CCC – Memories of a Childhood Vacation

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I’m still not feeling like writing an awful lot, this case of Juls got the funk is lasting a little longer than normal. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly. I figured it would be bad if I missed my own challenge though, so here goes.

This week Deborah gave Mama and I the theme of Memories of a Childhood Vacation. When we were younger my sister and I were lucky enough to go on many vacations, some I remember bits of, some not so much. I classed vacation as the two summer months off school and skipped out with delight on the last day knowing there was no more learning for at least seven weeks.

I have many memories of summer vacations riding around in the back of trailers perilously stacked with bales of hay, hanging off the back of a tractor which a baler munching along behind me, playing tennis on the open air courts or walking 5 minutes down the road and spending the day on the beach.

Some of the best memories I have are when my Dad used to give us old tubes from tractor tyres. Sometimes it would be the small ones, sometimes the huge ones from the back. I am sure we looked a funny sight rolling them all the way down to the seafront.

CC6 - 1The small ones were perfect for single sailing, the big ones held about four of us. Minimum effort was required as you could just lie back and drift at your leisure watching the world go by.

CC6 - 2

However if you got to carried away with your daydreaming, there was always a chance that you would float towards the rocks. I was told stories of there being rats and monsters there, hanging around the rubble that used to be an old Castle. One day on drifting too far I put my legs down to kick myself back to shore, and felt something wrap around them. I believe I started squealing like a banshee thinking I was going to be dragged below the surface to a watery grave, before actually having the sense to look down and realise it was seaweed, not the ten thousand tentacled octopus of my imagination.

CC6 - 3

When I made it to shore I rolled that tyre home as fast as my now knackered little legs would carry me. I gave myself such a fright, first with the seaweed and then thinking about the possibility of drifting out to sea, that I believe that was my last adventure on the tyre! But it was fun all the same, especially looking back on it now, from the safety of my chair :)

There is still today if you would like to join in with this challenege. To see who already has, check out the Cartoon Craziness Page!

17 thoughts on “CCC – Memories of a Childhood Vacation

  1. How funny. I can just see you and your tyre and your horror when that stuff wrapped around your leg. I can probably relate to this better than most because of my own experience…..we were on a beach (probably the year Jaws was released) and I saw something big swimming in the water. I ran out of the water and up the sand screaming, “Shark! Shark!” over and over. I reached the blankets where my family was and they were all laughing! Laughing at me! They all said it was a manatee and not a shark in the water. I’m still not convinced!


    • Ok I’ll admit I had to google Manatee, they are cute, but no harm to your family, if one of those had come swimming towards me I’d have been all up and screaming on the beach too, probably leaving a little yellow stream behind me! lol


      • Ha! I go snorkelling here in lakes and get vertigo from the weeds coming up from below – like I’m flying over a city made of weed-skyscrapers. If it wraps around my leg? Paniiiiic!

        My ocean was calm, but you had to beware the undertow for sure. I spent most of my childhood dreams running from tidal waves, too.


  2. Sorry to hear you’re still in a funky mood — hopefully it will pass sooner rather than later Juls!

    Loved the story —- and the cute cartoons —- there is such a lovely strength to your lines and swoops — simple but powerful :)

    Another thing we have in common — riding trailers stacked with bales! Lol …. me too!Me too!
    Great memories those — as for tires or tyres – well inner tubes were useless to me & my brother and cousins, because it was farmland – no water in sight – other than counting the ditches; hardly good floating and boating, unless you were the size of a Barbie or G.I. Joe!

    Lol —- well I’m glad that you finally found sense and realized you could have been carried away on the tides. Tyre drifting on the sea would require tethering, imho.


  3. Yeah, this round of the funk seems to be a particularly stubborn strain. But I like the idea of the tractor tires and how they were part of your summer. I enjoyed your pictures and your description of your summer activities. Here’s hoping the funks move on!


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