Where have the Office Eejits gone?

An Office Full of Eejits

So this morning while perusing my little blogsphere over a cup of coffee and not one, but two slices of toast, I realised it has been a while since there has been a post about the office eejits!

The main reason for this being that in the last few weeks life in the office has been rather low key to say the least. Between one thing and another there have been very few times were we have all been there together. In the times that we have, we’ve all been busy trying to catch up with work from the times we weren’t.

The infamous Tinsel Twit has been off unwell, and the work space is definitely much quieter without her presence. I’d like to think that she will make it to the Christmas dinner considering she’s been blethering on about it since July! Aside from that  it would be like having a Christmas tree with no baubles on!

In the run up to the festive season, we’ll have to ensure that we make time for fun and frolics in between all that working! I do after all need new material!

At the Christmas do I’ll just have to try and ensure that no one gets their baubles out! Watch this space!



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