Feet Up!

I do love a Monday off, that one extra day tagged onto the weekend.

For once I’m doing nothing of any importance. I’m going to spend the day cleaning up the clutter than seems to gather round me during the week, well after I finish this post and watch ‘The Hotel Inspector’ that is. I like her particular brand of ballsy! Couple that with the fact I’ve put my back out and you’ll forgive me a little R ‘n’ R!

Last night Udders and I had the pleasure of attending ‘Le Maison De La Monkey’ for a slap up Sunday dinner! All I can say is ‘Wow’ and when are we going back! That was a meal and a half. I had to stop myself from licking the plate. The highlight of the whole night however, had to be the sight of Udders, Monkey and Rugette with their arses in the air. Yep, someone broke out the Twister Mat. There is photographic evidence, but I thought I would spare you from that!

Christmas is coming, and it’s coming far to fast for my liking. There are only a few weeks left and there is so so much to do. The task I dread the most is the writing of all my Mother’s cards, same as she is no longer able to herself. My own friends tend to fall by the wayside a little, because after writing so many I just can’t face any more. Last year the task was made easier because I was at home anyway nursing Alien Leg, but this year I am going to have to  fit it in between being back at work full time, cooking and cleaning. Doesn’t leave much time left over! I figure if I guzzle down the rescue remedy we’ll be fine. Fingers crossed!

I have to be honest and say I am not a big Christmas fan. I do love all the lights and the decorated trees, but for many it’s a huge money sucker. I pity parents who feel they have to follow trends when buying presents for their children. Consoles and technology may look like nothing left under a tree, but they cost an absolute fortune and there is no doubt that peer pressure plays a part. I sure wouldn’t want to be paying Santa’s credit card bill!

Still though, as the time gets closer, it’s almost impossible to not get caught up in the festive season. One sniff of cinnamon up the nostrils, the gentle tinkle of a sleigh bell and the twinkle of fairy lights is enough to soften the heart of this Grinch!

I’m cutting down with regards to the presents though, it’s meant to be the time of Peace and Goodwill, not crying in the corner because you can’t make ends meet! Thankfully there are very few of my friends I buy for, we’ll all content with nice cards, anyone want to write mine? *smiles sweetly*


24 thoughts on “Feet Up!

  1. Can you not put a number limit on your mom’s cards? Or write a letter and send it out to everyone with a line or two for them? That is what I do and it saves so much time. Put it on nice holiday paper and get holiday stickers and voila! it looks great and gives them all the info they want to hear about the year.
    I am buying less. There is a movement called Advent Christmas, where people put what they would spend and give it in time or donations or sponsor a poor family or child and give them a Christmas. Talk about making Christmas feel real. So much more enjoyable than the stock gift. We did boxes for Operation Christmas child and for a poor child who didn’t even have underwear or a coat. We are taking one child out to get his gifts and go to a party for a local charity. The season just cant get better when you make it special for a child.


    • That really is a lovely thing to do. Every year since the stroke damage started my Mum says she is not going to do cards next year and is going to donate to charity instead, and very year she wants cards! They are the bain of my life, because it’s very hard to navigate through the whole affair without some kind of eruption lol She’s still savvy enough to know she wants actual cards though lol


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