Identity Crisis!

I’m having a bit of a blog identity crisis. I can see in my mind both Lee and Paul rolling their eyes and shaking their heads as they read this, because this is what I do best!

When I first stated this blog, The Geeky G4mer seemed like a good name. I am a little bit of a geek and also a little bit of a gamer, but I excel at neither. It was also my gamer tag, so it tied the whole thing  together.

So whats the problem? The honest answer is, there probably isn’t one, however my mind is a whiring dirvish that will just not let up. I don’t want to be defined as a hardcore gamer, because I will not be able to offer, exciting, informative reviews of new games. I will however sometimes occasionally offer, slightly inadequate but hopefully amusing accounts of the games I play.

As well as games I want to write about life in general and the normal day to day run of the mill things that I find funny.

I like making people smile, but it’s hard to transfer the witty one liners and quips from my head to the page without invoking the dreaded “You obviously had to be there.” 

So does the name of my blog define me as being just a gamer and therefore put off others, who in a different situation, might actually read my posts.

By the same token, does it also put off the other gamers, who have amazing blogs and actually know what they are talking about. Do they look at my  posts and go WTF and skip on by in utter disgust.

So now do you see my problem, that is probably not really a problem.

So my question for you all is, to name change or not? and if your answer  is yes do you have any suggestions?

17 thoughts on “Identity Crisis!

  1. A blog is whatever you want it to be, the name of it means very little but hey if you really want to change it, how about something like The Candy Crusher? lol


  2. Blog names are incredibly difficult. A friend and I came up with a good one, and we started the blog together, but then I went solo and all the good names were already taken it seemed… It was my brother who came up with NBI, of course a pun, but sometimes I wonder if people really think the blog was not intended. Because obvs, it was.
    I do think though that your name doesn’t affect the traffic all that much. I’m not a gamer at all but still visited your blog because you visited mine. That’s probably the best way to get visitors. If you change, your url won’t change with you and that will make it harder to find your blog perhaps… I wouldn’t change if I were you. But who am I to tell you what to do? ;)


    • I appreciate the reply and the input very much! At the end of the day I guess if I can produce relatively readable content it doesn’t matter what my name is lol I love the WordPress reader, I’d be lost without it on my train journeys. So keep writing :-)


  3. The simple fact is that no matter what your blog is called or how good the content is you put on it, you will NEVER be pleased, you never are lol


  4. But your blog is good, your content is good, you have had over 10,000 views but you still spend more time questioning it and second guessing yourself then just enjoying it; This is meant to be fun and you are doing great!


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