Week 2 of Seven Weeks of Weird


It’s the day after hump day, and also the second week of the 7 weeks of weird challenge. I’m a day late, but as someone rather intelligent once said, ‘better late than never’. Mental Mama, please forgive me, I will be on time next week, honest!!

Weirdest thing about you that other people don’t usually know.

I did look at this question last night and I thought long and hard about it, my brain even hurt a little. The conclusion I came to, well I couldn’t actually think of anything weird about me that people don’t already know, it just seems to be universally accepted that I am a little off kilter sometimes.

So here instead are five weird facts about me that I am sure someone out there does not know:

  • I don’t take Sugar in tea or coffee – This seems to amaze people. They assume, albeit wrongly, that because I am on the slightly larger scale of the spectrum that I must have about 5 spoonfuls of the sweet stuff per cup. My answer of ‘I don’t take sugar thanks’, was always met with a ‘Really?!’. I used to answer with ‘Yes, I’m sweet enough’ but these days it’s ‘yes, because clearly I am fat enough!’
  • My Favourite Film is a Cartoon – I don’t mean a Disney or Pixar cartoon. I mean a cartoon of CGI quality born from a Video game. Final Fantasy: Advent Children, is my most watched film ever, with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy coming in a close second.
  • I’m addicted to Stationary – I LOVE stationary, like I mean, I really LOVE stationary. I have lost count of how many notebooks and pens are knocking about my abode, but you can rest assured that only a few will have any writing in them.
  • My grammar is terrible!! – But you’ll know that anyway if you read my blog.
  • I’m a virgin – Virgin on the ridiculous that is! (I just threw that one in to see if you were still awake!)

So there you have it, I might be weird, but it feels wonderful! :)

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37 thoughts on “Week 2 of Seven Weeks of Weird

  1. Still awake! So am I to that last one. For a second I thought you meant Spirits Within which almost made me sad but then I realized it was the good one, so everything is awesome again! :D


  2. LOL, your list is great, though I was a little confused at the end (though I was not planning on questioning that statement, no way!)


  3. Love your answers and loved that last one….too funny, trying to see if we are awake…OMG. Had me laughing there!


  4. I’m just glad you were able to think of something to write. To be totally honest, I’m having a bitch of a time with these questions and I wrote the damn things! :)

    The sugar thing isn’t so odd in my family – I’m the only one who insists on putting it in everything. Mom puts sugar in coffee, but not tea, and Josh will put sugar in tea, but never coffee.


  5. Well well well — some more interesting and entertaining presents to grace our screens lending us a little more factual information about our wonderful star —- the Eejit – who, in this case, seems anything less than indecisive in her answers.

    Lol —- love the last bit —- I almost choked on my spit and said “Whaaaaaaaaaaatttt?” — in disbelief, because somehow darlin’, I suspect you’ve engaged in your fair share of sexual shenanigans … so yeah, *almost* got me ;)


  6. Stationery is paper and whatnot … Stationary means to hold still in one place. So, yep – the grammar one is true! I wasn’t falling for the last one :) Don’t hate me, I have a friend who argued with me about it too, when I complained about a misspelled sign in my town.


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