Week 6 of Seven weeks of Weird!


Only two more weeks to go of Mental Mama’s weird quiz…..thank goo….I mean awwww, these questions are so easy, said no one ever! Woman, what were you thinking :)

This weeks question asks: Weirdest way you’ve earned money.

This is going to be a short post, because I don’t think I have ever earned money in a weird way. I’ve was a waitress, a shop assistant and a petrol pump attendant before I discovered the dizzying heights of the role of an Administrative Assistant. Promotion would see me promoted to an Administrative Officer and then my recent sideways move to a Personal Assistant, albeit still at the same grade.

Nothing weird there right?

I also worked as a phone operator for a taxi firm, where although I had a few clientèle who were weird, the job was relatively normal.

So all I can do is tell you about the weird job offer I once got. I have mentioned it before on this blog, although I am not sure how many of you were with me way back then.  So because I am lazy, I have copied and will now paste it for your pleasure.

By far however the strangest request I have ever had, and believe me there have been many, was a gentleman one night asking me had I ever though about branching out on my phone operator career. What do you mean I asked all ears, thinking he was opening a new firm and trying to poach me. When he told me I had the perfect voice to be a phone sex line operator, there was a stunned silence from my end of the phone. Sensing I was not too keen on his idea, he proceeded to tell me it paid £10 an hour, which in those days was really good money. At that point I might have given a small ‘Hmm’, and seizing what he perceived to be an opening he continued by telling me I would be able to work from home….wait….WHAT!!?? I had a quick mind flash of how this would pan out:

“Oh yes baby, it’s getting really hot and steamy now.”  – He doesn’t need to know I am doing the ironing.

“Mmmm honey that’s right, my lust is boiling over, oh actually wait, I’ll brb it’s the feckin spuds.”

I started to laugh at that point and told him I didn’t think that I was suited for the job, but thanked him for considering me.

Till next week eejits…..

Week 5 of Seven Weeks of Weird!


I always knew my life was humdrum and boring, and the 7 weeks of weird is just putting the official seal on it, as each week gets harder and harder! Damn you Mama and your questions making me all normal!

Weirdest Thing You Collect

I don’t collect anything weird, you will not find any dead bodies under my patio, mainly because I don’t have a patio, but hey ho! There are no abnormal toe nails clippings stuck into a scrap book, nor are there skulls encased behind glass in a bookshelf. I am an avid collector of nothin…….wait, hang fire, there’s the Penguins!

Ok so I know you might think collecting Penguins is not weird, but it kinda is when you don’t really like them! And you see at the start I didn’t, but as each person bought me a new one for the collection, I grew to love them. What started out as a joke between my Sister and I, has morphed into Penguin type things adorning the many shelves that surround me, both here and at work.

Just some of the Penguin Eejits!

I think perhaps that is one of the reasons why I do not yet feel comfortable in the new office, the penguins are in a little brown box calling my name and  not out in the open as they should be.

The other thing I loved to collect was Final Fantasy figures, but that was going to turn into an expensive pastime so it got nipped in the bud. I managed to get Tifa and Aerith (a birthday present from Lee), but sadly I left it too long for the Cloud figure and missed out due to the collection being discontinued and the price going into triple figures, I love Final Fantasy, but not that much.

Aerith Gainsborough

On reflection

I just has a lightbulb moment and realised that I do in fact collect something weird. Followers on this blog. I have amassed almost 600, last count I believe was 598. They are weird but unique, and I love each and every one of them dearly! They are my kind of weird :)


Week 2 of Seven Weeks of Weird


It’s the day after hump day, and also the second week of the 7 weeks of weird challenge. I’m a day late, but as someone rather intelligent once said, ‘better late than never’. Mental Mama, please forgive me, I will be on time next week, honest!!

Weirdest thing about you that other people don’t usually know.

I did look at this question last night and I thought long and hard about it, my brain even hurt a little. The conclusion I came to, well I couldn’t actually think of anything weird about me that people don’t already know, it just seems to be universally accepted that I am a little off kilter sometimes.

So here instead are five weird facts about me that I am sure someone out there does not know:

  • I don’t take Sugar in tea or coffee – This seems to amaze people. They assume, albeit wrongly, that because I am on the slightly larger scale of the spectrum that I must have about 5 spoonfuls of the sweet stuff per cup. My answer of ‘I don’t take sugar thanks’, was always met with a ‘Really?!’. I used to answer with ‘Yes, I’m sweet enough’ but these days it’s ‘yes, because clearly I am fat enough!’
  • My Favourite Film is a Cartoon – I don’t mean a Disney or Pixar cartoon. I mean a cartoon of CGI quality born from a Video game. Final Fantasy: Advent Children, is my most watched film ever, with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy coming in a close second.
  • I’m addicted to Stationary – I LOVE stationary, like I mean, I really LOVE stationary. I have lost count of how many notebooks and pens are knocking about my abode, but you can rest assured that only a few will have any writing in them.
  • My grammar is terrible!! – But you’ll know that anyway if you read my blog.
  • I’m a virgin – Virgin on the ridiculous that is! (I just threw that one in to see if you were still awake!)

So there you have it, I might be weird, but it feels wonderful! :)

If you would like to join in with Mental Mama’s Challenge, please click HERE!

Week 1 of Seven Weeks of Weird

Be a part of the weird and wonderful!!

A little while back I met a crazy woman, most of you already know her, but for those of you who don’t, she goes by the name of Mental Mama, and is the brains behind Mental in the Midwest, a rather amusing blog that would be a great addition to your reader.

Anyways, she was starting this project for July called 7 weeks of weird and I, thinking that it would be a great idea, said I’d be as a game as a badger for that particular challenge. I commented, she commented, I commented some more and so did she. Copious amount of following ensued and we’ve been blog buddies ever since.

The truth is, I then forgot all about the challenge until she posted a reminder on her blog. I then forgot about it all over again, because lets face it, the inside of my head is a minefield at present and could go off at any time. Thankfully, Not a Punk Rocker has a better memory and reminded me with her post today.

If you would like to check out and join in with the 7 weeks of weird, then click on the picture to be taken to the information page :)

Weirdest food/food combination you like that everyone else thinks is nasty

Everyone loves beans right, and by that I mean those of the baked bean variety. Little orange coloured nuggets, draped in a tomatoey sauce,  that provide a source of both fibre and fart power. What’s not to love.


Beans are great when teamed with bread, or better still toast. However when I started to add cheese into the mix way back when, the folks in work were horrified. They thought it was a weird combination. I personally thought it was bloody great and ate it at every opportunity.

Fast forward 5 years and cheesy beans is now a favourite of many people. In fact you can even get them in a tin.

Cheesy Beans
Heinz are the dogs bollocks of beans!

The second weird combination that had everyone in a dither was boiled rice and cauliflower cheese. You see, when you say it together like that, it really doesn’t make any sense at all, but for some strange reason it tickled my tastebuds, the bland taste of the rice being lifted by the slight tang of the cheese. I actually haven’t had that in a while and I’m not even sure I would like it anymore myself, so there is only one way to find out.

Looks like tomorrow nights tea is sorted. Give it a go, you know you want to!