I’m Portable!

Laptop Overload - Smiffer

So peeps, this is the first post from the netbook, and also the first one using Windows Live Writer, wish me luck!

It seems my new toy is more versatile than I thought, as from the comfort of my armchair I was able to control my Xbox using the built in Smart glass app and set an episode of Haven to play in the background as I write. I was also able to reply to a message from Shady and view achievements for my recently played games. I am, I have to admit, rather impressed!

My only bugbear at the minute is the size of the text on the screen, but I am sure with a little tweaking I will be able to adjust that too. It’s a matter of figuring out which platform works best for my offline blogging needs. In fact cancel the whole screen size niggle, I just realised with a swipe of finger and thumb, I can adjust it myself! Doh!!

It’s going to take a while to get used to the whole laptop thing, I’ve only ever been used to PC’s and I have to say I am extremely useless when using the track pad, which is another reason why the touch screen is a blessing!

I’ve not been portable enough yet to venture to work with it, although when I decide I am ready I have a rucksack all set! With the weather getting colder and ground underfoot getting a little slippy, I am scared of falling and squashing Pinguette with my big fat ass!

Ah well, time to get off self same fat ass and go do the housework! Later eejits Smile

20 thoughts on “I’m Portable!

  1. When I first used a laptop, I could never use a trackpad, but practice makes perfect! Now I’m pretty comfortable with one. :P Seriously though, try and use the trackpad every now and then. ;)


  2. I never use the trackpad, I always disable it and use a mouse instead. Much easier! But hey, how did you manage to get Live Writer to install? Mine wouldn’t do it and every source online says it’s deprecated software.


  3. Whoo Hooo! The Eejit is connected!

    Glad that you have a new toy Juls – may you be blessed with nothing but heavenly techno-wizards and no …. er …. brain fart happening here …… er ….. oh crap …. some really catchy phrase that has escaped my mind in the course of 3 seconds but was the equivalent of sumthin’ demons …..


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