Big Fat Broken Blog!

Juls finally accepts her blog is bust!

So, it seems it’s a for gone conclusion now, that when I changed my blog name from The Geeky G4mer to The Indecisive Eejit, I broke it!

There’s a hole in my blog, dear Liza, Dear Liza

Henry was more than likely able to fix Liza’s bucket, I am not sure however that he can help me!

Although it comfortingly says at the side of my blog that I still have around 190 odd followers, there are 100 or so who no longer see my posts. The die hards are still here, because either by luck, good grace or sheer badgering on my part they un followed and re followed me again meaning I still appear in their reader section.

I’ve contacted support by posting on the forums, but that was about a week ago and no one has answered. To be fair to them, they are probably secretly laughing and saying you should not have been so indecisive and changed your name in the first place. Thats a fair point, but the time was right, and with the blog name being the same as my Xbox gamer tag, things were getting a little messy and it was time for a split.

It’s kinda like starting all over again or the way weird mind looks at it, buying a bigger bag.  All my personal effects are the die hards who have stuck with me, they are placed into the big bag before anything else, now I just need to walk around with it for a while until I can find more things to add. Perhaps on the journey some of my existing followers who are no longer aware of my existence will see me and say ‘Oh my,  new bag, I must follow you again’.

In order for all of this to be possible though I need to get my head on straight and remember how to write. The mehness is an idea sucker. Last night I must have sat in front of this screen for a good 45 minutes. I really wanted to write, but I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. I have challenges to do (see more at bottom of page), but it was already after midnight and I need just a little more thinking time for them. On hindsight, perhaps I should just have posted ‘Goodnight’, but time differences make little quirks like that confusing because for some of you it will be morning!

So for anyone who still has me in their reader and has not yet Un followed and Re followed me, you may have to for things to work correctly. WordPress is wonderful, but sadly there is no way of letting your followers know on mass that things have changed, well not that I am aware of anyway. I am open to suggestions.

Ok so now for a few updates!

Over at Okay, what if?, things have gotten even more spooktacular than usuall. As well as the normal weekly challenges, a new month long challenge has been added for October, this one incorporates voting as well, so you can show appreciation for your favourites. If you would like more information about ‘October What if challenge. What if you descended into darkness?‘  just click the link and follow the instructions.


The hilarious brain behind the blogs Her Broken Nibs and Lemon Lime Follies has amalgamated the two and all her writing can now be found on the second. The sheepsie is still there, so I was a happy bunny..erm shee…lamb. Have a gander, ewe will not regret it! Beware the killer socks though!

That’s all folks!!


Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 820!

Nokia Lumia 820So I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now, my mobile phone upgrade, the impressive Nokia Lumia 820.

To be fair, there is not much difference between my previous phone, the Lumia 800 and this one, the most notable however being the screen size, 4.3″ as opposed to the 3.7″ on the 800. For years I have listened to men telling me that size matters and in this case it certainly has made a difference and put a smile on my face.

The AMOLED screen is bright and responsive and features Super Sensitive Touch meaning it can still be used, even when wearing gloves.

Windows Phone 8 allows for live tiles with 3 sizes, meaning with just a couple of presses you can customize your home screen to suit your lifestyle adding people, apps, weather and any other tiles you desire.

A feature I was glad to see introduced, was the ability on this phone to adjust text size through various key places on the phone, i.e. text messaging. Sometimes on the 800 I had struggled with text, especially in low light, which is not something you want when you are a spectacle wearing geek!

Notable in its absence however, is the option to change your keyboard layout, it’s qwerty or nothing I’m afraid. I loved my alpha numeric keypad on previous phones and miss it dearly, I have not been able to warm to the presence of the full keyboard and find my texts and e-mails littered with comma’s as they are so close to the space bar. I am fully expecting the glass to wear away in the position of the back space.

Another thing lacking is the ability to be able to personalise your phone with text message tones. After reading through various forums I see that I am not alone in my despair over this. I can only hope it has been considered and will be added when the new software update rolls out in the next couple of months.

The integrated Xbox app works well and seems to have fewer of the connection problems I experienced with the 800. Smartglass has been built in and your avartar is now larger and can be customised from the comfort of your armchair using your phone.

Geek Screenshot
Heya Eejits!

You certainly wouldn’t be buying a Windows Phone if you are an App fanatic, as the Windows marketplace holds nowhere near as many as the likes of the Play store on Google. It is not hard to tell, that at the moment Windows phone are seriously lagging behind the competition in sales, as they are not very well supported, some companies being unable to confirm if this will ever change.

