Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Kids and Pets

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I like the idea that my 300th post on this blog is going to be one for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, it has given myself and others a lot of fun and helped to prise out the inner artist in us all.

This weeks theme was kids and pets. Now when it was first suggested I was a little perturbed to say the least owing to the fact that I have neither kids or pets, so I had to get creative and think of ways to make it fit, so here goes.

The first of my pets would be ‘The Punk Penguin’. I have no idea why he / she is a punk, I just like the addition of a little bad ass and a more colourful body than the normal black and white. I’m thinking tartan for the chest area and the little lock of hair is of course pink!

The Punk Penguin033

The second pet would be ‘The Cheeky Monkey’ because I can be cheeky at times and I like monkeying around. Ignore the fact that his wee face looks like every animal under the sun except a monkey, I had nothing for reference!

The Cheeky Monkey035


Last but not least I figured that as I run this competition along with the Mental one, it seems only fitting that I give 100% participation, so please meet my imaginary child, ‘The Ginger Whinger’. Seriously dude, look at the picture, no other explanation is required!

The Ginger Whinger034

There is still one day left if you would like to join in with this weeks challenge. All the information along with all the current entries for this week can be seen on the Cartoon Craziness Challenge page at the top, or if you are lazy it’s HERE!

40 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Kids and Pets

  1. Punk Penguins and Cheeky Monkeys? Sounds like a lot of ruckus could be created by that pair. Drawings are great but I think it might be time for a diaper change. Maybe that’s what the wee one is upset about.


  2. HA! My husband is a redhead. I like to think he yelled “ah feck” all the time as a baby. It would make sense, given his parents. But the less said about that the better. ;)


  3. I told myself I shouldn’t have looked at your post before trying to draw my cartoon, DAMMIT!!! I’m going to try to get something drawn shortly. I’ve just woke up and don’t have near enough nicotine or caffeine on board yet.


  4. Ha! Ginger plus potty-mouth? That must be your child! What a cutie . . . just don’t take the binky away!

    P.S. Your pets are fabulous, especially the Punk Penguin, even if the Cheeky Monkey looks like it may have a koala in its family. ;)


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