Big Fat Broken Blog!

Juls finally accepts her blog is bust!

So, it seems it’s a for gone conclusion now, that when I changed my blog name from The Geeky G4mer to The Indecisive Eejit, I broke it!

There’s a hole in my blog, dear Liza, Dear Liza

Henry was more than likely able to fix Liza’s bucket, I am not sure however that he can help me!

Although it comfortingly says at the side of my blog that I still have around 190 odd followers, there are 100 or so who no longer see my posts. The die hards are still here, because either by luck, good grace or sheer badgering on my part they un followed and re followed me again meaning I still appear in their reader section.

I’ve contacted support by posting on the forums, but that was about a week ago and no one has answered. To be fair to them, they are probably secretly laughing and saying you should not have been so indecisive and changed your name in the first place. Thats a fair point, but the time was right, and with the blog name being the same as my Xbox gamer tag, things were getting a little messy and it was time for a split.

It’s kinda like starting all over again or the way weird mind looks at it, buying a bigger bag.  All my personal effects are the die hards who have stuck with me, they are placed into the big bag before anything else, now I just need to walk around with it for a while until I can find more things to add. Perhaps on the journey some of my existing followers who are no longer aware of my existence will see me and say ‘Oh my,  new bag, I must follow you again’.

In order for all of this to be possible though I need to get my head on straight and remember how to write. The mehness is an idea sucker. Last night I must have sat in front of this screen for a good 45 minutes. I really wanted to write, but I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. I have challenges to do (see more at bottom of page), but it was already after midnight and I need just a little more thinking time for them. On hindsight, perhaps I should just have posted ‘Goodnight’, but time differences make little quirks like that confusing because for some of you it will be morning!

So for anyone who still has me in their reader and has not yet Un followed and Re followed me, you may have to for things to work correctly. WordPress is wonderful, but sadly there is no way of letting your followers know on mass that things have changed, well not that I am aware of anyway. I am open to suggestions.

Ok so now for a few updates!

Over at Okay, what if?, things have gotten even more spooktacular than usuall. As well as the normal weekly challenges, a new month long challenge has been added for October, this one incorporates voting as well, so you can show appreciation for your favourites. If you would like more information about ‘October What if challenge. What if you descended into darkness?‘  just click the link and follow the instructions.


The hilarious brain behind the blogs Her Broken Nibs and Lemon Lime Follies has amalgamated the two and all her writing can now be found on the second. The sheepsie is still there, so I was a happy bunny..erm shee…lamb. Have a gander, ewe will not regret it! Beware the killer socks though!

That’s all folks!!


25 thoughts on “Big Fat Broken Blog!

  1. I didn’t notice that you weren’t in the reader, mostly because I follow you via Facebook. Same goes with all my favourite blogs. It’s annoying when they don’t have Facebook pages because the reader is rubbish. Often my reader breaks, and I scroll down and it just shows me the same 5 posts and they are not the most recent posts either. It’s been the same ever since they updated the reader months ago. It’s really annoying as it’s even worse on tablets and mobile, where I do my most reading.


    • Mines not to bad on my tablet I have to say. The only thing that annoys me is, that if I miss a couple of days reading then it only lets me vew about half of them. It then takes ages to catch up lol Hope you’re well :)


  2. When you feel like you’re in a rut and you’re just sitting there – I’ve been trying a few tricks to get the ol’ chicken nugget rolling. . . . I have a couple of random word apps on my phone I use to generate random words that have to be incorporated into my post. I look around news sites for something to spark inspiration. If those fail, just try to write about what’s holding you back, what you’re thinking about that you can’t write, the frustration of not being able to get anything down. I’ll tell you what, people love that kind of truth, and more often than not it’s very good writing.

    And hey, I’m back, so it can’t be all bad!!


    • Yes, it’s good you’re back :)
      I think my problem is that sometimes with the way things are at home it saps the fun out of me and I don’t want to write all the time about how life sucks sometimes. Take yesterday, I just wanted to run to the top of a mountain and yell ‘feck this shit’ that the top of my voice.
      I might just try that though with the random words, you are one smart cookie aren’t you :) lol


  3. Ugh, technical difficulties stink! I laugh at the time changes. As I’m.getting ready to ping my friend good morning, I have to do math to find out if it is really morning! LOL.