My main reason for buying a Nokia however, was for the signal strength, and from the options available within their range, the Windows operating system was the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

I live in a low signal area, which few networks support and had changed to the Nokia Lumia 800 from my previous HTC Sensation due to the fact that I was not able to send or receive text messages and make or receive calls.

The 820 seems to be fairly good, however I would say the 800 would have had slightly better reception, and for this reason I am a little disappointed with my upgrade, but so far so good, it’s still early days.

I was excited this week to learn about O2’s new app called Tu Go.

No signal? Download our TU Go app to call or text from your O2 number over wifi

Sounds great right, especially for someone like me who has signal issues. Downloading the app would allow me to be able to make and receive calls in the house by using my WiFi connection. You usage is still taken from your monthly allowance, but in the grand scheme of things that wouldn’t matter as much as being able to make and receive telephone calls!

One snag – there is no App for Windows Phone. At present it’s only available for Iphone, Android, and Windows 7 PC’s. Worse still, it doesn’t look like one is coming any time soon, if at all. Another large company not supporting Windows phone despite Telefónica announcing a Windows partnership, tut tut! Better get that sorted.

The introduction of this one app would make me consider Ebaying the Lumia and replacing it with an Android phone again, however as the Tu Go app is relatively new, I’ll give them a little time to get their act together.

Overall I’d give the Nokia Lumia 820 a hefty 8 outta 10. For what I need it for, it’ll do just fine…for now!!

Mobile Madness!

Just a tad confused!

Who’d have thought that choosing a mobile phone would be so difficult!

Two years ago I entered into my first contract in about 10 years. I wanted a new phone and my monthly spend on Pay and Go was going up and up, so taking everything into consideration a contract seemed like the best idea.

I got everything set up and my shiny new HTC Sensation was delivered the very next day. Being the good and obedient person that I am, I placed it on to charge and refrained from using it. When I did switch it on… didn’t work!

There were no signal bars. This in itself is not that unusual in my house as the coverage is sporadic to say the least, even though there is a mast with a half mile of the house. I took the phone upstairs and placed it into the cradle and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it rise up to 3 bars. I picked it up to give it a little cuddle of joy and the bars disappeared. This went on for about a half hour or so, me picking up the phone and praying, it dying in my hands, only to revive when placed back into the cradle.

The next morning I phoned the company back, was told to return the phone and in less than 48 hours had a replacement. It wasn’t much better signal ways, but I was able to occasionally receive calls and text messages.

Skip forward about 12 months. I just happened to be online with my network provider and discovered they had a tariff for the same money I was paying, only it had better benefits. I phoned and inquired if it would be possible for me to be moved onto this instead of my current one and as a goodwill gesture they agreed. The next day I fell and met Alien leg.

After a couple of weeks I was really starting to lost the plot with not being able to make or receive phone calls or send and receive texts. I phoned my network provider and explained all this and one lady on the phone agreed that I did indeed have a limited signal and as a result I may be able to buy myself out of my current contract. I’d been researching phones and the Nokia Lumia 800 seemed to be the clear leader with regards to signal strength much due to it’s polycarbonate casing. The first lady put me through to another lady,  who told me there was nothing wrong with my signal. Her solution, if I was having problems, was to turn off my 3g and just use 2g within the house. A debate ensued, which I lost and in the end I purchased a Pay as you Go Nokia Lumia 800 with the vain hope I might be able to get a signal.

It arrived. I charged it. It had signal. I lifted it up. It still had signal. I made a call. I sent a text. I was delighted.

Fast forward another 12 months and my contract is coming to an end. There are a lot of phones I would like, however most of the newer ones start at £32 a month, which is £10 more than I pay now and I just can’t justify it.

So here are my choices:

Nokia Lumia 820 – The phone will be free and I will be able to carry on with my existing tariff for £22 a month.

Nokia Lumia 920 – This is the one I would like. It’s a free phone, however the tariff comes in at a slightly higher £27 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Various prices, but I have seen comparisons for a free phone between £22 to £27 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Been offered it as an upgrade. Free phone, £22 a month.

HTC One – Although the reviews are great and my top reviewer Lee from Geeky and Freaky can’t wait to get his hands on one, it’s a little out of my price range at £32 a month.

So those are the main contenders. My apologies to Apple and Blackberry that you do not figure in my list. Iphones have no signal here at all for some reason, and I hate paying for apps and my fingers are to clumsy for a Blackberry.

There are pro’s and con’s to the other 5. Obviously with the two Nokia’s still having polycarbonate casing, I am guessing they would have the better signal, but there is a definite lack of apps compared to Android. That said they also have built in XBox Live which I love, it makes messaging and keeping in touch with gaming community so much easier.

