Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 7

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It seems I am not the only one in a funk this weather, it’s spreading like wildfire and turning into Meh! Beware people, only a few days left and then we are going to tell the funk to get to feck. The time has come!

Last week in the Cartoon Craziness Challenge we asked you to draw us Memories of a Childhood Vacation. We had some brilliant entries and to ensure you don’t miss out on a single one, I will add links at the bottom of this post.

On a side note my blog buddy Rob shortened the name of the challenge to what he likes to call it C with a baby 3 after it, I might have to pin him down and ask him how he does it (yes Rob this is a hint!) and then pin Mama down and show her how he does it (the baby 3 that is) and see what she thinks.

Anyway for this weeks challenge the theme is another suggestion from Somber Scribbler. I like the idea of this one and my imagination is already running wild, after a short discussion with MM we’ve decided to give you two weeks for this one to allow you to unleash your awesomeness, so instead of being under the funk, it’s time to get your funk on and design yourself a Mythical Creature. Be it fairies, fire breathing dragons, two headed dogs or your boss, the choice is yours to interpret this anyway you choose.

You have until Sunday the 31st August to complete this Challenge, all that I ask is that somewhere within your post you create a pingback to this one so I can see your entry. Happy doodling dudes!

Last Weeks Entries

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Not a Punk Rocker

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36 thoughts on “Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 7

  1. My guess (about the baby 3) is that it’s a subscript character. I’m not sure how to do that in HTML, which if he’s showing it in the text is what he’s doing, but I’m sure I can figure it out for you. :) And yes, the funk needs to feck itself. NOW.


  2. Lol aw Jules I’d love to show you ladies how I make the baby 3 but I’m afraid I haven’t the wherewithal. I’d be happy to explain it in all its lurid details, though. It involves a fun little program called the character map that is a little-known inclusion in Windows since time immemorial.


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