Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 2!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge BannerMental Mama and I cannot thank you enough, because it’s been so much fun this week seeing all your entries! Thank you for taking part and putting your own spin on how a ‘Cat in a Hat’ should look.

Please don’t worry about not feeling like your drawing is good enough, it’s all about joining in and making others smile! (Yes Karen, that means you ;P )

We’ve decided to have a trial run of making this a regular feature, so the theme for this week, courtesy of Madame Mental herself, is ‘Self Portrait’. How would you look as a cartoon or a drawing, now is your chance to show us all.

This weeks challenge will run from today until next Saturday, so no excuses, you have plenty of time. New challenges will be issued on either a Sunday or a Monday, I’ll try to keep it to a Sunday if I can.

So get drawing and good luck :)

If you missed last week and would like to see all the entries for the ‘Cat in a Hat’ please click on the link, the entries are listed at the bottom. If I have missed anyone, let me know, I didn’t receive pingbacks for some :)

Entries so Far

The Lotus War | Look for the Creators Part II – Animefied Selfie

Cartoon me | trying to make things right

Rob’s Surf Report | Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait 

Green Embers | Me vs the Universe

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait! | The Indecisive Eejit

CCC: Self Portrait | Dean’z Doodlez

cartoon challenge – self-portrait | Mental in the Midwest

Sideways View | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Week 2 | Somber Scribbler

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait with Spots | heretherebespiders

If you have entered the challenge, but do not see your name listed, I have either not received / or missed a pingback. Please let me know so I can add you :)

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