It’s all gone to……….


I feel like I’m going slowly crazy. What an opening line that is huh, some would say I am already half way there.

You’re wondering why I feel this way aren’t you, well I mean you better be, because you’re going to find out whether you want to or not. I’m nice like that, I like to share.

Work has been crazy…’s like someone has been plying it with red bull, so each morning it smacks you in the face. Full on assault, every feckin day! I never seem to go home anymore thinking that’s great, I got so much done. These days it’s like WTF just happened, I am sooooooo glad this day is over.

All I seem to do is work. Work during the week and work at weekends, and to top it all off, I constantly need to work at trying to stay sane.

Even GTA has been driving me nuts ffs. I was in the other night, minding my own business doing missions and this guy decides to try and mow me down. Dude, we’re supposed to be a team, on the same side, good versus bad remember. Only his rogue little ass is trying to run all over mine and the other guys, who is actually still trying to complete the mission while all this is going on. So I grab a helicopter and I’m flying around trying to save the other non physco civilian in the room who has our captive in tow, devil dude is driving around like a maniac and I land the chopper and make mince meat of everyone. I don’t often face palm, but on this occasion I left bruises!!

I don’t have a dog, but if I did even it would have been disgusted.

I switched over to Trials Fusion after that. I used to think it was so sweet how it made little video clips for me, until I realised they were entitled ‘That’s just Wrong’ and they actually detailed my epic disasters. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Maybe I need a new pass time :)


Irritating Idiots!


I’ve got balls in GTA!

Right time to vent!!

I’m a gamer, granted not a serious one, but a gamer none the less. Motion sickness makes first person shooters a non starter for me, so I miss out on all the good games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and the Bioshock series to name but a few. It meant I had to look for alternatives and no one was more surprised than I when I fell in love with Grand Theft Auto 5 after being coerced into buying it by that group of eejits I call friends, you all know who you are!

I was a late starter to the game, it had already been out for a while before I purchased it for the 360, eventually moving my character and all her associated baggage over to the One when I changed console. I’m level 300 online, not because I am good, but because I have put in many hours of play and have also managed to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge which netted me brownie points and a cool $10 millions dollars. I am a fan of this open world game and so far it has yet to lose it’s appeal. The one biggest drawback however would be the connection issues, that said, no game of that size and playability is going to be without flaws.

By and large being a female gamer I have been spared the onslaught of chauvinistic males, mainly because I was lucky enough to meet a really great bunch of guys and I tend to stay within that social circle. I do love a good war of words though, especially when someone thinks they might gain the upper hand simply because I am female. I have worked in predominantly male environments all my life, believe me, I can hold my own.

Reaching level 300 was my goal and after I achieved it I figured I might tweak a character and start again, jumping from mission to mission or into heists, something to pass the time until the whole group were on. My main reason in doing so, is that when you are playing solo online and you’re a high level, people either want to constantly hunt you down or recruit you into their teams. I wanted hassle free so being a low level cuts out all the tripe. I can still hold my own because I know the missions like the back of my hand despite the fact that my strength levels are that of a beginner.

Having time to kill the other night and seeing that everyone else was tied up in other games I jumped on for an hour to try and do a bit more levelling up. I started up a mission and quickly got the required four players. Things were progressing well, but just as we were nearing the end of the mission it told me the other three players had left. In GTA this usually signals that I, rather than they had been disconnected. I ended the mission and collected my RP and winnings, noting that I was on a par or slightly higher than the other three with regards to number of kills. Connection continued to be a bit sketchy so after filling up on snacks and body armour I decided to leave it for the night.

Imaging my surprise the next night when I go in to watch TV and find this message waiting for me:

“You’re a noob at GTA……..fuck offffffffffffff”

I was trying to remember the name of the person and think where I had met them, but to be honest when skipping from mission to mission there are so many you forget. So being the polite person I am I replied:

‘What brought that on?’

I then decided to check out his profile and was not surprised to find that he was branded by Microsoft as ‘Reputation needs work’. No shit Sherlock.

I was quite excited to see when I got home what the next exciting instalment would be, and it was to be honest quite disappointing. You can see the full conversation below. I have for obvious reasons blanked out his name.


