Turn down the heat!

Uh oh…..hello Summer!

I’ve been saying it for days! I am built for comfort, not heat!

I think I must have a wonky thermostat.

Other people in the first rays of sunshine are running full pelt to the beach, discarding clothing as they go. Me, well I’m walking extra steps to try and reach a little bit of shade. Sure I look ridiculous crouching under the dog waste bin, but hey,¬† I’ll take what I can get.


I can however take comfort in the fact that I will never get lost in a crowd. My shiny red face can been seen for miles around. It seems it also has solar panel like abilities, as I continue to glow long after the sun has set and the crowds have all gone home.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the sun, I just prefer it when it is accompanied by a little breeze to aid the cooling process for those, like me, who are, thermostatically challenged, i.e. too fecking hot!

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