Irritating Idiots!


I’ve got balls in GTA!

Right time to vent!!

I’m a gamer, granted not a serious one, but a gamer none the less. Motion sickness makes first person shooters a non starter for me, so I miss out on all the good games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and the Bioshock series to name but a few. It meant I had to look for alternatives and no one was more surprised than I when I fell in love with Grand Theft Auto 5 after being coerced into buying it by that group of eejits I call friends, you all know who you are!

I was a late starter to the game, it had already been out for a while before I purchased it for the 360, eventually moving my character and all her associated baggage over to the One when I changed console. I’m level 300 online, not because I am good, but because I have put in many hours of play and have also managed to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge which netted me brownie points and a cool $10 millions dollars. I am a fan of this open world game and so far it has yet to lose it’s appeal. The one biggest drawback however would be the connection issues, that said, no game of that size and playability is going to be without flaws.

By and large being a female gamer I have been spared the onslaught of chauvinistic males, mainly because I was lucky enough to meet a really great bunch of guys and I tend to stay within that social circle. I do love a good war of words though, especially when someone thinks they might gain the upper hand simply because I am female. I have worked in predominantly male environments all my life, believe me, I can hold my own.

Reaching level 300 was my goal and after I achieved it I figured I might tweak a character and start again, jumping from mission to mission or into heists, something to pass the time until the whole group were on. My main reason in doing so, is that when you are playing solo online and you’re a high level, people either want to constantly hunt you down or recruit you into their teams. I wanted hassle free so being a low level cuts out all the tripe. I can still hold my own because I know the missions like the back of my hand despite the fact that my strength levels are that of a beginner.

Having time to kill the other night and seeing that everyone else was tied up in other games I jumped on for an hour to try and do a bit more levelling up. I started up a mission and quickly got the required four players. Things were progressing well, but just as we were nearing the end of the mission it told me the other three players had left. In GTA this usually signals that I, rather than they had been disconnected. I ended the mission and collected my RP and winnings, noting that I was on a par or slightly higher than the other three with regards to number of kills. Connection continued to be a bit sketchy so after filling up on snacks and body armour I decided to leave it for the night.

Imaging my surprise the next night when I go in to watch TV and find this message waiting for me:

“You’re a noob at GTA……..fuck offffffffffffff”

I was trying to remember the name of the person and think where I had met them, but to be honest when skipping from mission to mission there are so many you forget. So being the polite person I am I replied:

‘What brought that on?’

I then decided to check out his profile and was not surprised to find that he was branded by Microsoft as ‘Reputation needs work’. No shit Sherlock.

I was quite excited to see when I got home what the next exciting instalment would be, and it was to be honest quite disappointing. You can see the full conversation below. I have for obvious reasons blanked out his name.


I think my reply is polite and to the point. I refrained from swearing, even though I wanted to, like really really wanted to! Dry your f*cking eyes would have have given me much more satisfaction. I have no doubt this will not be the end of it, but that’s what the big block button is for. In the grand scheme of things neither his message or mine is that bad, but I mean come on was there any need for it. If I sent a message to everyone who had pissed me off I would never have any time to play the game in the first place. Apart from that, I may be a noob in levels terms, but I had more feckin kills that he did….

Rant over :)



17 thoughts on “Irritating Idiots!

  1. Hehe hehe! I wouldn’t let it bother you Eejit…sounds like a teenage boy with a silly attitude. Imagine even being arsed to send someone a message like that? You’re totally right!
    My OH plays GTA5 a fair bit (on the PS4) and he’s like you, a considerate player, but the idiocy of some of the general public winds him up no end!


  2. And this shit right here is why I make Husband do all the socializing until we know someone (online). Because people piss me off, and I have some sort of fault in my wiring that causes me to report, then hunt down people like that and kill them over and over and over just to ruin their day. Which is awful and immature and I know it… but it’s like a switch gets flipped!


  3. You know, socializing on MMOs would be so much easier if you didn’t have to talk to people… LOL!

    Seriously, I drive my family crazy on WoW, because I much prefer to do my own thing, and hate talking in chat. I only ever do runs with hubby & our boy – no way I’m getting stuck in a dungeon with jackasses like this!


  4. Congrats on earning the No Life Prize (as they say in shows like The Amazing World of Gumball…episode “The Console”, FYI). Worth it! :P

    I’d still get motion sickness from those behind-the-character-running-around-town games. I would get queasy from games like Duke Nukem AND an old Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) game simply because of the way the camera had to rapidly shift (versus say LOZ: The Ocarina of Time in which camera movement is a little more graceful but occasionally awkward/difficult). I can handle Sims speed, though.

    The fact that you’re playing a game that has that kind of online interaction bodes discouraging game time. It’s like having a non-online game and someone to come along and leave their poop on your controller. I wish you could screen such interaction by having a set space for just your group until you decide to go scrounging around for “noobs” to invite.

    Just looking at the juvenile text dialogue makes me want to put away the video games. [I feel old.]


    • You can do private lobbies, which is what we usually do, but when I’m on my own it’s easier to find missions by joining ad-hoc which sometimes then by default throws you into a public room.
      At the time I was doing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge it was a good diversion from life which wasn’t so great and also a good stress reliever lol


      • I guess, if nothing else, you can take out frustrations by wailing on the kiddies or immature adults who cannot spell. I mean, they put themselves out there and mouth off; why not treat them like the punks in those Double Dragon games?

        But, I’d rather play Double Dragon than Grand Theft Auto. The latter might compel me to take up criminal habits or waste more time than I really should give a game.


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