  4. That What if challenge sounds great, I’m thinking about how I’m gonna do it :).
    Next to that I sincerely hope your broken blog will heal. It’s a real mess when you change blogs and stuff. When I went solo I had some troubles getting my old posts to the new blog.

    But, everything turned out fine! I hope it will do so for you as well!


  5. Oi! You there! Lol …. thanks for the reference and she sheepsie says “grassias” ;)

    Okay … not to dampen your party – but do you really understand what happened with your blog?
    As far as I can tell …. there are two distinct possibilities – NOT only did you change the name – BUT you ALSO changed the address. This means you literally CREATED a brand spanking new site. (Sorry to continue but I think if I’m right in my guesswork here, it may give you peace and closure) And if you DELETED your Geeky4gamer business, then it’s gone. Period, end of story. BUT – IF you named and obviously accidentally or perhaps mistakenly deliberately changed the blog address AND IMPORTED/EXPORTED Geeky4gamer to the new site – all your posts would appear at your new home. The comments no, the followers no.

    I *THINK* the mistake you made was not realizing that you could have left the BLOG ADDRESS as it was … the geeky4game.wordpress blah blah blah AND just changed the site title. Anyone who has a hosted site can technically change the blog name at any time – without losing the content IF you leave the blog addy alone. This seems to be the only way to not lose one’s followers.

    Sending ya a cyber hug to make ya feel better (((hugs girlfriend))))

    People will eventually find you again – it just may take a bit of time … have faith!

    As for not knowing what to write – it happens to all of us – don’t try to force it – you’ll make it worse. Besides, it’s okay to wander off for a bit and let life unfold happen and then come back with a new story to share. Don’t try to write for your followers – write for yourself … and then it will happen. :)


    • There’s probably a lot of right there in that BOOK you just wrote me lol
      I did change the name and the blog address, because I figured people would not thinks of using the old name if they wanted to look up my site.
      Everything worked ok, all my old posts came with me and so did all my followers, the only hitches just now would be, people being unable to see me in the reader and also places where people would have linked to me before will no longer work.

      It will take time, it was just something that had to be done and it was better now when I was only starting out.

      You know I read other peoples blog and think that for the most part they have fantastically interesting lives and I wonder why anyone would want to read about mine, but when you think about it, they probably feel the same as I do :) I’ll stick around for a wee while yet sure lol


      • Okay sorry about the book ;) but it has been bugging me too – because even though you changed the name AND addy you AUTOMATICALLY appeared in my reader. I didn’t do a damn thing – you just showed up as the new you.

        I’m STILL like – HUH? Especially since so many others were having problems with it.

        *shaking head in wonder* – the important thing is that at least I still get to follow you around – lol – know doncha wish I was one of the unfortunates? LOL

        Actually I think most bloggers, perhaps the exceptions being the really *big* guys/gals etc. do wonder why anyone would show up – I know I do – I’m such a small-fry – but that’s okay too. Just keep showing up and sharing ….. pulllllease …. we *adore you out here in the blackhole o’ da blogosphere :)


  6. I haven’t noticed any differences because I follow you through e-mail, since I hate the reader and I hate coming to the website to find lots of new posts from the blogs I follow. I’d much rather get e-mails, see which ones I want to read, delete the others and go directly to that blog’s post, if I want to comment. Most of the time, I don’t even need to do that, except with blogs like yours, that always post entries with the “See more” or “Read more” thingie, which also shows up in the mail, forcing me to come to the site to read the entire thing. xD I don’t much like that. It’s so comfortable to read everything from my mail!

    in any case, I’m still around, whether you show in my reader or not. You’re in my e-mail everyday. ;D


      • It’s alright. I can live with it, so don’t worry about me. I bet a lot of people prefer it that way, hahaha! But thanks for the consideration, even though I’m a brand new follower, hehehe.



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