Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait!

I didn’t really think this through did I. I never gave any consideration to the fact that drawing a subject might not actually be as easy as it first appears. Damn you Mental Mama, you made this a hard one!

So here is my entry for this weeks Cartoon Craziness Challenge, the theme of which is Self Portrait!

There are two of me, the one in T shirt and jeans is pre job change, and the one which is a tiny bit more lady like is after job change. Neither of them paint me in a particularly fantastic light, so if I can do it, then there is no excuse for the rest of you!!



It’s been such great fun since we started this, I know I have enjoyed it immensely and others have told me likewise. We’d love for everyone to join in regardless of ability, because we work on the basis of ‘the more the merrier’! You can find this weeks challenge and all the relevant information by clicking HERE!

I think a few people are having issues with Ping Backs just now, so if you find one does not work, then just send the info via a comment.

Grab your crayons and get creating!

39 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait!

  1. Nice! I’m still hoping that I’ll have time with Josh tomorrow night to work on a few skills so that my pic isn’t utterly embarrassing. It’s one thing to draw a dumb looking cat, entirely something else to draw yourself improperly. :D

    Must start thinking about next week’s theme… Any ideas yet?


      • No, not really. But hell, I just pulled a post for Friday completely out of my butt, so who knows… Hmm… I think it needs to be a real thing, not something abstract. Although… Ok, what if we made it for 2 weeks this time and the theme is to make the book cover or movie poster for your life story? Or have I been smoking Evie’s catnip again?


      • Oooo I like it. I don’t want to make it too difficult for people, but the book cover would allow for use of Paint programs if required, we shall have to give that some though, but I like it :)


      • I’ll leave that up to you. I normally do this kind of thing through a Google form, mostly because I find them easy to manage. And actually, if we do that, we can both have the form on our blogs and the responses will go into a single spreadsheet. What do you think?


  2. Excellent….glad to get a little look inside the Eejit’s world there! I think you do yourself an injustice about your artistic skills…’s quite good what you’ve shown so far!


  3. I too am an administrative worker who favors jeans and t-shirts. Can’t draw worth a damn, though, but I’m really enjoying following this series.

    Speaking of following, how the hell did I forget to click “follow”? Here I’m wondering why you’re not showing up in my reader, and then I looked again, and… oh. Whoops.

    Error corrected. At least, this one is. There are so many other errors that I’m just going to leave as-is because really, who has time? :)


    • You did follow me, WordPress sometimes has this little quirk of dropping people for you! I keep those I do not want to miss in Bloglovin then I’m doubly sure lol

      And yes, some errors are best left forgotten and uncorrected lol


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