Week 5 of Seven Weeks of Weird!


I always knew my life was humdrum and boring, and the 7 weeks of weird is just putting the official seal on it, as each week gets harder and harder! Damn you Mama and your questions making me all normal!

Weirdest Thing You Collect

I don’t collect anything weird, you will not find any dead bodies under my patio, mainly because I don’t have a patio, but hey ho! There are no abnormal toe nails clippings stuck into a scrap book, nor are there skulls encased behind glass in a bookshelf. I am an avid collector of nothin…….wait, hang fire, there’s the Penguins!

Ok so I know you might think collecting Penguins is not weird, but it kinda is when you don’t really like them! And you see at the start I didn’t, but as each person bought me a new one for the collection, I grew to love them. What started out as a joke between my Sister and I, has morphed into Penguin type things adorning the many shelves that surround me, both here and at work.

Just some of the Penguin Eejits!

I think perhaps that is one of the reasons why I do not yet feel comfortable in the new office, the penguins are in a little brown box calling my name and  not out in the open as they should be.

The other thing I loved to collect was Final Fantasy figures, but that was going to turn into an expensive pastime so it got nipped in the bud. I managed to get Tifa and Aerith (a birthday present from Lee), but sadly I left it too long for the Cloud figure and missed out due to the collection being discontinued and the price going into triple figures, I love Final Fantasy, but not that much.

Aerith Gainsborough

On reflection

I just has a lightbulb moment and realised that I do in fact collect something weird. Followers on this blog. I have amassed almost 600, last count I believe was 598. They are weird but unique, and I love each and every one of them dearly! They are my kind of weird :)


19 thoughts on “Week 5 of Seven Weeks of Weird!

  1. Do you know WeeGee? She’s quite fond of penguins as well. And she’s in the UK. But yes, you really should let the kids out of their box. Penguins need to frollick.


  2. I love being part of your collection! ;-) I used to collect penguin stuff way back. But no more. Interestingly, I kept trying to get into this challenge, but my weirdness seems to sidestep most of Mama’s categories. ;-) I feel pretty normal at the moment. Shhhhhh! don’t tell anyone!


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