I think my reply is polite and to the point. I refrained from swearing, even though I wanted to, like really really wanted to! Dry your f*cking eyes would have have given me much more satisfaction. I have no doubt this will not be the end of it, but that’s what the big block button is for. In the grand scheme of things neither his message or mine is that bad, but I mean come on was there any need for it. If I sent a message to everyone who had pissed me off I would never have any time to play the game in the first place. Apart from that, I may be a noob in levels terms, but I had more feckin kills that he did….

Rant over :)



Grand Theft of my Senses!

All this fuss over a bus shelter…WTF!!

I started playing GTA V, mainly because three of my bestest Xbox chums asked me too. I didn’t think I’d like it, but figured I would give it a shot anyway, there was nothing to lose. I tend to try games before I purchase them in order to check to see if I will or will not suffer motion sickness, but no one was relinquishing their copy so I dived straight in and purchased a cheap one from Ebay.Read More »

Where I’ve been..

Image from

See I’d so love to tell you that I took a trip to the moon and back, or went on holiday to somewhere utterly fabulous and amazing. The truth is I was getting on with the daily grind of life and rediscovering my love for the Xbox and party chats!

During my recovery from the ruptured patellar tendon, I was on the Xbox every night chatting with friends and playing games, well lets face it, there are not a lot of other places you can go when you cannot walk.  When I went back to work, it slid a little, and then when I started blogging it pretty much got kicked to the curb all together.Read More »

If you could be…..

Tifa as seen in Final Fantasy Advent Children

Simpleek gave me the idea for this post with one of her tweets.

Spent most of my Sunday jumping from one game to the next.

There was more to it than that, but this single line got me thinking, how amazing would it be if we actually could jump in and out of games as the characters we know and love.

Anyone who games will know how easy it is to become  immersed in the beautiful worlds portrayed with pixels onto our screens, to become intricately involved with the characters and lost in the fantasy landscapes  that stretch as far as the eye can see.

It almost makes the task of choosing just one character seem like an impossible one.

Sure I could be Lara Croft, with her short shorts, killer curves and amazing skill set, but no, I would want to be Tifa Lockhart.

Tifa as seen in Final Fantasy VII

It seems like such a long time since I was  first introduced to Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. I loved her even then with her small cartoon like appearance making her no less formidable, however, for me she really came into her own in Final Fantasy Advent Children. She stepped into the screen as a woman, and one not to be messed with.

Graphics have improved immensely since the days of Final Fantasy and CGI has been kind to Tifa.  She evolved, and emerged as a lean, mean fighting machine, her black clothes hugging a figure to rival Lara Crofts. Tifa however does not ooze sex appeal (although I am sure most guys would disagree), she exudes a steely determination, which is much more appealing.

tifa and cloud
Cloud and Tifa – Final Fantasy Advent Children

I always felt slightly sorry for her and what I perceived to be her quiet love for Cloud. I entertained the vain hope they would get together, but alas it was never be to. She was after all pitted against Aeirth, and who could fail to love her.

Aeirth Gainsborough, Rinoa Heartilly, Yuffie and Yuna to name but a few. All strong female characters from the Final Fantasy Series, however for me, Tifa holds the top spot.

I could quite easily kick back and relax with Barret, Yuffie, Reeve, Vincent, Cid and the rest of the Advent Children favourites while lusting after Cloud from afar, sounds like a damn fine day to me!

So, if you choose be any character to game hop into, who would it be and why?

Tifa Fight Scene
You better be wary when the flowers are a flyin!

Identity Crisis!

I’m having a bit of a blog identity crisis. I can see in my mind both Lee and Paul rolling their eyes and shaking their heads as they read this, because this is what I do best!

When I first stated this blog, The Geeky G4mer seemed like a good name. I am a little bit of a geek and also a little bit of a gamer, but I excel at neither. It was also my gamer tag, so it tied the whole thing  together.

So whats the problem? The honest answer is, there probably isn’t one, however my mind is a whiring dirvish that will just not let up. I don’t want to be defined as a hardcore gamer, because I will not be able to offer, exciting, informative reviews of new games. I will however sometimes occasionally offer, slightly inadequate but hopefully amusing accounts of the games I play.

As well as games I want to write about life in general and the normal day to day run of the mill things that I find funny.

I like making people smile, but it’s hard to transfer the witty one liners and quips from my head to the page without invoking the dreaded “You obviously had to be there.” 

