It’s Newsworthy!

IE News BannerThis was the week that was, and I am rather glad it’s over. I have a few bits and bobs to share with you today, so decided to do so in the form of Breaking Wind News, hosted by your current affairs correspondent, yours truly, The Indecisive Eejit!

The New Job

I managed to get through my first day on my own relatively unscathed. I have no doubt I take longer to do things than my counterpart would have, but I am on a bit of a steep learning curve, and have been hit with a few things that left me a little stumped. I’ll get there in the end, I have a thirst for knowledge regarding things I do not know, and I need to learn to go easy on myself, I can’t expect to know everything in a couple of days.

The Visitors

It’s actually been good having my Aunt here as she has managed to keep my Mum on an even keel, meaning that for the two weeks I was training I only had the stress of work to deal with. I am however a little out of my routine and feel a bit all over the place, but I have a couple of days off due to the 12th July holidays, to regroup and catch up on things I have missed.

Cat Naps

I’m think I am getting to the age where I will soon start falling asleep in front of the TV when all the chores are done. I really wanted to write last night, but I could not keep my eyes open. I hate going to bed early on a Friday night, I tend to fall out with myself, due to the fact that it’s the start of the weekend and I conk out before 11pm!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge

This started out as a joke between myself and Mental Mama. I challenged her to do a couple of drawings and she accepted. After a few comments we decided to throw it open to the wider blog community. I have been amazed by the responses, and it seems we do indeed have a few budding Picasso’s in out midst. Please feel free to join in, there is no need to worry about your level of skill, it’s all in good fun and I have really enjoyed seeing all the entries this week.

If you would like to have a look and perhaps join in, you can find my original post HERE. There are also links at the bottom to all the entries so far, check them out, they are truly awesome.

I’ve decided I will make this a regular feature and my favourite Mental Mama (MM) has already picked the theme for next week. I’m undecided I might issue it on either a Sunday or Monday, that is to be confirmed.

MM designed a banner and I expanded on it just a little, so from now on all posts for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge will be under the following banner. I hope you like it :)

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

Something that deserves a mention!

Every now and again I come across a new blog that I like. When I was starting out, I was glad of the help I received from others. That said I don’t think this blog will have any problems gathering followers as it’s really funny, and if I know you lot like I think I do, then you will as well, so I decided to share.

The Iggy Dialogues

Iggy the Wonder Schnauzer. Rescue beast. Hobbies include chewing and shrieking. Accomplishments include taking over So Many Feebs before getting his own blog, and sometimes sitting on command. Objectives include smelling every single person on Earth.

Go introduce yourself and say hi to the very witty and funny Iggy, you will not be disappointed :)

I like sometimes how I just happen across blogs, however thank you also to all of my new followers. You widen my world when I would otherwise not have been aware of your existence!

That’s all for now, till next time Eejits! :)

20 thoughts on “It’s Newsworthy!

  1. Well, seems like it was an eventful week for ya :) I would start doin’ one of these “Weekly Wrapups” but my life is boring so there wouldn’t be much to tell.I found Iggy a few days ago as well.


  2. Oh, wow, this made my week!

    I told Iggy about your kind words. He wants to go lord it over the Chiuhuahua next door now. Frankly, I don’t blame him — I hate that Chihuahua. I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that animal in the future, if Iggy ever lets up on the profanities enough to actually hold a conversation on the subject.

    On behalf of Iggy and myself, thank you so much! :)


    • You’re very welcome, no need to thank me, your blog is good enough that it will stand on it’s own two feet, but I think some of the other eejits around here will appreciate it too. Keep up the good work, I know Iggy get’s a lot of the credit, but you deserve some too :)


  3. I have really loved the cartoon challenge entries I’ve seen so far. I’m already looking forward to trying this every week (trying, because I still can’t draw hardly)


  4. Am glad to hear about the job going pretty well and also that you’ve not be burdened by the aunt/mother combo overly much!


  5. Love the banner! I’m just waiting for you to post the linky thingy about this week’s officially official challenge and then I’ll get to it.

    Oh, I’d be totally thrilled if I could stay up until 11 and not feel utterly awful the next day. I’m usually out by about 9 and then up at 5:30 the next morning.


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