Regarding Life

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I love people watching, is that weird?

It’s amazing how many different people we can pass in just one day. Some we will remember and others we won’t. I tend to remember those who smile.

There are many missed opportunities in a day to converse with people, it’s weird I should write this considering I am an introvert and shy away from people I am not familiar with. Today I helped a lady and her little wheeled shopper off the train, she thanked me, but she held tightly onto the shopper that I lifted down for her. It made me sad, because this is the world we live in now, one where people are unsure and perhaps mistrust those around them. I can’t blame her because I often experience the same feelings myself.

As I stood on the train watching the world whizz past outside I took stock of my surroundings. So many people on their way to somewhere. I noted that I was standing, simply because I was reluctant to encroach on someone else’s space, happier instead to wait until a whole two seater became available.

Don’t get me wrong, I will speak when spoken to, but I rarely initiate a conversation. I am not however like others, who are so against having someone sit beside them that they fill the seat beside with bags, coats and any other barrier they can find.

Sometimes I miss the old days, when there was no WiFi and I used to actually converse with my friends. These days I look around and see the reflections of various websites flicker across faces as everyone becomes lost in the wonder that is modern technology.

I am more often than not immersed in it myself.


26 thoughts on “Regarding Life

  1. We live in a technological world nowdays Juls, it’s at our fingertips and allows us to pretend the world around us doesn’t exist…a good deed does make us feel good in ourselves I think…well done you..


  2. Hey – it’s me – your other Eejit friend and long time fan- groupie – just so you know …. hover on my gravatar to see where I’m “hiding” now – still having SpAM wP troubles, in new directions to boot …. so here be I 😵

    Sometimes, it actually is good to just stop, and take stock and begin to notice things again, with “fresher” eyes ….. life is in the details – and we can’t know it if we’re always head down snogging screens 😍

    (yes, I appreciate the irony of this last statement)

    And hey, treat yourself to a box of Girl Scout cookies for a Good Samaritan deed of the day. Perhaps the person was slightly afraid or a bit unsure, but I’m sure she did appreciate your help. And kindness costs nothing – more of it, in the right circumstances (safe and all) would certainly go a long way in making people feel less suspicious, tense, stressed and so self-absorbed.


    • Well hello there! I had an inkling, but I was going to keep and eye and see what happened, or what was said before following :)
      You know we don’t have Girl Scout cookies over here and I always wondered if I was missing out. Maybe I could branch out, Eejit cookies? lol

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      • LOL! Actually, it’s Girl Guide cookies – and Boy Scouts …. but the cookies are the same – and honestly, they aren’t anything special special, think Oreo type thing, if you have those? But whatever goes into them has incredibly addictive properties!
        Eejit cookies? LOL – only if you love to bake ;)


      • well, if you try and do it with heart, then if it’s passable? that’s all that counts ;)


  3. People watching is very entertaining. I used to create colorful stories based on facial expressions and body language. But since you mention it, I fail to do it as often as I did before smart phones. I probably miss out on so much for that reason.


  4. I’ve lately seen technology used as a barrier similar to how bags are used on the empty seat next to you. The ones that would normally start conversations (extroverts) with others (introverts) are lost in the blue glow of their screens. It’s sad when you really start to think about it and I reflect on the idea that our addiction to technology is part of the invasion plan for an already self-aware and intelligent Internet.


    • My thing is though, that even though I am immersed in it, it’s really my only time for catch up, when the WiFi works that is. There’s this little window between work and going home to start the second job of cooking there, so I try to use it relatively productively lol

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  5. I so agree with you. I’ve been in restaurants where a group pf people around one table are all scrolling on their phones. They hardly talk to each other. In my last job, people sat next to each other would email each other rather than turn around and talk. There are certain times in the day when I leave my phone off – eating a meal with others is just one of those times.


  6. True … I love people watching too and eavesdropping! It’s good to unplug from social media and live in the real world from time to time. Perhaps we should all go on a detox from technology holiday, a blogging getaway! Lol… 🙂


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