A Songful Saturday!

Happy Saturday people, what you at? I bet you’re surprised to see me here at this early hour, it is after all only 20.45pm. I’m surprised to see myself…….every time I look in the mirror! Boom Boom!

So why am I on so early, Well it’s like this, I’m listening to music, but not just any old music. I’m listening to my good friend Steve from Talk About Pop Music hosting his Saturday night request show.

If you’re currently blogging and want to join in you can tune in HERE!

Want a song played, well then you can contact him via Twitter @stevesays2014 or leave a comment on his Radio post for this week HERE!

Tune in, sure it’s great craic!

37 thoughts on “A Songful Saturday!

  1. Looks like I missed this party lol. Glad you had a good time. Look out for the additions to the playlist on Spotify tomorrow. Juls already follows me there but MJ (Michael Jackson? Eeee heee) I’m under talkaboutpopmusic.net if you wanna follow. Until next time Eejits ;)


      • Juls, I’ve never fallen victim to so many illnesses in my life! I’ve come out of the pink eye (thanks to my son’s swim team passing it around) and am now doubled down with worst cough ever and sleeping about 18 hours out of the day in a chair because I can’t manage to do anything but cough when I try and sleep in bed. Ugh. I’m just about ready to toss in the towel over here……hope things are better in your world. Makes my day to see you posting on here…….bright spot for sure!


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