Google Play for Android is hard to beat, especially the range and quality of the free apps available. I’d be able to play my games again on the train and also blog, given that the Android WordPress app is much better than the Windows one.

So if you had a budget and the choice, which would be your pick? Or do you have any other suggestions?


Oz the Great and Powerful!

oz banner
This may contain spoilers if you have not seen the movie!

I can’t quite believe I am going to say this out loud, to an audience, but, I enjoyed Oz the Great and Powerful more than I did the Hobbit. There I said it, have you any idea how difficult that was for a Lord of the Rings Fan!!

Perhaps the most important point here is that I had no expectations of Oz, whereas with the Hobbit anything less than the regality of The Lord of the Rings was never going to be good enough.

I’m glad this was not a musical as I’m not a fan, and whilst I love the original Wizard of Oz I tend to channel hop just a little when some of the songs come on, with the exception of “If I only had the nerve,” because I’m afraid there’s no denyin, in school I played the dandy lion and can therefore remember all the words.

The film starts in black and white, the same as the original Wizard of Oz. I was at one point worried the sizing on my Xbox was a little askew,  as I had just a box in the middle of the screen, however when you realise the Wizard is in Oz, the screen starts to expand and at the same time fill with glorious Technicolor. I can imagine it must have been amazing for those who were able to view it in 3D.

Oz Banner 2There is no doubt Oz is visually stunning, with it’s combination of breathtaking scenery and vibrant colours.

The story, while perhaps a little predictable still has enough twists to keep you interested and ties in perfectly as a prequel.

The characters are likable and in some cases adorable, my favourite by far being the little China Girl, who had me reaching for the tissues at her introduction. It’s just one of those films that makes you go “Awww” time and time again, unless of course you’re a bloke and like Shady you go “Aww foofy fecking doofy” in a sarcastic tone instead.  I blame the hormones, stuff like that gets to me!

The adorable little China Girl!

The adorable little China Girl!

My only criticism would be that I personally felt in some places it was a little second rate, whether it be the acting or a few of the special effects. It made me think back to Tinman, the series made in 2007 for TV, which for a big budget movie from Disney should not have been the case. 

That said nothing should detract from how good this movie actually is. It will certainly be one I will purchase for my collection, along with a little China Girl if she ever comes down in price!

Identity Crisis!

I’m having a bit of a blog identity crisis. I can see in my mind both Lee and Paul rolling their eyes and shaking their heads as they read this, because this is what I do best!

When I first stated this blog, The Geeky G4mer seemed like a good name. I am a little bit of a geek and also a little bit of a gamer, but I excel at neither. It was also my gamer tag, so it tied the whole thing  together.

So whats the problem? The honest answer is, there probably isn’t one, however my mind is a whiring dirvish that will just not let up. I don’t want to be defined as a hardcore gamer, because I will not be able to offer, exciting, informative reviews of new games. I will however sometimes occasionally offer, slightly inadequate but hopefully amusing accounts of the games I play.

As well as games I want to write about life in general and the normal day to day run of the mill things that I find funny.

I like making people smile, but it’s hard to transfer the witty one liners and quips from my head to the page without invoking the dreaded “You obviously had to be there.” 

So does the name of my blog define me as being just a gamer and therefore put off others, who in a different situation, might actually read my posts.

By the same token, does it also put off the other gamers, who have amazing blogs and actually know what they are talking about. Do they look at my  posts and go WTF and skip on by in utter disgust.

So now do you see my problem, that is probably not really a problem.

So my question for you all is, to name change or not? and if your answer  is yes do you have any suggestions?

A 360 Degree Turn!

360013I read a lot of stories this morning on the way to work, but the one that brought the biggest smile to my face had to be What’s Your Tag’s post (which I reblogged) about Microsoft’s reversal of some policies in relation to the new Xbox One.

Let’s be honest here, I still can’t afford to purchase one, well not for the time being anyway.  I just don’t have that kind of money to spend right now, but I am a little less glum about the prospect should my little 6 year old decide to pop it’s clogs mid game with an awesome rendition of the red ring of death.

It’s comforting to note that Microsoft are actually listening to their fan base and attempting to put right some of the issues that made us feel wronged. I do however wonder how much of it was, “I can see their point” as opposed to “Uh oh, they are going to leave”.

Who cares, no matter how you look at it, it’s a result.

I’m wondering if I can hoodwink you all into clicking a nifty little Paypal button and making donations to a “Keep the Geek Gaming Fund”. Only messing, saving is much more fun and I’ll hand myself a healthy serving of satisfaction when I purchase one!

It made you what??