So does the name of my blog define me as being just a gamer and therefore put off others, who in a different situation, might actually read my posts.

By the same token, does it also put off the other gamers, who have amazing blogs and actually know what they are talking about. Do they look at my  posts and go WTF and skip on by in utter disgust.

So now do you see my problem, that is probably not really a problem.

So my question for you all is, to name change or not? and if your answer  is yes do you have any suggestions?

A 360 Degree Turn!

360013I read a lot of stories this morning on the way to work, but the one that brought the biggest smile to my face had to be What’s Your Tag’s post (which I reblogged) about Microsoft’s reversal of some policies in relation to the new Xbox One.

Let’s be honest here, I still can’t afford to purchase one, well not for the time being anyway.  I just don’t have that kind of money to spend right now, but I am a little less glum about the prospect should my little 6 year old decide to pop it’s clogs mid game with an awesome rendition of the red ring of death.

It’s comforting to note that Microsoft are actually listening to their fan base and attempting to put right some of the issues that made us feel wronged. I do however wonder how much of it was, “I can see their point” as opposed to “Uh oh, they are going to leave”.

Who cares, no matter how you look at it, it’s a result.

I’m wondering if I can hoodwink you all into clicking a nifty little Paypal button and making donations to a “Keep the Geek Gaming Fund”. Only messing, saving is much more fun and I’ll hand myself a healthy serving of satisfaction when I purchase one!

It made you what??

"Juls never got the hang of First Person Shooters"
“Juls never got the hang of First Person Shooters”

No one ever quite believes me when I tell them I cannot play FPS (First Person Shooter) games. More often than not they laugh when I tell them it’s down to suffering from motion sickness. I can see them looking at me like I am clearly not right in the head, and to be fair most of the time that is indeed true, but this time I am being totally serious.

I first noticed it whilst taking Medal of Honor: Frontline for a test drive.

One of my mates had this huge 42 inch TV which in 2002  was a rarity as far as I can remember. He hooked up the PS2, switched everything on and I was in geeky heaven, until the game started.

The first section was called “Your Finest Hour” or something like that, it was my worst hour.

The game starts with you storming onto Omaha Beach. Being a first person shooter you can see the end of the gun as it rises and falls to simulate your movement as you advance. On the huge screen everything was exaggerated and within 5 minutes I had turned green and handed back the controller.

What is Video Game Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness caused by video games, sometimes called simulator sickness, is caused when there is a disconnect between what your eyes are seeing and what your body is feeling. The most common theory (taken from many medical websites) about why you get sick is that your body thinks that you have been poisoned and you are hallucinating the movement that you are seeing but not feeling, so you get nauseous and (if you don’t stop playing right away) vomit in order to flush the toxins from your body.

I was a little miffed at not being able to play, but no big deal I thought, it’ll pass, I was happy enough watching. Nope! Couldn’t do that either, the waves of nausea just kept coming. So we changed the game.

I never was a big lover of war games anyway so the fact that I was unable to play them didn’t really worry me all that much, but then it started happening with other games. I’d have to take a break from Tomb Raider sometimes when I was lost and running around in circles because I was getting as dizzy as Lara was.

There are plenty of games I have played and also plenty more I still have to play, however there are some that I feel I have missed out on that I would at least like to have tried. Oblivion is one, I purchased it but never progressed that far. The BioShock series however,  is one of the ones I am most annoyed about, I like the idea and the look of it, I just can’t play it.

Battlefield 3 strangely enough I was able to play in multiplayer but not in career mode. Now when I say “play” in Multiplayer I mean the sequence of events was as follows, Spawn, stand up, die. Respawn, stand up, die and so it went on.

Grid is another one, I never race in it, but as a group we were all fond of the Demo rooms. I can play for so long and then I start to get nauseous.

Getting motion sickness while playing videogames affects a lot of people, yet it seems almost like a taboo to talk about among gamers because you might not be seen as “hardcore” since you can’t play certain things.

Oh no! I’m not hardcore, ah well sh1t happens!!

Apparently Ginger is meant to be pretty good for counteracting motion sickness so I have my cure sussed! The only way for me to progress is to eat copious amounts of ginger! Life as a non hardcore gamer can be tough sometimes!!

Oh well if I must!
Oh well if I must!