xxx] is if we have the dumb ass bad luck to catch a case of the sniffles that sends us spiraling to bed … and even then … well, what can I say, no rest for the wicked? ;)


      • wicked? wicked? who me???

        I am as innocent as the purely driven snow ….

        right … waiting while you stop howling in laughter ….

        ho hum ….

        all I can say with any certainty is this: I must have been a right royal bitch at some point, probably wicked (in every sense of the word) in at least 2 other life times …. and as for “old and boring” …. only because I decided to hide and die …. but not anymore …. still too much fecking fight in me ….
        as for you, “young lady” …. I can’t speak clearly for the marbles in my mouth …. but you’re not old and boring …. just run off your feet …. so put on some fluffy slippers and take a load off, for at least a little bit … and I dare say, you are a bit wicked – in all the best of senses :D


      • you are most wicked – I *know* these things – otherwise we a) wouldn’t get along so well and b) I wouldn’t hang out with you!

        But in case you still feel doubtful – I will most graciously bestow at least 3 handfuls of wickedness on you – a gift wrapped in toilet rolls with a handful of kitchen rolls for the munchies!


  4. Wow. You are a powerhouse! I’m so glad you got the day off….even half taken up by the ships, you need this day! Enjoy every minute!


    • Not really, as some people remind me when I moan, it’s only what millions of others are doing everyday caring for their families, only difference for me is it’s not through choice lol
      I am getting tired in my old age though, I will soon be one of those people who falls asleep in the chair as soon as I sit in it :)


      • Juls, I’m already that person who falls asleep as soon as I stop so I’ll be right beside you when you wake up. And please….don’t belittle all you do even if it isn’t by choice…..nursing homes are full of people whose children refused to step in or couldn’t handle it. You not only stepped in, but you got on with it and you’re finding ways to make it work somehow. I think you deserve many accolades for all that and then some.


  5. What a day ! That’s enough talk about me ! Seriously, you deserve a pat on the back for caring for your ships. I know how tough it is. Chin up my friend.
    That makes us even until you get my replies from my posts. Oh boy ! :D <3


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