"Juls never got the hang of First Person Shooters"
“Juls never got the hang of First Person Shooters”

No one ever quite believes me when I tell them I cannot play FPS (First Person Shooter) games. More often than not they laugh when I tell them it’s down to suffering from motion sickness. I can see them looking at me like I am clearly not right in the head, and to be fair most of the time that is indeed true, but this time I am being totally serious.

I first noticed it whilst taking Medal of Honor: Frontline for a test drive.

One of my mates had this huge 42 inch TV which in 2002  was a rarity as far as I can remember. He hooked up the PS2, switched everything on and I was in geeky heaven, until the game started.

The first section was called “Your Finest Hour” or something like that, it was my worst hour.

The game starts with you storming onto Omaha Beach. Being a first person shooter you can see the end of the gun as it rises and falls to simulate your movement as you advance. On the huge screen everything was exaggerated and within 5 minutes I had turned green and handed back the controller.

What is Video Game Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness caused by video games, sometimes called simulator sickness, is caused when there is a disconnect between what your eyes are seeing and what your body is feeling. The most common theory (taken from many medical websites) about why you get sick is that your body thinks that you have been poisoned and you are hallucinating the movement that you are seeing but not feeling, so you get nauseous and (if you don’t stop playing right away) vomit in order to flush the toxins from your body.

I was a little miffed at not being able to play, but no big deal I thought, it’ll pass, I was happy enough watching. Nope! Couldn’t do that either, the waves of nausea just kept coming. So we changed the game.

I never was a big lover of war games anyway so the fact that I was unable to play them didn’t really worry me all that much, but then it started happening with other games. I’d have to take a break from Tomb Raider sometimes when I was lost and running around in circles because I was getting as dizzy as Lara was.

There are plenty of games I have played and also plenty more I still have to play, however there are some that I feel I have missed out on that I would at least like to have tried. Oblivion is one, I purchased it but never progressed that far. The BioShock series however,  is one of the ones I am most annoyed about, I like the idea and the look of it, I just can’t play it.

Battlefield 3 strangely enough I was able to play in multiplayer but not in career mode. Now when I say “play” in Multiplayer I mean the sequence of events was as follows, Spawn, stand up, die. Respawn, stand up, die and so it went on.

Grid is another one, I never race in it, but as a group we were all fond of the Demo rooms. I can play for so long and then I start to get nauseous.

Getting motion sickness while playing videogames affects a lot of people, yet it seems almost like a taboo to talk about among gamers because you might not be seen as “hardcore” since you can’t play certain things.

Oh no! I’m not hardcore, ah well sh1t happens!!

Apparently Ginger is meant to be pretty good for counteracting motion sickness so I have my cure sussed! The only way for me to progress is to eat copious amounts of ginger! Life as a non hardcore gamer can be tough sometimes!!

Oh well if I must!
Oh well if I must!

Xbox One vs PS4!

Console Wars
Ding, Ding! Round One!

I have to say I know very little about either console, well apart from what I have read on other peoples blogs. I’m still of the opinion there is no point in  torturing myself if I am not going to be able to afford one in the very near future.

Gaming is getting very expensive!

I think everyone thought that Microsoft had the market sewn up with their all singing, all dancing machine. I personally was put off long before the much anticipated reveal due to the rumours regarding second hand games and the always on camera.

You can never tell if you are actually going to like a game or not. Trailers, just like those for the movies offer a taster of what is to come, and often times are better than the movie / game itself. I got into a routine of hiring a game to try it, and only if the answer was in the affirmative would I purchase it, but even then not brand new. Pre owned games have saved me a fortune over the years. Having this ability removed would seriously hamper my gaming!

The camera thing just baffled me. Never in all the years I have had a computer did I ever want a web cam, so why oh why would I want one on my Xbox! Especially one that is always on.

Always online to play? Not liking that idea much either. From what I can gather, you must sign in at least once in a 24 hour period. Why? No offence Microsoft, but that seems like snooping to me. Because I live in the sticks my internet can be sketchy at times, I don’t want to be penalised for that.

Then along came Sony kicking the ankles clean out from under Microsoft by promising not to do all the things that gamers were griping about, well me anyway. No need to be online to play, no restrictions on second hand games, lending or renting  and a cool $100 off the price tag. However lets not forget the fairly muted announcement about needing a PS Plus account to play online multi player. Ding, ding, round one to Sony in my eyes. Shame on you Microsoft, me being a convert an all!

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft come back with, if anything.

Me, well I’m going to save up and buy a second hand PS2 and perhaps resurrect some of my back catalog. In all honesty it will probably cost me less than one game for either of the two contenders above.