Grand Theft of my Senses!

All this fuss over a bus shelter…WTF!!

I started playing GTA V, mainly because three of my bestest Xbox chums asked me too. I didn’t think I’d like it, but figured I would give it a shot anyway, there was nothing to lose. I tend to try games before I purchase them in order to check to see if I will or will not suffer motion sickness, but no one was relinquishing their copy so I dived straight in and purchased a cheap one from Ebay.

If I’d based the game purely on Career Mode I wouldn’t have played it too much, but along with my friends I ventured into the Online Mode and I fell in love. It’s been a while since I played a game that completely grabbed my attention and made me want to rush home from work and it was nice to see a small rekindling of the old gaming spark. That said, as good as the game is, it’s the fun I can have with my friends that makes it amazing.

5 Reasons why I am feeling the love for Grand Theft Auto V

  1. I can drive, something that I have not yet achieved in real life. I have 8 cars and two motorcycles and for the most part can manage to keep them between the hedges. That is until I open my mouth and say “My driving is getting better isn’t it?” while rounding a corner and crashing into a bus shelter!
  2. I am able to go for long virtual drives in the countryside with friends I will probably never get to meet in real life, and if you’re going to pretend, you might as well pretend in style.
  3. Obviously I am not as good a girl as I like to think. I am getting a strange buzz from robbing armoured trucks and pulling people out of their vehicles in order to steal them. My one attempt to rob a convenience store however ended in disaster, as I forgot to wear a mask. Now I am frightened to go into any store to purchase goodies as I can’t remember the exact one I robbed, meaning I could get fatally wounded should I step inside it again.
  4. I have the most amazing apartment and 10 car garage, I mean come on, when’s that ever likely to happen!
  5. In the clothes store there is the most amazing skeleton hoodie. It’s just a shame you have to be rank number 3, 564, 377 to unlock the fecker!

5 Reasons why I am NOT feeling the love for Grand Theft Auto V

  1. The other night whilst out for coffee with my friend, I found that when we were driving around in the dark, I was scanning the mean streets looking for cars to steal and armored trucks to sticky bomb!
  2. Even worse was when  we passed a hooded youth walking along the street and I said to my friend, we could mug him and split the money. Thankfully he understood as he is also a GTA fan, and didn’t turn his car and head straight for the nearest police station. However, I at that point was a little worried for my sanity.
  3. Shandy and Jelly no longer fill me full of joy, they seem to think it is more amusing to fill me full of lead. I’ve been shot, beaten, bombed, mowed down, you name it, they have done it.
  4. I am not getting enough sleep. Despite telling myself I am going to have an early night, I never quite make it. The addictive game sucks you in and spits you out at a totally unreasonable hour!
  5. It’s just a game….I really want a nice apartment and a 10 car garage…..ffs!!

If I keep this up, very soon I’ll be needing a Grand Theft Auto Intervention!

P.s Many thanks to all my new followers, you are very welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

17 thoughts on “Grand Theft of my Senses!

  1. It’s kinda scary, the effect it’s got! And isn’t it weird that games about robbing and thievery are made?
    But well, as long as you don’t go running around like that in real life, I suppose it’s still pretty okay :).


  2. I thought GTA 3 and Vice City were brilliant, and lots of fun.
    I didn’t like 4 so much – too dark. 5 isn’t on my list to try.

    But I went through the whole “gee, I could do this in real life” thought process too.

    (You can also steal a police car!)


  3. So, that’s where you’ve been!

    Just kidding. Perhaps I should warn you of my son’s username. He likes to do goofy things like sing the “Meow Mix” commercial while playing.


    • Yeah, that and I have had nothing to write about :(

      Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll keep my ear on the game and I might be able to tell you his name without you having to tell me, if you catch my drift lol


      • Oh, I was kidding about you not being here. You’re missed, sure, but I get it :-)

        If you know what a slight southern accent sounds like on a 17 year old boy, that will help you narrow it down much faster :-)


  4. Lol I’m aware of that effect. When I had my first live-in girlfriend for a while and one of my same-sex best friends dropped me off after a hang-out and I had a strange urge to kiss him goodbye . . . I didn’t thank goodness, but I think it’s a habit bias that takes time to break. Just resist your dark urges, lassie!

    On another note, it’s about time you posted something, I very nearly sent you a videogram last night because I was starting to wonder where you had got to.


    • I know, I need to get myself into a better routine. I just feel like I have nothing to say right now. I’m wondering is it the curse of approaching a year, sub consciously I am worried it all has been just a fad.
      Even prompts and stuff are leaving me with nothing to give…the well is dry! lol


      • Well, I have also become disillusioned with the prompts – if you go by what the Daily Post is asking for, there’s only enough prompts in the Universe to cover about nine months’ worth of days! I say that because I swear I’ve seen every prompt they’ve put out since the beginning of the year before. I know Jed’s doing very cool prompts, though I’m not sure where his imaginative steam comes from, because they always seem to get better! If I only had the time, I’d be right on top of those.

        Don’t read this as I’m pushing you to write, although you have to if you’re a writer – no judgement here – just saying I miss your words like we might miss seeing a familiar face around town.


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